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I have excluded contact details and suggest that contact would best be made, in the first instance, through this forum.
Location: Adelaide, Australia Mirror 16 Hi there everyone, just thought you might like to know that I have a Mirror 16in Adelaide, South Australia. Even though I know there is a large amount of work involved to repair her, I think it may be easier to build a new hull. Originally Posted by angus2006 Is it true that boats used in salt water are less prone to rotting?
If you have further specific questions about re-furbishment, post them here and we'll do our best to help. Location: Gloucester UK Mirror 16 This is my first contact through a forum so if I dont get it right please tell me.
Here are some pictures of us with her in 1974 doing what she did best - planing in a force 4 on a bright sunny day. Location: yorkshire uk mirror 16 i also have a mirror 16, no34 in the uk.
Location: Brisbane, Australia Just thought I would share this experience for the sake of those not familiar with the Mirror 16 (which seems to be just about everybody).
Our local Wooden Boat Association decided to plan a messabout, held last weekend, focussing on capsizing and righting.
The way this design has a substantial amount of bouyancy under the whole cockpit floor really works well in recovering from a capsize.
Location: Lincolnshire, UK centreboard case replacement Here is a couple of pictures of Mirror 16 No. Tackling this with the dinghy upside down is a good way of doing it but is costly in materials. It does feel good to know that the dinghy will give plenty of years service after completeing such an indepth overhaul. If you've got any ideas or experience of this, especially epoxy coating, please let me know. Location: Lincolnshire, UK 489 rebiuld Hi, just thought I'd give you an update on Mirror 489's rebuild. Now the case is in, the next job is to make and fit the ribs that support the cockpit floor.
I brought in the central support in towards the case to take the weight of the crew moving around as a lot of the floor is covered by the benches.
Location: UK Found Mirror 16 in shed I have been researching 16' sailing dinghies for a while to decide what to buy. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Brisbane, Australia On 16-17 May Lulubelle took part in the Bribie Island Classic Boat Regatta. Old hands will know that the original Mirror 16 plans included the design for a boom tent, but this designed seemed a bit cramped for two-up.
Originally Posted by POLLYMIRROR16 I forgot to mention that there is also a mirror forum on msn that we could poach mirror 16 owners from, I posted a couple of threads there and was suprised at the amount of replies I recieved and a couple of good photos there too. A morbid sense of deja vu descends upon me as the company that I currently work for closes its Brisbane operation leaving me (and the 18 other staff) redundant.
I should be finishing up around mid to late November and I would like to have a six to eight week break as I have not had a decent break for over two years. I daresay that as I progress with the model I will have questions to ask current M16 owners, so please be forthcoming with info if you can manage it.
Point is, there seem to be some sister designs out there which call themselves Mirror16 on ebay , one of them a certain 'Seabee'. However, what I did was dismantle every part of the boat to its basic components and measure them. It has unfortunately been a very wet summer here even though the hose pipe bans are still in place!
I am contacting the new Mirror association website to have the Mirror 16 re-included as they seem to have consigned us to History.and.Hey WE'RE BACK!! There Is A Mirror 16 For Sale On The Msn Groups Site, However I Do Not Yet Know Where In The World That It Is Located, Or Its Number But One Of You May Want Her..

Originally Posted by goolawah I'd be interested to know of any Mirror 16s still sailing, or under restoration, out there.
We have a small group of about 4 boats here in Brisbane and I get the impression there are very few left - anywhere. Hi goolawah, I own sail number 489 of the Mirror 16 dinghy fleet built in '73.I believe I am the fourth owner and I boughtSN 489 from an old chap in Norfolk, UK, around six years ago. It was damaged on launch recently and on repair attempt it was rotted in some areas under the floor as well as damaged though age and trailing. It's great to atlast find some other mirror owners and I look forward to sharing some idea's and experiences. Location: Brisbane, Australia Welcome Andrew to our little, but rapidly growing group.
We have two Mirror 16s: one built in 1971 and one completed in 1987 which was a Christmas present from grandfather to my daughter last year. Very interested in sharing information; I'm giving very serious consideration to building yet a third for the family -- good things come in three's, don't they? Location: Brisbane, Australia Photos from John Hope you enjoy these photos. I am not very good with wood but our local boat yard did a magnificent restoration, not unlike what you have done for LuluBelle. Location: Brisbane, Australia Mirror 16 Plans Apologies if I seem to be dominating this thread. The work of developing plans is progressing and should be useful for those who would like to build a Mirror 16 from scratch, or those who are restoring one. I last contacted you on the evening I bought my first ever boat, which turned out to be Mirror 16 number 270, and was much more boat than I had gone to buy.
