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Installing two homemade extensions between this transducer and its mount allows the transducer to run deep enough to get below the extreme turbulence present behind a pontoon, and deliver detailed readings up to the boat’s top speed.
A friend showed me his new pontoon boat, and I was impressed until I saw how a sonar transducer was mounted on the back of a pontoon.
Mississippi Sportsman is the information guide for Mississippi's most active hunters and fishermen. If your pontoon boat does not have a mounting bracket for the transducer, use an aftermarket transducer bracket. Like many anglers, the depth finder aboard my first boat was a fishing rod, my fish finders were gulls and my earliest "GPS" coordinates were trees, docks and other prominent shore features. A standard feature (and popular option) aboard many of today's pontoon and deck boats is a simple depth finder, often with a small display mounted onto the dash, among other similarly-sized gauges including the tachometer and speedometer. In addition to the water's depth, fish finders supply a reliable and accurate "window" into the underwater world. I used galvanized pipe straps with piece of thin rubber material in between to prevent slipping.
FYI: You might not get all the feedback until early next week as most of the BNT guys are on there way to Naci right now. Todd -Since you're there 'in the shop,' and probably have a better handle than me on the range of available units, do you have a recommendation on a good, value-priced Humminbird unit? I was not interested in getting a color finder before I went to the ISE show and spent a lot of time standing in front of both the grayscale and color units.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without express written consent. The Foot eze is Many times more effective and easier to use the The PeEggI want to send a gifts to any soldier. Not only did it turn the seats, but italso came with oar locks, fishing rod holders and a motor mount for gas or electric trolling motors.And the best part was that I did not have to break the bank to get one! I remarked that it probably wouldn’t work above idle speed, and he confirmed that as soon as he throttled up above fast idle the fish finder lost its reading. Use the provided screws and the appropriate screwdriver to mount the transducer mounting bracket on the mounting rack. Mount the depth finder mounting bracket in the cockpit using the screws provided and a screwdriver.
Fast forward three decades and you find me monitoring the latest side-imaging fish finding technology from Humminbird, a compact unit on my minimal dash complete with a built-in GPS that talks to a transducer that is built-into the base of a Minnkota Terrova trolling motor mounted on the bow of my pontoon boat. This depth-finding feature is valuable for obvious reasons, especially for pleasure boaters whose only concern about what is beneath their hull is that there is enough water to keep their engine's lower unit from striking bottom.
By transmitting and receiving high-frequency and low-frequency sound waves via a transducer, the units are able to detect different types of bottoms, underwater structure and fish, information about which is relayed to a large screen display for viewing by the angler.
An inexpensive fish finder with a monochrome display may offer a limited amount of detail, while a more advanced (ie: expensive) model may provide a detailed color graphic display of underwater ledges, rock piles, wrecks and fish.
The difference in color and grayscale displays was enough for me to change my mind and buy a smaller color unit.Now that I already have the finder mounted and used it many times on my ODC 816, I have realized a couple things.
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FREE Pontoon Boat depth finder fish finder mounting plans complete kit purchase Pontoon Boat OWNERS forums.
Man, I was excited!Needless to say, I placed my order here and now, and I did not even tell my wife about it until one week later, when this big box was delivered to our house and I had to explain that it contained my dream-come-true.
Despite using the same basic sonar technology, the differences between a mere "depth finder" and a modern "fish finder" are significant. A wide variety of fish finders are available, offering different levels of power, sensitivity and detail to allow the angler to choose a unit that's best for the fishing situation and his or her individual needs.

