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All aluminum motor pod is bolted to pontoon cross-members with 10 point attachment and large diameter bolts for added strength and rigidity. Marine grade pressure treated plywood deck has limited lifetime warranty for years of care-free family boating. U-shaped logs provide a secure platform for extruded c-channel 16" on-center through-bolted construction.
Through bolted floors to deck extrusions, .100 gauge nose cones, and heavy duty deck extrusions on 16" centers are just a few of the extra touches that make the Sun Catcher Pontoon line the Best Value on the Water. Two six gallon portable gas tanks allow for easy fill-ups and quick switching to after-market spare gas tanks. G3 ADVANTAGE WARRANTY adds value with an extended warranty on all external seams for the "duration of ownership" for the original retail purchaser. The Story of a Little Floating TentOnce upon a time, we had a client with very steep property in cottage countrya€¦ when the tent guys went to measure, they pointed to the water and joked, a€?we should just put the tent out there.a€? The client, being something of a man of vision, jumped at the idea. NyDock floats are made from incredibly durable polyethylene pipe normally used in rugged municipal, industrial and mining applications.
If you are in the market for a dock that will last you a lifetime you have come to the right place.
We are experts in commercial docking systems, and custom flotation pontoons for unique applications. Full five year bow to stern non pro-rated structural warranty transferable once within 5 years of purchase, and a limited lifetime warranty on the marine grade plywood deck material direct from the manufacturer gives you the best total warranty package in the industry. Freezing in ice does not damage docks built with our floats, they will not decompose or rot, rust like steel, weather from the sun, or be eaten by animals. From 200 slip marinas, to aqua culture cages, to containment & floating security barriers, we are your floating dock experts and more.
This presented us with all kinds of issues, the first being obtaining permits from the Department of Oceans and Fisheries in case we disturbed the natural habitat of any creatures who live below amongst the rocks and gunk.

When you decide it's time for a new docking system, you can't ignore the quality, ease of ownership and convenient design of our NyDock products.
As you build your new dock system or expand your current one, consider a floating dock system. An environmentally friendly dock built with Nydock floats is the last dock you will ever need and is built with the finest care and quality craftsmanship. A NyDock will always be level and sturdy, it will not sag, rot, or shift over time like crib docks. The second was that we found out that the lake bottom wasna€™t very solid at all; it turned out that our client had had to drive-pile almost 45-feet down to find bedrock when he erected his boat house. There is no wood below the waterline, only our incredibly durable floats that are guaranteed never to leak. That seemed a little excessive for our One Night Affaira€¦ and so our quest continued.Next, we looked at renting barges, tying them up together and putting a tent up on thema€¦ but the main challenge was that barges are in high demand in the summer months, being the workhorses that carry equipment and materials to properties under construction - and, as we discovered, no barge operator was willing to give up three barges for the more than three weeks wea€™d need them. The ends of each pontoon are capped with a unique fusion welding process that creates a joint that becomes stronger than the pipe itself. HDPE deck connection brackets are also fusion welded along the pontoon length to maximize the dock strength.Every NyDock pontoon is durable and puncture resistant. Our aesthetically-minded client didna€™t care for this option at all.That was when his landscaper suggested contacting the people that manufacture floating docks, and thata€™s just what Dennis Large of Advanced Tent did.
Experts were consulted (it turned out there were none - as no one had ever tried anything like this before) engineers were called in, measurements and calculations were made, budgets were approved and finally a€“finally!
They will never rust, rot, leak, be damaged by animals, or require any maintenance like the painting of steel pontoons.
Our large diameter pontoons, give incredible stability, and excellent height above the water. Perfect for your cottage, marina applications and anywhere you need to put a dock in!Have you ever wanted a swimming platform, pontoon boat, and dock, but could only choose one?

The pontoons: over 70 were brought in on a barge one sunny day, about a month before the wedding itself.
Hea€™s the man behind the swim-up coffee station at the Ironman, an ice bar at Winterfest, and the impressive a€?NyDocka€™ docks where musicians belt out tunes at Huntsvillea€™s waterfront festivals.
He is also known for quietly supporting a host of other community initiatives and events.Jan Nyquist was thanked for that support and presented with a Paul Harris Fellow award. That award, while customarily presented within the Club to Rotarians who reach a certain level of monetary contribution to Rotary for its community and international work, is also bestowed externally to someone who goes above and beyond for both Rotary and their community.a€?Internally ita€™s more of a monetary recognition for a Rotarian but when ita€™s given to a community member it has a bit more meaning from the point of view of outstanding effort,a€? explained Rotarian Rob Saunders. Add a transom and you can fish anywhere on your lake – from the comfort of your own Muskoka chair! Public Works staff will be required to remove only the docks on Snake, Rabbit and Cassells Lakes due to the high fluctuation in water levels in the winter.
They are willing to consider working with the Municipality on any options related to the floating breakwall.We would like to consider the floating steel breakwall as opposed to the floating concrete docks due to reduced maintenance requirements. This could save an additional $20,000 to $30,000 on the project based on quotes provided in other proposals received as part of the RFP process.4. References confirmed the quality of the product and its durability.Bring your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind NyDockWe have extensive experience building large and small floating dock systems.
We can customize any floating dock system to fit your recreational or commercial application.

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