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A full shrink wrap accessory kit with everything you need to wrap boats up to 24' long with 8.5' max beams. Shrink wrap kit containing all of the accessories needed to wrap nearly anything, just add shrink wrap.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This kit contains the tools and accessories you will need to shrink wrap just about anything for outside storage. This complete kit will wrap up to 4 boats.Shrinkfast 998 Heat GunShrinkfast 998 propane powered heat tool. The only thing you will need in addition to this kit is the shrink film properly sized for your item in need of shrink wrap protection*.

This kit contains enough product for several boats or other items in terms of tape and strapping, perfect for a group purchase or several years of supplies for the shop or boat owner.
Films are heavy duty so that the boats can be stored during cold winters and can be purchased in white.
A special chemical in the polyethylene film keeps them soft, flexible, and protects the film from breaking down in UV light.
Simply wrap the boat and walk along the boat with a propane-powered heat gun to shrink the film. The special pellets automatically remove moisture from the air, depositing it safely in the convenient container. The heat activated adhesive melts and flows under pressure from shrinking to create a seal.

Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing resists salt water, oil, gasoline, and other environmental contaminants. Improve the look of cables in computer case mods or custom cars and motorcycles What is in the box!

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