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If you are in the market for a new pontoon boat, there is a good chance one of these will fit the bill. When it comes toA pontoon boats, many peopleA still think of a stodgy, slow-putt-around-the-lake.
Pontoon boats can be great for a family vacation out on the water, since their flat shaped deck allows more room for small crowds to get around comfortably compared to other types of motorized boats. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise! Get on the list and receive a lot full of auto reviews, reports, new technology, events, etc.
Pontoon Boats & Inflatable Boats These inflatable pontoon boats and float tube boats are lightweight and strong. Welcome to Pontoon Porch!Bring the luxuries from home right down to the waters with our product.
Make a ReservationTo make a reservation for the boat, please browse our calendar to find out what times are available, and submit the online request above the calendar. About the BoatPontoon Porch is a floating two-level boat with a screened in porch and enough space for up to 30 passengers.
Made for entertaining, yes, but more like cocktail hour than rockina€™ house party.This reputation is changinga€”and fast. When you look at the price of a normal boat that can handle the whole family comfortably and the versatility to cruise, fish or ski, you have to consider a pontoon boat.What is a Pontoon Boat?
Pontoon boats can also be made into a great boat for fishing, even in the smaller lakes because of the shallow draft. A cross between a house boat and a pontoon boat allows Pontoon Porches to provide a superior level of comfort.
After submitting the form and providing your contact information, your reservation will be listed as pending. Many of the latest and greatest pontoons offer speed, handling, seaworthiness, and even the ability to be used as legit tow boats for skiing and wakeboarding. You can invite your pals out to fish, drink, party, sunbathe, anything your mind could imagine.
Our commitment to excellence in design, construction, and service has made us an industry leader.
Yet they havena€™t abandoned their strengths: passenger comfort and amenities have never been more cushy or diverse.
You can also find pontoon boats that are made for speed to if you would like to engage in some water skiing, or any other water sport you could think of.Pontoon boats are powered by outboard motors generally between 10 to over 200 hp and some newer pontoons even come with dual outboards.
With thousands of already satisfied and loyal customers, we look forward to creating a durable, affordable pontoon boat to suit all your needs. The faster pontoon boats made for speed normally have big engines, about 220 horse power or more, and if you really want to go fast, you might want to look into the boats that have three pontoons for more performance and better handling of your pontoon boat, they are a bit more expensive but you have to pay extra to go fast.Can you trailer a pontoon boat?
This rental service is perhaps one of the most innovating boat products to come along in the past 25 years. Leave off some of those plush amenities and speed, and basic models can be had for as little as $10,000. Pontoon Porch offers maximum stability while gliding through the water which allows guest from all walks of life to enjoy this unique boating experience. These trailers are very popular if you wish to set the pontoon boat on the ground or move more than a single pontoon.The degree of customization you can do to a pontoon boat is limitless, because of the flat design there are so many things you could do. The majority of pontoon boats have bimini tops that can be raised up or down, some have built in tops, or sun roofs, so that you can jump or dive off of them, and some might even come with a slide attached to the sun roof.If you are considering a pontoon boat, do not take my word for it or anyone elses for that matter.

And best of all, if you purchase a Colorado or Madison pontoon boat, or a Kennebec, Togiak, or Gunnison float tube boat you'll get a free 1 year Trout Unlimited membership!
Rather than classic perimeter fencing, the 250 sports molded fiberglass seating modules fore and aft.
A small price to pay to make sure that you and more importantly your family like the pontoon boat before you lay down your hard earned money.Bottom line is that pontoon boats are great for the family, and are great for friends. Aft those seating modules do likewise, and they also hide rear-facing rumble seats designed to take in a watersports showa€”which is enhanced by a sleek tow tower. You want to be very careful when taking your pontoon boat out on larger bodies of water such as the Ocean, the Gulf and the Great Lakes, so you will not be doing any deep sea fishing in a pontoon boat.
Triple pontoons are oversized to 27a€? diameter and sport lifting strakes on the center tube, as well as the inside of the outer tubes. There bow is very close to the water, and it is not going to take a big wave to crash over the deck, which could be very dangerous, so if you are into deep sea fishing, then a pontoon boat is not for you.A pontoon boat is for the pleasure of water activities, with family and friends. To own a pontoon boat is to be able to enjoy pleasant moments on the water in company of your family or friends. With your pontoon boat, you can go fishing, water skiing or boarding, swimming, reach a beach, ride on rivers and lakes and, best of all, you can spend your vacations on your boat. Premiera€™s Cast-a-Way caters to the latter crowd with a composite fish station aft with an integrated livewell, and two flanking fishing chairs. With a camper top covering the whole boat, a sofa bed, a table and storage spaces, the pontoon boat pratically becomes a house boat.
The well lid serves as a bait-prep station, with nooks molded into the cover to hold lures, hooks, and tools. Built-in lockable rod lockers and tackle trays are within reach, and entire aft area is covered in vinyl for easy clean-up. The helm features another livewell, a sink, and a Lowrance fishfinder.In standard trim with two 25a€? pontoons and a 90 horsepower outboard, the Cast-a-Way is an affordable model that gets the job done nicely. Those wishing for more power and more aggressive handling can option up to Premiera€™s PTX package, which adds a third 36a€? tube to the mix, with a flat planing surface to provide lift. We invest in the best water based and computer aided design and manufacturing tools available to create pontoon boats with accurate dimensions, precise furniture patterns, exact aluminum sizing, and a smoother finish. We have mastered our design techniques over our 40 years in the business and we continue to innovate, bringing stylish and comfortable boats to the water.
See our Design Options »Impeccable ConstructionOur expert manufacturing team creates every pontoon boat in our own facility, ensuring the highest quality construction every time. Within, upholstery sports the same suede-like finish found in the branda€™s higher-end models. Our experienced, in house team of welders, furniture makers, assemblers, and quality assurance engineers is committed to making your pontoon boat perfect.
Opt for the optional vinyl flooring and you can complement it with the look of teak, without the upkeep. That's why we have one of the lowest incidences of warranty claim in the industry, year after year. Exposed rotomolded seatbases may be a giveaway to price concessions, but theya€™re nicely color-matched to the upholstery. Amidships, Cypress Cay mixes things up with a forward-facing loveseat across from the helm. Aft, a spacious sunpad invites all-out lounging, but also accommodates those who prefer more supportive accommodations. Headrests are integrated into the rear cushion for facing forward; a reclining seat back forward offers support when facing aft.

