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Despite the peculiar name, Wally Yachts are spectacularly desirable – and the fleet’s flagship takes the marque’s merits to the extreme.
While Goldfish is probably best known for its rip-snorting endurance RIBs (which won the 2011 Round Britain Race), its new flagship is a hard boat known as the 50 Ocean.
While the Pershing 80 was very successful, its replacement, the new 82, takes Pershing’s famous quality and packages it inside considerably sleeker, more sporting lines. The Mochi Craft 74 Cruiser is a very practical boat, capable of taking 18 people 330 nautical miles at around 26 knots. This reworking of one of Azimut’s most famous and successful boats is designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification – and it really is a delight. Itama is a company dedicated solely to the design and production of fast open boats – and those principles remain intact even on the company’s 75-foot flagship. First seen at the 2010 Cannes Boat Show, the Dubois SR52 Blackbird is the result of a collaboration between Windy Boats and yacht designer, Ed Dubois. While Carlo Galeazzi’s angular, engagingly disjointed styling is not for everyone, there is no doubting the impact of this overtly sporting, high-performance Italian motor yacht. Alex Smith is an ex-Naval officer, with extensive experience as a marine journalist, boat tester and magazine editor. If you have purchased a boat before you will appreciate that certain criteria must be met before you proceed with the purchase; you must have proof of ownership, knowledge of any charges against the boat and we recommend you commission a full survey.
It is one of the exclusions - principally craft intended solely for racing plus other minor categories.
The EEA includes all EU States, their overseas territories and dependencies and Iceland and Norway. For the purpose of this notice, a pleasure craft is defined as a vessel which at the time of its arrival in the UK, or at the time of its departure from a port in the UK, is being used for private recreational purposes. EU residents should only use a vessel in the Community if it is VAT paid or 'deemed' VAT paid.
A registration document on its own does not prove the VAT status of the vessel, as there is no link in the UK between the registry of the vessel and the payment of VAT. Certain vessels that were in use as private pleasure craft prior to 1 January 1985 and were in the EU on 31 December 1992, may be deemed VAT paid under the Single Market transitional arrangements. After this date there were no further transitional arrangements agreed by the EU Commission for subsequent EU expansions. If you are unable to provide any of the above for used vessels kept in the UK you should, whilst cruising within the EU, carry a Bill of Sale (if applicable and between two private individuals in the UK). When buying a used pleasure craft from any VAT registered business in the EU, you should make sure that the invoice shows separately any VAT which that business has charged to you on supply of the pleasure craft. Vessels less than 12 metres long are potentially liable to customs duty when imported from outside the EU and all vessels designed or adapted for recreation or pleasure use are potentially liable to VAT. If you are temporarily importing your boat from outside the EU, it may qualify for relief from these charges as described in Section 5.
If you are permanently importing the boat on transfer of your residence from outside the EU, it may qualify for the relief described in sub-section 3.15.
For more information refer to Notice 236 Customs: Importing returned goods free of duty and tax. If you are planning to buy a pleasure craft in the UK but intend to keep it permanently outside the Community, you may be eligible to purchase it VAT-free using the Sailaway Boat Scheme.
To obtain relief under this scheme, you will need to complete form VAT 436 which must be certified at the last point of departure from the EU.
If there is evidence to suggest a vessel has been purchased through such a scheme, HMRC may investigate with a view to recovering any unpaid VAT. If you are purchasing a used pleasure craft which has previously been subject to a leasing or chartering arrangement you should be alert to the possibility that it might have been supplied through a VAT avoidance scheme.
Where a company owned boat, on which VAT has been reclaimed, is sold, VAT must be charged on the full value of the sale. Available in Expedition and Exclusive versions, now the Sunreef Power can also be converted into the Sport Fish version designed for deep sea fishing enthusiasts in mind that appreciate such catamaran assets as stability, low draft, long range coupled with low fuel consumption and extended storage. Extended in length from the base 70ft model, the 75 Sunreef Power Sport Fish is the biggest luxury catamaran-yacht available in the fishing version in the world.

The 75 Sunreef Power Sport Fish Catamaran cockpit fishing features include stern tuna tubes, massive fish box with high velocity shaved ice feed, a large bait preparation station, large bait freezers, rod storage and much more. The gigantic 40sqm flybridge houses the main helm station with complete state-of-the art navigation and communication equipment. As for the interior of the 75 Sunreef Power Sport Fish Catamaran, they will be fully customised and laid-out in charter, owner or a semi-owner version accommodating 4-5 double guest cabins all with private en-suite bathrooms and separate showers, TV and DVD set, small desk and storage and 1 double crew cabin.
Sunreef 60 MITILuxury sailing yacht MITI is a Sunreef 60 mono-hull which is available for yacht charters in Croatia.
With 17,000hp on tap courtesy of three gas turbines, the astonishing 118 can hit 60 knots with a softness of ride from the vertical, swell-slicing bow shape that enables you to spend long periods crossing vast seascapes at a serious lick – and in addition to outright performance, you also get a fine spread of high-end cruising luxuries.
Firstly, open boats are more fun; and secondly, Riva is the brand we all secretly love the most.
