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After the UK Nationals a month ago Dylan and I sat down and had a chat about what we needed to do to really move the Rocket SSD (Solid State Deck) on. So Emma just reminded me that I do have a website and it looks like I fell off a cliff years ago.
I’m just putting the final bits of paint and hardware on, before handing the Raccoon over to Dylan for a few months for testing while I build the second one which will be his actual boat.
Since the Nationals last year I managed to get to go sailing twice I think, once at Stone where I had finally got my head around everything and was back near the front, clinging onto the coattails of Rashley and Offer and even sneaking in a second overall.
But this afternoon, a fairly major piece of the puzzle had started taking shape on my workshop floor, mostly thanks to Badger who lent his joinery skills for the morning (extra points for a Sunday!) and has given me the kick I need. Personally had a few highlights, like the inlands at Bala which saw some of the most beautiful sailing the UK has to offer and was the first time the Rocket really started to show what she was made of. It’s been a lean winter for me now having not sailed since Draycote where I got within a gnats whisker of cracking 30 knots and unfortunately the forestay snapped a bit later – the subsequent mess only just getting sorted out!
Castle Cove showed all 70 odd boats how to run a great Moth event, with all the volunteers putting in a huge effort making us feel welcome with bacon sarnies galore, the most massive bbq I’ve ever seen and some top notch racing to boot. The Moth fleet over here has really come along in the last few years with the spread of abilities really tightening up.
We’re here for two things: to help you get into Mothing and to help our members get the most out of their Moths.
MOTH SAILING – Shifty wind from the SSE made conditions quite difficult for sailors on the 2nd day of the Australian Moth National Championship. MOTH SAILING – Marking another world’s first for the premier dinghy development class, the Moths take to the stage  of  Lake  Garda  in  a  “Mothapalooza”  competition  for  artistic  style  and  personality.
At every sailing regatta there are a fleet of sails, and this is an opportunity to express art across a mobile, floating canvas.
There are some fantastic entries in this first year of the event.  Look out for the Alien, Zebra, Dragon or Flying Hellfish themed vessels, to name a few.
MOTH WORLDS – A record-breaking fleet of 125 Moths from 20 countries will take to the waters of stunning Lake Garda for the 2012 Zhik Nautica Moth Worlds, from August 19 to 26.
HOTLINK- KA Sails Australian Moth National Titles 2012 – Mornington presented the fleet with varied and challenging conditions for the fourth day of the regatta. Rob Gough came through with the win, with Andrew Mcdougall and James Owen-Smith taking second and third. Check out the haps, spills and thrills at the Internatonal Moth Italian Open Championship regatta. If you are not at the office turn up the volume for some good tunes too! We chose a Naca 63412 because it provided good response to flap deflections and a few other factors. Frosty Previous Member   Naca 63412 is a good foil for a rudder as it the same both sides,--asymmetrical. I would have thought that a better foil for your application would be one with a flatter bottom to it, this would be less drag.
As someone said, it would be interesting if you put a simple weighing scale in the towing line to read how much Hp it absorbed.
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida 63412 section The 63412 section is an excellent asymetrical hydrofoil section with real good stall characteristics.
Location: Switzerland Since we do a lot of composite work, the various machines are at our free disposal and we have a lot of material lying around I really do not know how much the two projects cost us. Please do some general reading about hydrofoils so you can appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of various foil configurations. I am happy to help but since this is your project there is no point if we walk you through every single step of the design process.
However if you have specific questions about aspects of our projects and you can not find the answer in earlier posts please feel free to ask!
When you are designing a rudder, you MUST have symmetrical properties (same CL at -X deg and +X), and so a symmetrical foil, first of all because when you want to go straight you want the rudder to be in the middle (AOA=0) and have CL=0, (the only chance to satisfy this conditions is that the foil is symmetrical, you can prove it with potential flow theory). 2: A good foil for a rudder can be the NACA 0012 or, a NACA symmetrical 6-digit series allows you to have a lower CD between a small range of AOA (drag bucket) but stall at lower AOA than the 00XX series.
The only pro of ogival sections is the ease of construction, but that is not a problem when you have a cnc hot wire cutter, so we decided to go with a better performance NACA sections. First the wood parts of the internal structure were glued together and reinforced with glass fiber, then the foam was inserted into the structure, cut to shape with a hot wire cutter and finally the whole hull was covered in skin of glass fiber.
