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Use the design dimensions for the station molds and Increase the station spacing by 12 percent or so and go for it.
If you are to use ply for the planking, the extra length will mean that you need to scarf some of the planks. It is certainly possible to just set up the stations, re-spaced, on a strongback and line off the strakes the old fashioned way. Location: Lakeland Fl USA My remarks were predicated on the builders ability to line off his planks in a satisfactory manner. Location: Georgia The Compass Harbor Pram looks nice, and just about the length you want. Location: Georgia I know this is nowhere close to what you're looking for, but it's on the same site. Location: Central CA The shape of the planks for a stretched dinghy are easy to do.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Saab-Spyker!: After lengthy and drawn out negotiations, in January 2010 the Dutch Super Car manufacturer Spyker purchased Saab from General Motors for USD $74 million cash. As well as the very brief model synopsis below, you will find a huge amount of information covering all models throughout the website, please use the menu bar above to navigate through the site. 9-3SS, was introduced in 2003 to replace the 'Classic' 9-3 model, the 'Sports convertible was released in 2004, with the 'Combi' version following in 2005.
Saab 9-5: Introduced in 1997, as both an estate and a saloon, this was one of the most powerful cars Saab had produced to date, with the 9-5 Aero producing up to 260bhp and a massive torque of 370Nm.
Classic Saab 900: Introduced in 1979, this car has now gained somewhat of a cult following, reasons for this could include, unique styling, reliability, performance and a long life. Saab 9000: Introduced in 1985, this was Saab's first attempt to break into the large car market. Free helplines for legal advice, medical advice and post-accident counselling, and discounts on our car breakdown cover with MORE TH>N car insurance. Apply at MORE TH>N life insurance and we'll give you the best quote from our panel of leading insurers to help find you the cheapest policy. With a MORE TH>N home insurance policy, when you buy buildings insurance, we'll give you home contents insurance up to £75,000 absolutely free!
Buy MORE TH>N van insurance and benefit from up to a 20% discount when you buy online as well as other great offers when you buy a MORE TH>N BUSINESS insurance product. What could be finer than sailing a Joel White Nutshell Pram through Pulpit Harbor beneath an expansive Maine blueberry on whipped cream sky? Running, reaching, tacking, all points of sail were needed as we hugged cedar edged shorelines that reminded us of Adirondack lake shores. A 2013 fledgling osprey finally lifted off Pulpit Rock as we approached, more in pride than fear, I like to think, in showing off his new flight skills. With one final swing of the tiny tiller off Pulpit Rock, we caught the southerly wind on a tightly sheeted tanbark sail and headed for our anchored home. I looked behind to the see the fledgling osprey lightly touch back down on the harbors ancient centerpiece in the setting sun. USHarbors delivers free, printable tide charts, onshore and marine forecasts, buoy data, weather radar, a steady stream of local knowledge, and a directory of coastal businesses.

