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Fleetscale has a huge range of warship semi kits to choose from, covering most eras and a diverse range of nations and scales.
Fleetscale produces and supplys a huge range of products covering a range of eras and scales.
Fleetscale is a manufacturer of Model Warship and Model Boat Semi kits, hulls, detailing parts, fittings and more covering many scales and eras. Here at Fleetscale, we are experts in various scales and eras of model boats with over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing accurate model hulls of the highest quality.
We supply a wide range of warships that are faithfully reproduced by photos, plans and testimonials of those that have worked on them. Our quality glass fibre hulls for model shipwrights are expertly handcrafted with an experienced attitude to accuracy and quality.
Fleetscales products, property and I.P are registered and protected under international law.

We provide detailed and accurate model boats in a variety of scales and designs with additional detailed fittings and motors to choose from.
We have model warships from variety of time periods and countries, all developed with painstaking accuracy. We are regularly featured in model boat magazines and our glass fibre hulls have been described as beautifully detailed and accurate as well as perfectly researched.
Our model boats are manufactured at the time of order and are all handmade by our small and dedicated team who are obsessed with quality and accuracy. We have model warships from the UK Royal Navy and Australian Royal Navy as well as countries including the United States of America, Germany and Japan, demonstrating some of the finest ships from World War II and beyond. We’ve received much praise for our ‘beautifully manufactured’ designs and hope you will be just as satisfied.
Our passion for warship design and history ensures that you have dedicated experts hand making your model warship kit to the finest quality.

Our hulls are fully detailed with plating, riveting and other surface markings moulded into the hull where appropriate. The 19th, 20th and 21st century is covered at Fleetscale with every time type of warship catered for. Because we are dedicated to producing accurate handmade products, everything is made to order and you can expect an average lead time of 7-31 days.
Our kits contain no instructions and require the modeller to embark on lots of research to develop their skills over time to result in an impressive finished product rather than simply sticking together. Our model boats will provide an exciting and educational experience, leaving you with a full sense of pride and achievement with the finished product.

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