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With longer legs than most trail bikes and a lot less bulk than most freeride bikes, the Nomad sits in a class of it’s own. AvailableAvailable items ship between 2 days to 15 days.CBO in Central CA, has hundreds of direct fulfillment partners with the fastest possible restock delivery times in the US.For 30 years, we have been the best at sourcing in the US, so we will find and supply many items the competition just can't deliver!
Time may vary by item, and we will notify you if items are not shipped within this timeframe. Our Nomad range has a unique v-nose entry that helps slice through swell and chop while the bottoms flatten out toward the transom allowing greater stability at rest.

And on the other hand there’s an ISCG05 chainguide mount built into the frame and a beefy 1.5” headtube.
The smaller models make loading onto a roof rack, camper trailer or caravan effortless due to their flat deck and handles forward off the gunwhales. Not only does this prevent anything catching, but also reduces the risk of damaging both your boat and racking.
Not only does this prevent anything catching, but also reduces the risk of damaging both your boat and racking. Our Nomad HS ( 75mm higher sides) is also well suited for car topping and very appealing for the estuaries of the Top End.

It’s a flyweight freeride bike that dances circles around heavier rigs but is still burly enough to tackle serious terrain.

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