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Tugboat tiny house, We weren't looking to buy a boat, we definitely weren't looking to buy a tugboat, we were just looking.. Hydroplane boat plans - sandy point boat works, The mini most was the very first boat built by this company's owner in 1972. Location: sacramento That engine was originally designed to be a well pump and it had been improved to the point that they were approved for ultralights. Location: Amherstburg,On Looking for more info I would love to track down as much info as I can on the Aqua Lark and Sea lark boats ??? Any and all info on these boats would be great and I'v attached some pics of the start of my project so far.

Location: Brisbane, Australia Well I have one of those, here in Australia it is called an Aqua Lark and in the states I thought it was called an addictor 190? there were larger 3 seater models as well. I modified mine by reinforcing the transom and building in a floor partially and filling it with buoyancy foam.. I built my own windscreen and made a lid for the back compartment as that was never supplied. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. 1 that has a better top speed but is hard to plane with two people and another SS prop for towing a tube or heavier passengers.

In the late 70's early 80's my Grandfather brought home an original Hull and deck fresh out of the molds never assembled which has been in storage for the last 34ish years until this week.

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