Before summer some minor finishing work will be performed on the hull and the 15A will receive a new fuel filter assembly and a kill switch with bracelet.
Location: Switzerland As Christmas came we started the core part of the Winter Project 2010.

The aim of the project was to test a feedback control system for the T foils we built in summer 2009. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A ne pas manquer, le site de Fred Monsonnec et de ces amis coauteurs consacre a tous les hydrofoils passes et actuels. Ce passionne a reconstruit la maquette du foiler de Tabarly au sein de l’association Eric Tabarly. Accessoirement, procurez vous aussi le Voile et Voiliers No 484 de Juin 2011, actuellement dans les kiosques pour lire ces articles qui ne seront pas sur Foilers!
Sauf mention contraire, ce TEXTE est mis a disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Partage dans les Memes Conditions 3.0 Suisse par son auteur. Les images et illustrations ne sont PAS couvertes par cette licence et peuvent etre soumises a Copyright. Maybe I should rethink the whole spot boat thing and stick with my orginal idea of building an outrigger sailing canoe. TECHNE Il concorso Mille e una vela per l’Universita, indetto da Roma Tre con l’intento di coin- volgere gli atenei italiani, nasce per “sotto- lineare il ruolo formativo dell’esercizio fisi- co non solo come aspetto complementare a quello intellettuale…, ma soprattutto come indispensabile catalizzatore di rapporti so- ciali, capaci di promuovere e sviluppare soli- darieta nella realta internazionale e multiet- nica del mondo universitario”.
Who was that masked man anyway?Oh yeah, you can build the little filly pictured above at home.
I love her classic lines.If you are in Europe, head over to London this weekend to the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace to see the SC20 in person.
If it walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.
There were some prototypery related build issues with Rocket Raccoon and his boat was still a bare shell in build, so we had the opportunity to change a few things.
When you start with something so out of the field it’s really hard to know how to pitch things with material. Hopefully Dylan can overcome the little tune-up time I’ve left him with and put in a good showing at the Europeans. Hopefully with a bit of time on the water we can put a half decent showing at the Euro’s and see what this badboy is capable of. Then once at Draycote in apocalyptic conditions that saw my forestay snap, when the boat blew back upright after a capsize and as the boom was still in the water everything loaded up massively in the 30+ knots we had that day! Platform and foils are all where I wanted them to be, but rig development was sorely lacking and taking far too long with my brief periods in the boat. Hoping to do it in a borrowed boat, then probably not sail again for a month while I finish mine. After launching boat #1 10 months ago we’re now putting the bits on #13 which makes it one of our most successful seasons building wise. The Nationals was a great event and it was nice to get a few days of sailing in and make some progress, as it seems all of my sailing this year has been at events! My faithful steed is on her way to new owner Andrew Blee at Draycote next week and once a new boat for Dylan goes out the door I can get building and go nuts. I think a lot of this is down to just how sailable the boats are now, letting people crack on and learn to race the boat rather than worrying about keeping it in the water! I was really struggling to get any fullness out of my 16 upwind (plus side, downwinds we’re veeery fast!) and was losing up more than I was gaining down and with the top 30 all being capable Moth sailors meant it was a lot harder to get yourself back in the game.The windy day went a lot better than I expected with no problems downwind, but my overpowered sail was really causing trouble leading me to get the saw out on my prodder overnight!
Coinciding with the 2012 Zhik Nautica Moth Worlds, from August 19 to 26, this competition is all about designing your craft to be a creation that is unique and spectacular to watch.
This Mothapalooza™ event is aimed at demonstrating to the world that this floating canvas can be a worthy spectacle in itself. The Moth sailors are once again proving their innovative skills, applying their artistic creativity to the odd profile and sail of a Moth sailboat, winged and foiled, and then making that consistent with the sailors own attire.
Race seven started in light winds, although the fleet was still sailing on the foils up the first windward leg.
In between races the fleet was battered by a rain squall and race eight started in 15-18 knots form the South-west. Calculate the maximum load, add a safety factor, build one full scale flap control and do some tests if in doubt.
As specified earlier and in the original report our V foils had no moving parts, thus no flaps.
