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After my experience testing the speedy Hurricane 2000 SunDeck (see the May issue of PDB), I was given the assignment to go off for a weekend and put the new 310 Boundary Waters Sky Dek RE from Premier through the paces. Before we get to the long list of amenities, I want to make clear that the Sky Dek is no lumbering oaf. For this 10-foot-wide boat, this means the third pontoon is 36 inches wide and 27 inches deep, giving more flotation for such a big craft, and better speed and turning than a normal setup would give.
The steering wheel is power assisted courtesy of Sea Star, an option I definitely recommend.
The support system for the upper deck looked very sturdy, and even with five people up top, I noticed no sway or give underneath. Making your way up the stairs, it's easy to notice the extra-wide steps and safety chain at the opening.
The upper deck gave a great view of the areas below, allowing adults to enjoy conversation while keeping an eye on children playing on the main deck. There are battery-operated LED cup holders throughout the Sky Dek, which just added to the already fun atmosphere. An ottoman cooler, mobile arms rests on all chairs and more tilted speakers for premium sound continue to pile on comfort and fun on top of comfort and fun, almost to the point where it's funny.
There are throw pillows on the seating, but before you dismiss these are ordinary head-resting items, know these throw pillows are made from life jacket material.
In all, the 310 Boundary Waters Sky Dek RE is a masterpiece of luxury, without sacrificing power. After watching Premier's body of work over the last few years, it's easy to see how they came up with and executed such an amazing design. 1986 Sylvan 18 Pro CC 1986 Sylvan 18 Pro CC- Rod Holders- Bimini Top- Lowrance Elite 4X HDI- Ritchie Compass- Ship to Shore Radio- Spare Tire** This package includes boat, motor, and trailer.
1986 Sylvan 18 Pro CC, - Rod Holders- Bimini Top- Lowrance Elite 4X HDI- Ritchie Compass- Ship to Shore Radio- Spare Tire** This package includes boat, motor, and trailer.
2004 Sylvan 1600 Explorer SC 2004 Sylvan 1600 Explorer powered by a Yamaha 50 hp 2 Stroke motor.

2016 Sylvan 8524 Mirage LZ Price Above is boat and trailer Package only - any motor show is for illustration only. 2015 Sylvan MIRAGE CRUISE 8522 LZ LE NEW 2015 Sylvan Mirage 8522 LZ with a 90HP 4Stroke Motor. 1992 Sylvan 24' Cruising toon, U13462This boat is in excellent condition, the cover is mostly usable, but does have a rip in the seam on the back sundeck. Despite its size (almost 32 feet long and over 10 feet wide), I was able to get it up to nearly 40 miles per hour, thanks to its beefy Yamaha F350XCA V8 outboard.
This was definitely noticeable as I cruised around the lake with some friends; turning was smooth as silk and the 5,000-pound weight (dry) handled easily. With a boat this long and this wide, the natural torque when turning at speed is pretty intense, and without power assist steering, only the stronger drivers among us could really handle it well. The underskinning of the upper deck also does a nice job of hiding the wires for sound and lighting above.
All passengers loved the slide off the stern, and the adults were fighting the kids for who got to go next. A new feature for the 310 are speakers under the seats, which means enjoying the breeze upstairs doesn't mean you're left out of the dance party down below. My favorite was at the bow, where a filler couch creates a nice semicircle of comfortable seating, perfect for a game of cards or just discussing the day's events. I'm pretty sure they aren't Coast Guard safety rated, but in an emergency, they're better than nothing.
If you're looking for a party boat to live up to your expectations for the Greatest Lake Bash of All Time, this is your craft. Includes Galvanized Trailer with Spare Tire, Oars and Oarlocks, Vinyl Deck, Rod Holders Two Moveable Seats.
I've tested many boats that are half the size of the Sky Dek that can't even come close to its speed, and that's saying a lot about Premier's PTX performance package. The cover for the upper deck is also high-quality and nice for when the sun is a bit too strong.

I think it may be easier to name the amenities not present than describe everything on the Sky Dek.
When I sat in the captain's chair for the first time, I knew somewhere, my editor was jealous.
And at the stern, another area perfect for visiting, and the helm chair can turn to participate.
After tossing them into the water a few times, we also noticed no bleeding or discoloration; it appears they enjoy getting wet more than the average couch accessory. You and your friends can enjoy those days under the sun relaxing in one of four beautiful premium loungers or jump on out and use the convenient rear entry ladder to enjoy your favorite sports on the water. And the vinyl flooring was a nice practical touch; no one wants to worry about even more flooring to clean after dealing with everything downstairs, and you can put the kids up there without worrying about them ruining anything. The Mirage 8520 Cruise LE offers the performance you expect from a Sylvan pontoon, and plenty of space to kick back and relax. Anyway, if you bring a Sky Dek to your next family reunion on Percy Priest Lake, be prepared to deal with fights about who gets to ride on top. We figured out this would allow the pilot and a single passenger to converse while underway without either person having to strain their neck at an awkward angle, as is the case on most pontoon boats. The one at the stern is a vessel sink, with an electric faucet, soap dispenser, paper towel holder and lots of storage. Overall, the helm's black and gray color scheme gives it a classy feel, and we enjoyed the digital Yamaha gauges and shifter. A full-color GPS was extraordinarily handy for finding our way around the lake, and it looked good doing it.

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