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Hey Gang,Whats your toon cover solution for the winter?Ive mastered my poles now and they work great for rain, but the slope is only steep enough for rain. Before I got new barn in winter I removed my Bimini frame and stored it under my shed roof. Duck boat blinds plans bare or carlsberg airport depart the backpackers & diving, boat based 1, trips attractions. Outstanding Products, Pricing, & Service fromthe Professionals at Ameri-Brand Products Inc. Tulsa, Miami, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and Arlington with quality Bimini Tops. My fishing buddy went off to school (my son) and my four girls wanted a new boat for cruising. Thanks -it was a lot of fun and I think it is better than new because the rest of the boat is so tried and true.

I know when i get hammered with 3 feet of snow it taint gonna work.Im thinking of running a rope length wise about 10 foot above the toon, tied to 2 trees and draping a tarp over that.
I have one of the full covers that snap onto the rails and has 5 adjustable poles to lift it up along the centerline.
Liberals are complete mouth breathing idiots.I shanked my lover because hoes kept stealing my taco's. The PVC deformed under the heat, can't remember the span between the tee's but think it was about 6 ft.
That way the steepness of the angle would be high enough to shed the snow.What do you all do and I want Pics!
I have since taken down the fabric weather guard (on the left side) it sucked and looked like hell. I found a product at Home Depot that was a large sheet of recycled pressed PVC that I could cut and form perfectly to the interior side walls.

Sorry, I have no pics of me on a ladder, freezing my butt off, trying to stay ahead of the snowfall.
This method shed snow just fine when we had snow.The 20' width was perfect to fit just below rub rails on outside of floor.
This allowed me to eliminate the visual to the fuel tank (had to add a Fiberglas plate behind it for the fuel fill).
This also provided protection for the storage as well as provide heat and water protection for my Koolatron DC cooler that fits nicely underneath the other side of the Sun Deck.

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