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Started putting the "beast" back together so its been kinda slow go doing all of this alone but here are some of the updates.Thanks to PS I got my new seats in and they look AWESOME! I had new canvas made for the rear and sides, When I bought the boat it was missing the rear camper but still had the side walls for the front but since I was going to change the color from that awful green, I went ahead and had everything remade.I moved the ladder from the rear to the front, reinstalled the top.
We recently had a flooding event at Jordan Lake where the water rose almost 20 feet above normal.
In NC's Research Triangle Park area, there are basically two lakes - Falls Lake, and Jordan Lake. I have a big pontoon boat at the marina, and spend about 1 afternoon a week there, boating, fishing, and hanging out with my boat buddies.
Jordan Lake is Cary's main water supply, and it also provides flood control for the cities downstream, between Raleigh and the coast.
Here's a picture showing the lake at the usual level, about 15 feet below the roads and parking lots. The pictures show some flooding, but I think an analytic graph is even more dramatic, and helps tell the complete story.

The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS. The old top had carpet glued to the bottom of the ply wood for the ceiling but it was stained and fallen down. They carefully control the water flow at the dam to buffer the water from heavy rains, and slowly release it so the downstream towns don't get flooded.
It shows that we had 3 separate rain events back-to-back during a 2 week period, and that the third one was what put the water over the banks and into the parking lots (which is where the real trouble started for the marina).
Now Im excited about putting this pontoon back together now!!When I rebuilt my walls for the galley and changing room I added a some tubing that I had laying around the shop. I used the same product I made my walls with (alum bond) which now gives it a nice clean look for the ceiling.
The BBQ grill was an added bonus for us since most of the time its about 6 of us that go out and I wanted to make sure I would have enough grill space to cook with. In this shot, you can barely see the stripes along the side of the road, which is under water.

Notice how the custom reference lines I annotated on the graph really help put the flooding data into context. The SAS Learning Post is where you'll find tutorials, tips and practical information to help you become a better SAS user. My thought was to make it easy to run and hide my electric or speaker wire to run up to the top deck.
Perhaps your friend should bottle it and market it as "Toonshine" (like Moonshine) Congrats on such a great rebuild. And it recently rose higher than I've ever seen it - so high that the marina was closed for a few weeks!

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