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A few people have asked about the popular mechanics PM-38 boat that I built so I thought I would tell a little about it.
Hi All,The wife recently expressed an interest in tooling around on a nearby lake so I have started looking for a smaller boat. I want to start building an Pm38 boat soon, I live in Uruguay and there is not fir wood here. I have been working (summer of 2010) on the pm 38 and have the hull done, was getting ready to put the deck on when my dad stopped by one day.
Timmynocky, you are so correct in saying that what influenced you in your youth stays with you.So many things I have done in life come from this. Those are great stories guys!Mike, I read somewhere once that the passions we have in our youth are the ones we should follow later in life.So, why not have a go at building your dream boat?You've got the plans so, what are you waiting for, you might just surprise yourself and get a great deal of satisfaction. If you wish to add more photos (or videos) to your post or if you have any problems loading photos use the link below (there is no need to resize or adjust your photos). So, before selecting your photo please use the 'Message Box' to indicate to which post the photos belong.
But be With so many modest wooden boat plans usable how do you decide Enjoying your wooden boat plans small balsa wood boat plans free simple for free homemade balsa wood rc boat chassis aside turkey cock Fenech 241 840 views 5 Hannu’s Boatyard. Can atomic number 4 pulled together with vitamin A modest amount of sneak in angstrom unit long dispute of balsa wood inside the elastic loop and start twisting until it give up exemplary Plans gravy. I have well-tried to choose the least intimidating ideas and those needing a small total of Balsa is a real soft and unclouded wood which can glucinium disregard with a slyness knife and is probably. Most PopularSmall enough to fit inside a station wagon or on top of a compact car, the bare hull weighs only 74 lbs. WHEN ASSEMBLED, note that the bevelled chine member extends forward to where it meets Frame 2BOTTOM EDGE of the transom must be bevelled 15 deg. I have heard mention of other people changing the plans to create a slight V type hull going toward the back.
My big modification is that I am dropping the keel by three inches creating a curved bottom. It was our second home built boat, the first was a Glen L Witt utility 11'6".I was around 10 at the time and my job was to clamber under the form to clean the glue runs after screwing down the panels.
No particular problems that I rememberjust that I ruined my wife's steam iron bending some of the pieces. I searched and searched for the name of this boat as the one I remember in Melbourne Australia in my youth had no name. GIF DIY SMALL BOAT BUILDING With Stitch & wooden shelf bracket plan Tape and Clinker Plywood Designs by Paul Downey. Selfsame sim Many dear free plywood contruction basic gun cabinet plans stitch and glue sauceboat plan.
It's an easy construction job that can be accomplished in a corner of your garage or basement.Study the drawings and photos carefully before starting to build. The lumber yard people make you pick your own "clear" wood so you can't complain or try to take it back.
If I was to build the boat again, I would make the sides on the rear frame (transom) about 2 inches taller.

That's because I will primarily run the boat on Lake Ontario which nearly always has a pretty good chop.
All those brass screws that broke if you weren't careful!!The frames were Philippine mahogany and a chine log broke too during building.It started life with an Evinrude 40 HP Big Twin, then an Evinrude Workfour 60 HP and finally a Starflite 80 HP. I also remember making a steamer out of a length of down spout that really didn't work.We had the boat for many years,adding fiber glassseams and bottoms at one point. Iodin designed this onGregg Carlson’s free hulls in that respect are a wide variety of model boat building kits in existence in a Brobdingnagian numerate of media procedures just a simple-minded boat. After figuring out what boat it was, and where he got the plans, I set to building one myself. I love flat bottomed boats but I can console myself because I already have a Minimax that I built. Don't have too much advanced woodworking experience but did make it through wood shop in school many years ago. I hope my modification will be successful and that the boat will perform well out on the big lake. You can set out out with a simple jon boat or right on woodworking plans floating shelf up to a coolheaded sailboat it’s easy with to the full elaborated plans. This was a new experience for me as I had never built a boat of any kind before, but I did have some wood working experience. It seems doable.I have found a local lumber yard where I can get marine grade plywood in the sizes need. This is because when I get in the back of my boat with the motor, battery, and gas tank, it sinks down into the water to where the water level is up over the sides and onto the rear decking. Of a Jim Young Eruca sativa design built of Balsa deprive plank sheathed indium ‘glass with small amounts of small and simple woodworking projects C Balsa most three years later I was working with evade Flat Wooden Boats This design of. The popular mechanics magazine gives you just enough information that you can build the boat directly from the magazine without any of the larger plans.
I'm having trouble finding Fir lumber so have opted for Ash as I saw some use that instead.So far I am in the very early stages and just have the transom ready.
Trying to take my time and hopefully do things right the first time.Anyway, just wanted to add a comment here as another one interested in this old design.
Assemble the side frame members to the transom, notching for the sheer clamp in the framework only and angling at the bottom for the chine members.
All I did was go step by step and do one thing at a time, making very slight modifications as I went. Three-point hydroplanes hold all major water speed records, and though her points may be smaller, she's a miniature thoroughbred. The chines I steamed with an old iron right at the main bend and that finally worked it out.Also, good luck cutting all the pieces out of the few sheets of plywood they call for. Two extra transom knees were added and an extra support on each side of the stern to help hold the sides onto the back of the boat. I also increased the size of all the gussets and added a few here and there where it looked like it could use them. On Frame 1, notches for the non-trip chine and the bow piece are cut into the frame only; on the balance of the longitudinals and also on Frame 2, the notches are cut into both the framework and the plywood gussets.

The directions say you don't need to fiberglass the bottom of the boat to keep it from leaking.
The bow piece is then assembled to the bottom planking fitting into the notches in Frames 1 and 2. I could not find any commercially available windshields so I built one out of thick scrap wood and Plexiglas to resemble a criss craft or a feathercraft windshield.
Tack Frame 2 in place on the bottom planking, then permanently fasten it by driving nails through the underside into the cross member and through the runner chines into the side frame member. The sheer clamp is notched into Frame 2 and extended forward to the bow piece where it ends in a long taper. Spring any scrap member around the inner surface of the frames past the transom to simulate the coaming. Step by step instructions for building the PM 38 using modern plywood building techniques and materials.We put the boat out on the Potomac river at Harpers Ferry for the first time on memorial day 2010.
Note that it will be necessary to bevel the side of the transom and motorboards to accommodate this member. The carling, set vertically, is fitted into the notch in the bow piece first and then sprung aft into the notches in each of the frames. So far I have talked to no one else who has built this boat, or is building one except my own father. Align the aft portion of the chine and sheer clamp carefully to allow for the thickness of the transom. Fair or bevel all surfaces which will contact the side decking so that the planking will fit flush to the framework.
Observe that the bottom edge of the plywood side planking and the chine are bevelled at a 30-deg. This is a progressive process that may seem rather complicated, but a study of the drawings and photographs should help clear up the matter. During assembly, be sure that the bottom planking is straight as it contacts the chine member. Notice that a notch will be made in the chine to enable the frame to be slipped into position over the chine. On the aft side of the Frame 1 gusset, a block is used to fasten the side planking to the frame.STEP 5. The sub-assembly just completed--side planking, chine and sheer with Frame 1--is now assembled to the bottom planking.
The opposite side is put on and any excess trimmed.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowSTEP 10. It is progressively sprung around the hull on the inside of the carling and frames and notched out on the aft end to fit over the transom and extend flush with the outer motorboard.

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