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Ita€™s been 6 months since we completed our Great Loop Cruise and other boat adventures, returning to our land home at Lucya€™s Branch Marina on the Tennessee River. The park has several enclosed pavilions, one equipped with heating and cooling as well as a courtesy dock for campers with boats and two fishing piers for those who prefer land fishing. It removes bacteria, protozoa, chemicals and toxins, and particulates, but purification tablets (or boiling) should be used to assure that all viruses are killed. Iredell County authorities have accused a Mooresville business owner of pocketing the money from the sale of othersa€™ boats and trailers.

None of our sea-kayak snob testers expected much from an Elie, a division of Quebec-based Pelican International, which is not known for performance boats. Check out our Digital Extra boat review on the Elie Strait 140xe from Adventure Kayak Magazine.
What's faster a kayak a ascend fs12t or a pelican castaway 130 and which is more durable?
The Elie Strait 140 XE is the 2011 winner of Outdoor Magazinea€™s a€?Gear of the Yeara€? award.

The Elie Strait 120 kayak supplies everything needed to get away from it alla€”except, or course, an excuse to go paddling! This foam adds to the comfort on longer trips, but once it is wet it takes some time to dry.

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