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After marking and folding the plastic sheet and checking that everything will fold up tidily, I'm now ready to add some structure. On the Boat that Ken Built you can clearly see the conduit along about 4 feet on the side of the boat.
After starting to tape the various parts together I tested the fold to make sure it went down as flat as possible. I drilled the side supports made from conduit and screwed then on using the bolts with handles prepared earlier. Some Coroplast boats Experiments by various designers and tinkerers, including Ken Simpson whose boat I am now building on this page. Coroplast information it comes in many different thicknesses and there are many different brands.
Fishing boat cover make by plastic vacuum thermoformingFishing boat make cover make by plastic vacuum thermoforming.

I had a dowel which works very well to reinforce the ends where the conduit gets drilled though and bolted onto the end of the thwarts and through the hull. There are little pieces of coroplast that get attached to the thwart and help keep the sides from moving.
If you decide to build a coroplast boat remember its an experimental boat and you need to use it in safe water. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The photo on the right is the bolt attached to its handle screwed into the end of the thwart.
Since I am using a quarter inch thick plastic sheet it is not very rigid and cannot support a person without buckling. At this point If I place the floor in the bottom I would not have any trouble floating and paddling around.

Ken Simpson suggests 1x2 but I was cutting down a 2x4 so my thwarts are slightly thicker and not so wide. I think I can add a small reinforcing lath along the length to help strengthen it.I boiled a sample of the plywood to check for water damage and it has survived with no problems. This will hold the reinforcing conduit attached to the boat and also bolt the thwart in place.
Ken Simpson showed his boat with attractive cloth cowlings fore and aft and I might put this together as well.
I know it is not a great glue for coroplast but I would be satisfied with a weak bond supplemented with the tape.

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