Manitoua€™s patented V-Toon technology pairs 23a€? diameter outer pontoons with a 27a€? center tube, dropped a full 5a€? lower, to allow the Legacy to bank and carve into a corner like its fiberglass counterparts. Add in the Sport Handling Package, including positive-angle lifting strakes, beefed-up nosecones, and SeaStar power-assist hydraulic steering, and youa€™ve also got a boat that planes lightning fast, handles aggressively, and with as much as 250 hp on the transom, tops out at over 50 mph.Above deck, a traditional layout is highlighted by a 3a€? raised helm, designed to give the driver a more unobstructed, commanding view forward. Billet accents are in abundance, including a pedestal-mount rearview mirror, switch panels, and custom steering wheel. Todaya€™s four-strokes are clean and quiet, so Harris FloteBote completely opened up the stern of the Grand Mariner SL 250.
A pivoting backrest moves to the rear to bring the focus into the main cockpit, or forward to turn that attention to the swim platform and water when lounging on the hook. The quality of the upholstery, teak-look padding on the swim platform, multiple cupholders, and handy stereo remote will tempt you to float the day away.But trust us, get underway. The optional XTR performance package adds a third pontoon, drops it 2a€? lower than the outer tubes, and fashions that tube into an angular motor pod aft. They dub the design a€?Revolutionary Planing Technology,a€? and it helps both performance and handling. With a 225hp Yamaha V Max outboard and optional center tube, the 8525 will plane almost instantaneously and top out at over 35 mph.
Carving is aggressive, yet keeps the flatter feel inherent to pontoons.The obvious standout feature of this particular model, however, is the actual bar at the crafta€™s stern.
This model takes that mission literally, offering up a faux-granite countertop and a trio of stools beckoning passengers to belly up. Sweetwatera€™s SW 1570 is a compact 15-footer that can be had with a simple 20hp outboard for less than $15,000. Obviously amenities are few, but you still get a fiberglass helm station, quality vinyl on the seats, a table with built-in cupholders, color-coordinated canopy with boot, and colored rail skin. Hinged seats open outward to unveil plenty of stowage room for all the stuff those passengers bring aboard for the ride. Instead, housed below the engine hatch is a MerCruiser 350 MAG MPI stern-drive, ready to push this boat quickly onto plane and peak close to 45 mph. Bennington responds with a separate seating area behind the helm, filled with twin lounges and rear-facing backrests that invite passengers to stretch out, relax, or take in the skiing, tubing, or boarding action happening in the boata€™s wake.The 2575 is yet another a€?toon that will handle more like one of its V-hull counterparts. Standard is the branda€™s Elliptical Sports Package (ESP), which pairs 25a€?, performance-foil-equipped outer pontoons with a 32a€?, elliptically shaped center tube with lifting strakes. Ample stowage is available below all, but dona€™t expect the roto-molded bins common in the industry.
Instead, the manufacturer welds their own aluminum seat frames, which they promise provide better flow-through ventilation. Ita€™s fastened completely outside the perimeter rails to lend a sleek look to the exterior, while covering up areas that can accumulate dirt and debris.An appealing option on the WindJammer is Avalona€™s WaveGlider performance system.
This longtime favorite received a makeover in 2012, resulting in fishing chairs with screw-in pedestals at the bow, an aerated livewell, vinyl flooring or 22-oz.
And thata€™s before you even add the optional fish package, which throws a Lowrance fishfinder and MotorGuide trolling motor into the mix.But perhaps most appealing about the Bass Buggy isna€™t its fishing credentials, but its price. Whatever your desire, therea€™s a good chance one of these top 10 pontoon boats is going to be perfect for your needs. So ditch that old mentality, and get ready to experience the pleasure of pontoon boating.Think there's a pontoon boat we missed that deserves to make this Top 10 list?

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