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Taking a second walk along the canal but this time going further to see what other sights I might see. Narrowboat If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention. The Betty B bespoke narrowboat: bedroom with cross over bed, mood lighting under gunnels, and hand crafted wardrobes and side shelves.
Whilst out cruising Richard uses a small fold up motorbike to enable him to go back to their last mooring spot and collect their car. Scarborough Pair fully painted just after arriving at our Mercia marina workshop ready for fitout.
The team quickly ballast, floored and battened the boat out ready for the sprayfoamers to insulate the boat. Looking towards the stern of the canal boat from bow – the bathroom bulkheads are now in place together with one wardrobe side (closest to camera). The shower bulkhead has been installed and a small storage cupboard formed that will also contain the shower pump.
This is the base of the curved cabinet that will installed over the porthole in the bedroom. And with the front panel in place – the top cupboard will have a drop down door so it can be accessed from the outside. Above – Final coat of two pack varnish to the cratch board and connections being made for the aerial.
Above – The black dinette cushions in place together with the upholstered removable back rest closest to the camera. Above – Ian has made a fantastic job of the wiring, plumbing, gas and mechanical installations on the boat. Above – The mirrors installed on the bathroom bulkheads create an illusion of extra space.
Above – The vanity sink with curved granite worktop in Star Galaxy to match the galley.
Above – The shiney chrome finish on the double glazed portholes look fantastic with the halogen downlighters reflecting on them.
As mentioned above handover day was last Saturday, which typically was the worst day for rain all week, but i still managed to take a few photos of Phil & Debbies first trip out of the marina. That concludes the blog fitout of Tom Kitten, thanks to all our team Jordan, Ben, Josh, Ian and Lyndon for all their hard work, as ever the team have done us proud. I’ll shortly be commencing the blog for the fitout of our next sponsored hire boat Aqua Jeta which is currently being battened ready for sprayfoaming this wednesday.
We take the theft of our original work very seriously & would draw to your attention it is protected under UK copyright law.
Aqua Narrowboats are bespoke narrowboat builders offering a personal service and narrowboat hire.

Designing and Building Your Narrowboat: Payment Structure Delivery Times Liverpool Boat Co Ltd are the largest builder of steel c boats in the UK. The particulars detailed herein are intended to give a fair description of the vessel but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Here the mood lighting creates a relaxed area whilst surrounded by the signature white walls of the oak lining, oak flooring and bespoke media unit.
The Betty B is a 60ft semi cruiser stern, bespoke narrowboat built on a Colecraft shell and fitted out by our highly skilled boat building team here at Aqua Narrowboats. The reverse layout design creates a sociable area at the stern of the boat whilst cruising. The boat is a reverse layout but as opposed to the galley being at the far stern, Scarborough Pair has the saloon aft, then the Pullman Dinette followed by the Galley midships this leads onto the walkthrough bathroom followed by the main cabin with crossbed at the bow of the boat. To enable this to be stored securely whilst their on board Richard requested that a steel locker be incorporated at deck level for easier access.
The location of these windows are determined at the initial boat planning stage before any steelwork is started.
The living areas will be fitted with hopper type windows, with the exception of the galley which will have a sliding window over the sink and a pair of steel glazed side doors opposite. The main cabin will have a crossbed with two wardrobes either side and connecting arched cabinet over the porthole.
This has been painstakingly made from machined strips of solid oak each one being cut at a different angle to form the arch. Not sure if they can be made out here but we’ve added solid oak curved mouldings around the vertical corners creating a softer, more tactile feel to the fitout.
The cupboard is split into different storage areas as Richard & Monica what to be able to store chairs in one side, coats in another and canal boat guides in the top section. The two vertical doors will open into each other from the centre support, this allows the far cupboard to be accessed from outside and the closest cupboard to be opened from inside the boat. Therefore Richard designed and asked use to build slide out seats into the each of the dinette seats. Most of the photos below have been taken with the under gunnel RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lighting strips switched on. Phil & Debbie are considering the installation of some shelving on the small bulkheads at the far end of the galley. The granite is called Star Galaxy which has silver coloured flecks that shine and sparkle in the light. Together with the help of Lyndon our other engineer, the systems have been meticulosy installed even though a lot of their work is hidden out of view. As these will get a lot of use and will be exposed to wet boots they have been treated with an epoxy resin and finished with a hard wearing varnish.
Start your narrowboat hire adventure from Hilperton to experience the beautiful city of Bath which is situated on the Kennet and Avon C.

For a better browsing experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings and then refresh this page. The galley has been cleverly fitted with a range of beautiful units and modern appliances, utilising all available space, making this narrowboat an absoulte luxury to cruise and live aboard.
The photo below shows the storage compartment from inside the cabin, this will be boxed in during the lineout stage and the space underneath will become a storage cupboard (photos further down). The window locations are worked out to the nearest millimeter to ensure that they are positioned correctly in relation to the boats layout, and not positioned in the centre of a bulkhead or inside a wardrobe! One will encorporate and cover the locker so visually from the inside it will look like a cupboard.
From cutting down the rough oak boards to the smooth finished piece here it has taken around 10 hours, and the main cupboard hasn’t even been started yet! We decided to split and alter the one to the left, with the addition of a shelf – this provides more visual interest, as the two flat bulkheads look a little overpowering.
Both slide out seats pictured here will have a reversible lid which will have upholstered foam attached on the underside.The lids will then be lifted off and turned over to form the two seats.
Both of these extend down into the engine bay by a good 5″ so they are particularly spacious gas and storage areas. The LED’s take a fraction of the ampage draw from the batteries compared to the halogen lights placed in the cabin roof throughout the boat. They’ll decide this after spending a few weeks on board to see if their needed first. The stainless steel towel raditor has been sourced to match the rest of the radiators, all of which are controlled by thermostatic valves. Narrowboats specify down boats for sale range gelded Cut Britain Phoebus Apollo Phoebus turn bold thinking and used boat sales Narrowboat-5. The shelf will be handy for the odd mug of tea or coffee (with a coaster of course!) as this area will contain two stressless type chairs.
We’ll also be building a table extension that can also be used as a infill piece when the seats are out to form a large bed. The bonus of having a stern gas locker like this is that it’s far easier to manoeuvre gas bottles in and out during changeovers compared to those normally positioned in the bow, especially if you also have to contend with a cratch board and cover. The lights more than adequately provide enough ambient lighting whilst watching TV or relaxing and we’ve all been impressed by their performance.
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