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Location: Sydney Noyo Trawler by Glen L Can I ask for opinions on this boat design please?
Location: Yemen and Lebanon Don't know much about it but my first impression is poor visibility for gunk holing.
I initially found this boat but it is a much bigger project and requires a much larger engine. Location: Milwaukee, WI I don't like Glen-L designs because they are very boxy. But I think when puttering around at moderate speed in moderate conditions is the goal, and so I understand it, the existing engine will do a proper job. Location: OREGON Have you looked at the customers photos on the Glen=L site?
I did consider builidng a smaller boat like the Simon skiff 18 or similar but find it hard to find the motivation to build something I don't need.

I had a go at applying a few lyers of glass and poliester resin to an old Chris-Craft, and remember it was not as easy as 1,2,3. I see the major challenge being space and neighbours since the only place I could build it and take away cheaply is on my front lawn.
I could of course convince my wife it is better to use the backyard, but it would require a crane to lift it out over the house and that is probably not cheap even when not impossible. Third option is to build it at my weekender, plenty of room and have my own slipway, however it will severely cut down the time dedicated to build, to a day or two a week.
I will have to make enquiries as to the cost of importing plywood precut, and the local plywood cut by miself or third party. Location: Pretoria South Africa The Kubota are good motors, i am in plant hire and work with small engines all frikken day.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

My only observation is that it seems smaller and it is a planing hull requiring a bigger engine. I also have to watch the draft since at low tide I have a few sand banks on the way to my house.
I am a carpenter, (even when in a previous life I was first a blacksmith and then a diesel mechanic) and have built large two story buildings, down to small furniture, doors and windows, shutters and even spiral staircases complete with the laminated handrail just for fun. I am glad to hear that it is a good choice for my requirements and will make sure I got the space and time to pull it off before I start. I happen to have a Kubota V1505 35HP with 2:1 gearbox I purchased new to put in an old Halvo, but the purchase of the Halvo fell through so I now have a new engine and would like to build a boat around it.

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