Power becomes interesting (and essential) when you have to design a hydrofoil with self-propulsion and you want a minimum cruise speed and take off speed, so you can have an idea of the necessary power the installed motor must have (you also have to take the efficiency of the propulsion system into account). The hull had to satisfy the following conditions: simple and quick construction, maximise flying height on foils, enough volume to sustain two people and lowest possible weight.

After lots of discussion we decided to build an internal structure made of wood, glue blocks of foam around it and cover the whole hull in glass fiber.
Relatively small, overcanvassed and overpowered boats, suffering notorious lack of stability, dominate the contemporary racing scene. In fase di progetto si e cercato il giusto compromesso tra propensione alla planata, governabilita, stabilita e riduzione degli at- triti: uno skiff spiccatamente planante, che richiede un equipaggio esperto, con le linee d’acqua della carena studiate per staccare prima possibile lo scafo dall’acqua, carat- terizzate da una leggera V nell’estremita di prua, a forma quasi piatta e spigolo di separazione fra la carena e le fiancate dalla deriva a poppa, minima superficie bagnata, sezione massima piuttosto spostata verso poppa, specchio di poppa troncato in modo netto, coperta che non intralci i movimenti repentini dell’equipaggio in regata, terrazze sporgenti di quasi mezzo metro. She exceeds 540 feet and has two helipads, a swimming pool, bulletproof glass, a steam room and a personal submarine.
While the boat was obviously fast with the higher wings and smoother shapes, there was definitely room for improvement.
Raccoon really was solid – actually the best place to start as we wouldn’t have learned anything if it had folded up on the first sail!
The SSD Rocket will see production for anyone that wants one, while the high wings, revised geometry and long sprit will all transfer across to the version 3 Rocket for all new boats. I’ve got some big plans for a new boat and wanted to make sure the old girl had a new home and ended up selling her in January to Andrew Blee up at Draycote.
On the water was a different story with the boats taking a while to get the setup figured out and finding out that rig development had moved on without us!
Stone was another good one for me, as I was starting to mix it up with Rashley and Offer at times and had made some more setup gains. Had a few ideas running around in my head for a while now and I’m going to commit the cardinal sin and put them all on one boat.
Reliability has also come on hugely, with big Friday seeing winds over 25 knots and barely any epoxy or grinding to be seen or heard. The short sessions are intended for people who have never foiled before and are interested in getting a Moth.
There is a “palooza” of Moths ready to compete on the foreshores of Campione del Garda, ready to launch and be judged in a bid to win the 5,000 Euro first prize. While we can celebrate wind, water, waves,  lifestyle  and  sportsmanship,  we  can  also  add  cultural  diversity,  personality  and uniqueness to the mix.
The wind shifts up the first leg were enormous and the fleet was completely mixed with some of the top sailors well down in the fleet, and some of the sailors used to taking up places towards the back end were doing well to hang in with the leaders. If so forget everything about using T foils, go with a set of V foils, with no moving parts like our first set, and plan on investing some of your own money.
First the shape of the hull was modelled in CAD in order to have all dimensions of the internal structure.
Vous pourrez peut-etre vous aussi voler sur l’Hydroptere, ou foncer sur un autre des voiliers les plus rapides du moment. Then it was just a question of looking at everything and seeing where little losses could be made. This made sure I could start getting the ball rolling with my silly boat plans, but with Me being Me this has taken ages, it’s April and I still only have a hull shell!
Top Rocketeer Dylan was unable to make the Nationals too which was a shame as he’s been training a lot in Weymouth and is consistently on the pace.
Plan to be back on the water in March and aiming to do most of the Eurocup events over the summer. I bought a used Raptor from Team Ireland (thanks Rory!) on Saturday night and rigged it up with Gio’s CST Elite3 and suddenly could go upwind again having my best result of the week in 7th.
Something more for the observer of the sport, that will also help lift the profile of sailing in general.
Il Politecnico di Milano si e ag- giudicato il trofeo con le due imbarcazioni al primo e secondo posto davanti a quelle degli Atenei di Bologna, Firenze, Roma e Venezia. Unfortunately this followed with my worst race of the week where I couldn’t do anything right and had to wipe out avoiding traffic in the leeward gate. I suggest you download xfoil and compute some results for an airfoil with various flap angles. Be sure to have basic knowledge of fluid dynamics, understand the results and what lies behind.

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