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The cool Scandinavian style of this unusual land-loving boat house embraces traditional Finnish culture, materials and design.
Like a harbored ship, the house "floats" alone in the landscape, with trees all around and bedrock underfoot. The long house ends with a glazed facade and a small but sweet patio overlooking the peaceful forest. The architect explains, "Like the structural masts between ship decks, a white metal stove separates one space from the next and serves as a division between the bed and the rest of the room. But the house is more than just inspired by boats in its looks, built by two local carpenters who also build wooden boats. The house is efficiently laid out, much like a sea ship's interior - cozy and casual, with wood cladding the floors, walls and ceilings. A dark brick fireplace anchors the open space and brings a dash of dark drama to these white interiors. Imagine sitting in this glazed nook with your morning coffee or for an intimate dinner by the light of the setting sun.
Continuing down the wall opposite the fireplace, a built-in wood bookshelf puts the homeowners' favorite tomes within easy reach.
Sweet dreams in this white-washed open concept bedroom area, its sleeping quarters separated by the white wood-burning stove.
When the sun sets, the house again takes us to a far-off, lonely, sea spot, its brightly lit windows visible while the structure itself recedes into the deep blue backdrop.
This boat has the latest joy stick handling choice and the efficient Volvo Penta IPS pod drive system.
So, its… 1) easy marina maneuvering, 2) same cruising and top speeds, and 3) better fuel economy underway comes with this top-of-the-line Yacht.
The interior is also finished in wood, often in either a gloss white paint finish, or stained and finished with rubbed-effect varnish. She has three staterooms, one with a head in suite, plus a shared head for the other four people in the remaining two staterooms.
Set inside a disused rock quarry just outside the Welsh capital city, this impressive home's architecture was formed by both artistic desires and practical necessity. This cool seaside house located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia was a joint effort of Australian architects Tim Spicer Architects and Col Bandy Architects.
This contemporary glass and steel home makes a modern addition to this wooded Shelter Island, New York setting.
The Nest House in Thuan An, Vietnam is the latest project from local architecture firm a21studio, named for and inspired by a bird's nest. Cool curvature and contemporary style characterize this house located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea by JOHO Architecture.

This cottage home dubbed "The Crib" was designed with eco sustainable responsibility in mind. Spanish architects Magma couldn't have picked a better spot for this cool coastal house, overlooking the Bay of Roses - yes, it's as stunning as it sounds! These beach-side home designs by architect Jorge Garcia are our idea of California dreamin'! Seattle-based Olson Kundig Architects recently completed this steel cabin design in Olympic Peninsula, Washington. This sky high house plan by Japanese architecture firm Kimihiko Okada certainly raises the standard of modern living! This green tree house is a labor of love for treehouse architects Jono Williams and friends here in Palmerston North, New Zealand. This cool cottage house plan by Washington-based Balance Associates Architects certainly strikes a fine balance between indoors and out, man and nature, raw and refined.
This modernist Swedish architecture is an ode to the simple (but beautiful!) things in life.
For the nature and architecture enthusiasts out there, check out this mountain dream cabin by John Maniscalco Architecture. If you're in search of an inspiring live work home – a forest book nook – try these digs on for size! Halifax based Canadian architecture firm MacKay Lyons Sweetapple Architects have brought their maritime roots to the Two Hulls House located in Port Mouton, a small town in southwestern Queens, Nova Scotia. The glaciated, coastal landscape sets the stage for this seafront house, which focuses as much on the pristine sandy beaches and turquoise waters as on the architecture itself.
Flanked by these parallel volumes, a slim snapshot of the sea is accessed via a set of stairs leading to the beach below. The home's two volumes - a day pavilion and a night pavilion, each with a glazed facade - are described by the architects as "a landscape-viewing instrument; like a pair of binoculars, first looking out to sea. While the home's thoughtful exterior is certainly an impressive display, interiors will wow you both in terms of their casual yet contemporary style, as well as their views.
This family home organized living areas in either the public pavilion, housing the principal living areas, or the private pavilion occupied by the bedrooms. The living room features a tall ceiling and white backdrop, flooded with natural light pouring in through the massive windows, along with the views. Between the two volumes, a third linking form features an entrance foyer, the core and the kitchen. The wood is as much an art form as it is a structural element in this beachfront house design - mush like this region's heritage of shipbuilding. Even this home office and work space resounds with the home's signature style and what we like to call "the 3 Ws" - white, wood and windows.

Apelle House designed by architect Marco Casagrande was clearly inspired by the nautical lifestyle, both in literal terms as well as in its subtleties. Harbored in this forest, the house takes shape as a long tube, organizing linear living spaces along its axis. Three circular windows in series sit at the facade, alluding to similar lookouts on vessels at sea. The open concept kitchen, dining room and living area lead into one another, an ideal environment for entertaining and family living. The white finish of the walls, ceilings and floors amplify the light and bring brightness to every corner. With smaller than normal engines for good fuel economy, she makes her speed with the IPS pod drive as a straight shaft inboard of higher Hp would. And the IPS diesels and drives take up less space within the hull, so another room is added, to top off the benefits of an Volvo Penta IPS drive system.
This ship inspired coastal home features two timber "hulls," raised on a pair of concrete piers, cantilevered over the beach and overlooking the oceanfront lapping at its feet.
Open air lower level decks and upper level terraces frame the endless sandy beach below and the sparkling shoreline beyond. This wood finished interior is warm and welcoming, always leading your attention back to the views.
From its round, porthole-style windows, wood clad exterior and its plank interiors, to the home's elongated shape and natural views.
The nautical look and feel of the house is in perfect harmony with this sweet spot of water, wind, and open blue sky as far as the eye can see. A fiberglass boat is made up of layers of glassfiber cloth combined with resin, this one is made up of wood combined with epoxy resin. If you can manage to tear yourself away from the stunning scenery, here's a tour of this equally impressive house design.
The home's simple interior aesthetic always directs your attention back to the outdoors, either by sight or by foot. Each glass-faced volume ends with a seaward terrace, one leading out from the living room and the other from the master bedroom. On a budget-be-damned yacht, where strength and light weight are valued higher than the budget, epoxy is the resin of choice.

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