After a painful gap between when the J27 was sold and the arrival of the Pacer 27, it is time to smile, be happy and enjoy the thrills and spills of sailboat racing again.
So last week after a tentative sail in the IRC fleet, we are actually steadily improving from 11th out of 12 to 10th out of 17. We opted to tack over onto port for clear air, in the process ducking a few starboard tackers. With Tom standing in as spinnaker trimmer, he was still getting instructions as we rounded the top mark and I must say, the hoist was excellent, considering how little we have sailed this boat. We held on a little too far on the starboard gybe and had a slight hiccup going through the gybe, with the kite wanting to fold around forwards and wrap itself into a bra. By the time we got to the lee mark, we had not gained on Sensation (L34) but we had passed a few other boats and we were ahead of both J27s - a good yardstick for us to measure as we know we have to be 5 minutes per hour ahead of the J's. At the second rounding of the weather mark, there was total confusion, with half the fleet heading for the finish and the other half heading back to the leeward mark. The views expressed in this site are not endorsed by RCYC or any other official club or organising authority. The resulting boat will float just a tad higher than the Nutshell when an equivalent design load is involved.
In traditional boatbuilding this would be accomplished by lofting, something most first time builders are not excited about. If it absolutely had to be 8'6" you could change the rake of the bow transom and get very close to that dimension.
The 9000 went through several changes during it's lifetime including a major cosmetic re-vamp in 1992. From 8 weeks old onwards, your pet cat or dog will be covered regardless of its age (covers each new injury or illness up to £7000). Eve, our Nutshell Pram that delighted our two tiny kids nearly 20 years ago, has gone to the dogs. Tacking quietly through lobster boats and yachts, we were not even noticed by many aboard in the busy outer harbor. Cabot Cove can be sailed to another head water where a babbling brook is easy to hear from a quiet sailboat. From a tiny sailboat we watched cormorants just a few yards away stay glued to their rock stands, unfazed by our presence, as they dried their wing feathers. As we got closer, we could see the twig-and-branch-constructed osprey nest was massive -- enormous really, atop the gleaming wet rock pulpit. This is a far cry from our regular podium finishes on Smackwater Jack, but exactly as I predicted, we will start at the bottom and work our way up.
I accidentally bumped the hand held VHF, so did not notice the channel had skipped to 5 instead of 6. Because we did not get the course, I assumed we would sail to the #2 channel marker in a NW wind. Fortunately the breeze was light, allowing us to remain upright during the first spinnaker hoist, which was one big tangle. This was not a normal south easter - it had quite a bit of east in it, so no-one would lay the weather mark on one tack. Then came a bit of trimming and we were quickly over 10 knots boat speed and staying there.

We went for a conventional bear-away set and decided to follow the boats back to the leeward mark. The race reports are based on what I observe and opinions expressed will therefore be subjective.  Got a gripe or a compliment?
We recommend that you read this hardcover book - We will even give you a free copy - all you have to do is to pay the postage. That is pushing the limit for modificaations but, in this case, it will probably work out just fine. For example there may be full size templates for each of the strakes, or at least detailed measurements for those strakes.
Proper lofting would require a table of offsets which might be included, or might not if there were full size templates. It isn't rocket science, but it somewhat defeats the purpose of relatively pricey, highly detailed plans if all you end up using is the station dimensions. And yes of course the location of the particular dimensions of individual planks will not be the same. Nutshell is precious but so are some of the Hereshoff prams that appear in magazines for free.
In 2009 Saab also released an AWD version as well as an exciting limited edition 'TurboX' model.
In 2002 Saab carried out a minor 'facelift on the 9-5 range, with a further 'facelift' being made in 2006 the Mk.
We sailed close enough to touch the lawn chairs on a floating lobster shack and the sterns on visiting yachts.
What a pleasure watching the fleet slip away astern, but of course our angle is much higher, so we lose distance. Integer placerat, dui sed posuere molestie, urna sapien porta purus, vel sodales ante erat sed arcu. A little sailboat is quiet, allowing their acute ears to scan for distant dog-related sound waves. Pulpit Harbor's headwaters can be rowed for nearly a mile at high tide, but our air draft prevented going below the bridge today.
They slipped the course in hastily somewhere between the 5 minute signal and the start on channel 6 but many skippers never heard the announcement. That bit of information quickly got us ready for a gybe (another mediocre one) and we aimed the bow for the finish line. Nunc semper, diam ut blandit elementum, ipsum purus vestibulum quam, sit amet auctor est nunc ut risus. First time builders will be ahead of the game if a good set of building instructions are provided even if the plan set is priced higher than the norm.
There was much confusion with 5 minutes to go to the start with no-one really knowing what course to sail, so we took a mid-line position to cover our bets and had a pretty good start - except we were sandwiched between a 42 footer and a 34 footer. A dog's sense of smell is their wifi, and we could tell by their active nostrils -- the scents on the water were four bars strong.

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