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Location: GREECE Moth plans I am a Student of Naval Architecture and I am doing a last year project for my University. Because my project will be focused mostly in the hydrofoil design and appplication and not in the hull design, I need some plans of a Moth boat. I don't know if he sells plans (or would provide you with them free if you were to offer to do research for him and sign a nondisclosure). Location: Preveza Moth foils I would suspect that you will find some plans for a Moth on the net and most specifications. For example, I want to find out the steps that a designer must follow, in order to design a hydrofoil boat. One thing that the designer must know, is the Center of Gravity of the boat itself,excluding the crew.
Location: Preveza What if you were to make an assumption of the range that the CG of a Moth may be ranging between 52%-62% let's say, and use it as a variable of the model? You can excuse yourself with a guestimate based on these (at least as far as academics go). Also in aircraft design models the CG with the foil plains are pretty close, while on the moth the CG in reference to the plain of the foils that produce lift is a triangle. Location: GREECE In order to find the CG including the crew weight, you must already know the CG of the boat itself.

But it is difficult to find the CG of the boat itself, without having the boat already constructed.
It could probably be ignored, but if someone wants to do a complete and correct design of a boat, it is necessary to know the CG. I find it hard to believe that a student in their final year of Naval Architecture can't calculate the CG from basics?
It is a simple arithmetic exercise, (usually on a spreadsheet) and has been described on other threads. I would estimate the CG to be about 5% aft of the centre for the hull only then add rig etc. I am just asking if someone has already plans of a Moth boat that has been constructed, in order to help me save time. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I'm looking for my next boat building project, and reading some of the recent threads have become interested in the idea of building something like a scow moth. I love the idea of a light car toppable quick to rig boat that will give some real fun on my local estuary.
CT 249, your scow having 18Kg hull weigt must be a fun boat, nice and low to the water, it must give a great feeling of speed!

Location: Australia I've thought of doing the same for a while but I'm also interested in a new dinghy design I saw in the latest edition of Wooden Boat.
Originally Posted by CT 249 The Australian Moth association may still have Snubby plans; I think the webmaster (John McAteer?) found a set a while ago IIRC. Looks like quite a simple boat to build, has a range of interesting rig options and should perform a little better than the old Mk II Moth.
I have found some information on the International Moth sites but no up to date detailed plans for a scow, only the skiff style hull.
The later scows like Wardie's Effineffable etc had narrower sterns which allow you to sink the stern and lift the bow up, greatly reducing the nosediving problem. Not as fast as a Magnum type fat skiff until about 12-18 knots but much easier to handle, and better than a Magnum sailed by the average sailor.

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