Below is the Mirror Dinghy, and it strikes me that the gunter mainsail resembles Brooks plan, except for the boom setup.
If you like the spritsail, there are quite a few skerry and skiff kit rigs from Chesapeake Light Craft and others that would fit Ellen. I'm sure the world abounds with references to Cairns other than our North Queensland city, which apparently it was named after Queensland's first Irish born Governor, Sir William Wellington Cairns. He recently sent out an updated list which I reproduce here in the hope that it may encourage others to make contact.
She has lived all her life near the sea, at Normanville, about 1 hours drive from Adelaide. The fact that you could right your boat when you were 18 is no guarantee that you can still do it at 60 plus.
Some Mirror 16 owners have modified their stowage compartments so that they have closing hatches.
Climbing aboard (over the transom) was quite easy as a result of a simple step added to the side of the rudder blade. I've seen other photos were the floor is removed but this only gives you limited access to the frames.
With strength in mind I made the ribs more substansial in the central section between the two lightening holes. We decided to sleep on board for a couple of nights and came up with our own design using bendy tent poles. Hopefully I can find some time during this period to finish the model, although I do also have some plans to set up a sail and amas on my Hobie Adventure kayak and do some fishing around Moreton Bay. Much to my surprise most of the ply seems in good condition except for aft section of the hull and double bottom which is grim!
All she needs is the ply sheets recut and a few bits of solid mahogany edgings to put her back together again and make her perfect. It is undergoing deep strip and restoration currently, I am replacing the centreboard case and floor support ribs, four on each side have broken.
Incidently, I have many original posters and articles about the mirror as well as the original kit building instruction and parts inventory supplied with the kit. She now looks great and I am sailing her again, even racing her although I am now 74 years old.
The first is how she was in 1970’s, the second one is just after she was launched this year.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. My father aquired her from our then next door neighbor at our beach house in a somewhat run down state. If so how hard is it to repair and is it really justifiable to spend thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars, repairing something like this. I have this process under way but it is a time consuming task and I can only progress it as time permits.
This obviously affects performance but as we are cruising and not racing it is a small concession to our advancing years. I have made a new centreboard case using the measurements of wood given on the parts list I have from the original kit.
But I found this forum and looked at the Mirror 16 after an older guy in my sailing club showed me one in a friends shed nearby that has not been used for many years, and is apparently available.
In effect it is the closest anyone is going to get to a pre made kit for a fully functional mirror 16, short of ripping apart and existing one that is seaworthy.
I belive that it is number 64 and named Puff, I am just about to make further contact so hopefully all will go well. The kit was supplied from Bell Woodworking Company who I believe supplied the kits for thr Mirror (10'10'') dinghy for a time.
I bought her in 1968 and raced her, winning the UK National Championships then sold her in 1977. My son is going to sailing camp next summer and I want to be able to sail with him after camp. We have taken her down the Coorong (a lake system near the south coast) many times, and is always fun. However they are rather thin on the ground and from reading the thread moves are afoot to start building again.
I will make the lightening holes smaller so there is more wood to take the load of trailing and the crew. This is because the dinghy will spend a fair amount of time being time being towed so it needs to be fairly strong, and I don't fancy doing this again anytime soon!
I then took every key wooden part- other than the ply- like the ribbed wooden frame from the bow ect and kept them.
Save yourself some time and stop at 8-siding the spars (heck leave 'em square for now and come back next winter with a spokeshave and plane). However, she has since rotted (partly) through the foor and had a couple of holes put in the hull from getting it onto the trailer by someone who was not watching what they were doing. I understand that the EU classification rules do not apply to an owner built boat providing it is not sold for 5 (?) years.
It may very well be that restoration of this example of the Mirror 16 is a rather easy surface job. I plan on sailing it on a small lake here in NE Ohio until I can locate a set of better sails and a spinker to take her out on something bigger.
Presumably, over time, condensation will introduce fresh water as the air in the under-floor bouyancy expands and contracts. Is it possible to find spars and a sail from, say, a sailboard or other used boat and adapt them? Also, the glue used in the original construction was not very good compared with today's epoxies. I thought she was a hopeless case but just could not leave her lying uncared for where she was, so I bought her.
If anyone else would like to do this it would be helpful to have the measurement off several boats.

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