A fish finder may even detect a school of baitfish as one big air pocket, and a corresponding echo will be relayed to the unit. I like the Humminbird Finders because of the way they mount and have the quick release head unit without messing with wires every time.
LOOKING FOR searching for how do I find.Pontoon boat parts accessories, free repair manual, pontoon boating forums, Pontoon boat owners forums. She is the great woman that she is understood immediately.I called my closest pal, Jerry to give him the good news and see how fast we could go fishing. Adding a depth finder is something that can and a measure of safety to the boating experience. Because predator fish usually hang around such food sources, when a "cloud" of bait appears on your fish finder screen with separate arcs nearby, it's time to break out the tackle. I currently have a X125 and a seperate handheld Garmin GPS unit and wish I had one of the colors GPS combos.Whatever you do make sure the unit has dual frequency and at least 240 pixel resolution. The other thing is how nice it is to be able to remove the head unit by simply pushing a button and pulling it off.
Turns out, he happens to have Friday off that week, so we agreed to head out early Friday morning and go up to Miller's Pond, where the stark and rainbow trout and blue gill were plentiful.The beauty of my new inflatable pontoon boat was that it all folded up neatly in a bag and fits perfectly in the bottom of my truck.
This transducer was mounted with its bottom higher than the bottom of the pontoon, guaranteeing that it would be buried in turbulence during acceleration, and would lift out of the water at cruising speed. Any owner can add the depth finder to their pontoon boat with a few tools and supplies from a home store. This is nice for me since I don't have launching gear for my 'toon, so I usually make multiple trips to launch it. When we pulled it out and carried it to the edge of the pond, we had it fully expanded and inflated in less than ten minutes! I looked at the transducer mounting plate welded to the back of the pontoon and the Lowrance Skimmer transducer’s mounting bracket, and could see no way to mount the transducer low enough to reach undisturbed water.Obviously, some shade-tree engineering was in order. Fish finders come in both LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and CRT (Catho Ray Tube) versions, with color or monochrome display, and a higher or lower screen resolution (pixel count). I keep the head unit in my backpack with me while I leave the 'toon alone at shore.Check out the color finders, I think they are worth every penny more then a grayscale.
Speaking of seeing, early LCD fish finder screens were tough to see in sunlight, but color displays and protective lenses have made today's LCD displays much easier to read.
Next, I drilled a hole at one end of each bar sized for a bolt that would go through the Skimmer’s factory stainless steel mounting bracket and a smaller hole at each bar’s other end sized for a bolt that would fit through the transducer’s adjustment pivot point.Returning to the boat, I loosely assembled everything on the existing factory Skimmer bracket. I discarded the plastic adjustment washers that normally fit in the bracket’s transducer mounting bolt holes so my larger diameter bolt would fit.
He knew exactly which lure to tie on because he was a natural-born fisherman and had the instincts of his ancestors to guide him.It could not have been more than five minutes went by Jerry threw his line when he got a hit. I placed a flat washer on the bolt, then slid one of the homemade extension arms on, followed by a sharp star washer, and then slipped the bolt through the bracket’s left mounting hole.Next, I installed enough washers on the bolt to fill the space between the bracket and the other extension arm. After sliding on that second extension arm, I added another star washer, and slipped the bolt through the bracket’s remaining hole.Finally, I added another flat washer and a lock nut. The idea was to install a star washer between the homemade bars and the mounting bracket so they would stay put and then add enough washers as spacers so everything could be cinched up tight.Installing the transducer between the other ends of the arms was simpler.
I grabbed the net, anticipating a fierce blue gill or trout on the other end, and leaned over the side.
I must have leaned too far, though, because I lost my balance and I fell head first into Miller's Pond! We put the boat on the water, and discovered that lowering the transducer increased the speed at which the unit would work, but it still lost its picture before the boat reached cruising speed.I considered putting the boat back on the trailer so I could lower the transducer’s running depth a bit more to try to get below the turbulence, but I decided to try installing the software update first. With the update installed, we watched the screen anxiously as my buddy eased the throttle forward and grinned when we got a great picture all the way to the boat’s top speed.So if someone you know has trouble getting sonar to work on a pontoon boat, show him this column. Later, it turns out Jerry had broken the record for the biggest catch at Miller's Pond for over 20 years.After his big catches and my accidental plunge into the pond, I was able to easily pull me back in the boat.

He needs to get his transducer below the washing-machine-strength turbulence at the back of his pontoon and make sure his unit is running on the latest software available for it. Unfortunately, we do not bring any towels on this trip, and when the temperature was a bit on the chilly side, we decided to pack up and go home. Bringing an expensive boat where you sail, is a challenge for an ordinary driver, but takes a great fishing trip would be a good enough excuse to learn to do it gently and safely. It's hard enough to pull into a gas station with a big car, it would be impossible with a trailer and boat pulled up to it.Check out the tires as well. It would not do to have a flat on either the vehicle or trailer when you've tightened it up. Changing tires on a fully loaded trailer or a curious vehicle is enough to put damper on any trip. Position your boat with care, so it will not overturn or reverse and center of gravity is low.
Also check that the boat itself is balanced, with fuel and water tanks either just turned so you do not have too much trouble maneuvering the boat trailer.Double check to see if it is secured well, at least two places. Take advantage of the surge brakes on the trailer, and be sure that the reservoir is filled with brake fluid. When you're out and run, using all the mirrors and make sure the two sides of the trailer is clear. Give a tax credit when you brake and not make sudden steering movements.When you get to the port, take extra care when placing the trailer when his boat ready for launch.
When the boat is in the water, load all your gear, fire up the trollling lures, set the bait and get ready to catch some fish.I live in southern Idaho and I am fortunate to have a good selection of fishable lakes, reservoirs, streams and rivers in an hour from my home.
I am a veterinarian by trade, and during my holidays, you can often find me fishing for trout and test new trout fishing lures.
I like all avid fisherman trying to find the trout bait or piece of fishing equipment that outperforms the other issues I have tried.I tend to fish alone on my days off, and I prefer fishing with a pontoon style boat over a fishing vessel tubes .
I have my best success when I use my inflatable fishing boat with an electric motor.These one man both allow you to avoid competition from larger fishing boats and let you follow shoals of fish when you find them. I have equipped my boat with a small fish finder, and this set up really comes in handy for locating good fishing opportunities spots.The inflatable fishing boat, which I use is frameless, and folds up into a small bag. I drive a 1993 Jeep Wrangler that has little room for big things, and this boat fits easily in my rig with room for the other tackle that I need.
I used to have an inflatable pontoon boat with a frame, but ended up pulling a trailer utility to pull this bulkier boat.The other nice thing about sea eagle pontoon boat that I use is its easy setup. This boat is puncture proof and weighs about 40 pounds.The biggest drawback of these inflatable fishing boats shall check them during windy conditions. They do sit fairly high in the water, and the little electric motor I use is no match for a stiff breeze. I personally have been blown clear over the reservoir I often most and had to go or ask a trip back around to the other side when the wind does not let up.
These are one man rigs, and your partner must use its own!Other than the wind issue, these types of both excellent for trolling for trout fishing lures, or anchoring and release trout fishing bait to the bottom. The Sea Eagle boat that I own is currently available with most of the bells and whistles for under $ 900, including trolling motor. Compared with the cost of a full size boat and trailer, they're a bargain.I hope this gives you an insight on the pontoon type inflatable fishing boats. They are truly a fisherman's best weapon![amzps id="16"]We are a genuine UK based company offering quality items at prices far cheaper than the high street. Every item is carefully packaged using the latest technology to ensure safe shipment to you.

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