Built as a fast offshore cruiser, it has already achieved critical acclaim by scooping the title of ‘European Powerboat of the Year’ – and you can see why. Access to the new low-profile upper deck with its secondary helm position is provided by means of a carbon staircase with an automated hatch. It also has more spacious internals and a longer flybridge than the previous Maxi Dolphin model, plus four cabins, including a full-beam master suite. As well as a much better helm arrangement than the original 62S, the Italia features a very effective rearrangement of the lower saloon (with a two-berth ensuite cabin) and a welcome muting of the internal design, with pale leathers, and stainless-steel trim. With a relatively narrow beam and long, raked lines, plus a bow that evokes the endless bonnet of an E-Type Jaguar, it looks even faster than its nominal 42-knot top end. With triple Volvo IPS 600 engines, a 46-knot top end is supplemented by a range of up to 480 nautical miles and a huge dollop of traditional Windy handling acumen.
In addition to the Mohican-style haircut, the Baia is available either with twin or triple 2,650hp MTUs with Arneson drives, reportedly generating speeds in excess of 50 knots. Having raced as a Pilot in the National Thundercat Series and as a Navigator in the inaugural Red Sea RIB Rally, he has now settled in the West Country, where he lives and works as a specialist marine writer and photographer from his narrowboat in Bath. Buyers and sellers using boatmatch are able to agree the best deals because our brokerage fees are so low. In order to safeguard both buyers and sellers boatmatch closely monitors the sales process providing expert advice when necessary.
As part of the contractual process, the buyer or his representative will need to establish who has title and to establish whether there are any charges against the boat, such as a marine mortgage. Please ensure that your surveyor is a member of a recognised professional body and has appropriate insurance. Documentary evidence supporting this should be carried at all times as you may be asked by customs officials to provide evidence of your vessel's VAT status, either in the UK or in other Member States. As Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the EU later, the relevant dates for vessels in these countries are 'in use' before 1 January 1987 and moored in EU on 31 December 1994.
Whilst this is not conclusive proof that VAT has been paid, it does indicate that the tax status is the responsibility of UK customs authorities. If the invoice does not show VAT separately you may have difficulty in demonstrating that VAT has been paid. However, there are provisions for this VAT to be relieved when an EU VAT paid vessel returns to the EU, refer to sub-section 3.4. The scheme does not apply to vessels which are for business use or which are exported in the normal way as cargo. The schemes typically involve artificial leasing or chartering arrangements under which the user acquires a new pleasure craft which is claimed to have 'VAT paid' status while, in reality, paying no VAT (or a minimal amount of VAT). It is also possible that interest and penalties may be charged in relation to any unpaid VAT. The performance and fuel efficiency of this yacht has been already proven by the five units built to date that are now cruising around the world. A special, purpose-built aft platform was added to the cockpit and includes two comfortable fighting chairs with aluminium plate reinforcement and the offset swivel stanchion. This space is permanently covered with a composite rigid top which allows for navigation in cold, northern fishing zones. The interior design can represent modern, minimalist, classic, maritime and even oriental styles, depending on client’s choice.

We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations.
It is of course deliriously cool, but so is the rest of the Wally fleet – so if you want something slightly less ‘Robocop’, the gorgeous mid-range 55 is also a truly memorable boat.
So when the venerable Riva Boatyard introduced the 63 Virtus as its largest open yacht, its place on the Top Ten list of every right-thinking powerboater was pretty much guaranteed. Even the standard rig (740hp sterndrives) offer 50-knot performance, and with twin 1,120hp FPTs running surface drives, the magic 60-knot mark is well within reach.
Down below, things are equally high-end, with an array of extraordinarily plush Poltrona Frau furniture. And yet what makes this boat so desirable is not its practicality but its sheer loveliness.
You also get a useful extra dose of power, equipping this lovely hull with huge poke throughout the rev range, without any reduction in its handling focus. And once you check out that vast open-plan cockpit and the radical modern cleanliness of the below decks accommodation (available either in three or four-cabin configuration), you will discover that few boats in the world can match the Itama 75 for outright desirability.
You also get very distinctive aesthetics and plenty of internal space for a versatile range of leisure pursuits, from social gatherings to watersports. With a topside superstructure made almost entirely of tempered glass, both light ingress and visibility are fantastic. The Mythos can be specified with three, four or five cabins, but in all cases, you get a twin tender garage, an assortment of panoramic views, a jacuzzi, a second helm station and the happy knowledge that your boat is considerably better than the one next-door. Our experienced brokers will closely monitor sales, provide qualified advice to buyer and seller, manage contracts and see every transaction through to a safe, secure and successful conclusion.
It is also advisable to contact the relevant authorities in the Member State you intend to visit, or their Embassy in the UK, to confirm what documentation will be required in advance of your voyage. If you are buying from a business that does not charge VAT on the transaction or from a private individual in the EU and the seller states that VAT has previously been paid on the vessel, you should obtain evidence from the seller that VAT has previously been accounted for. If an EU VAT paid vessel leaves the EU, and whilst outside the EU it is sold, the new owner will, unless eligible for one of the reliefs described in this Notice, be liable to pay VAT if the vessel is brought back into the EU. Indeed, the 70 Sunreef Power can reach top speeds of 30 knots when twin 1000Hp are installed on board. Standard amenities on board the 75 Sunreef Power Sport Fish also include a one-piece anodized aluminium ladder to the tower with outriggers from the flybridge. Based on the lines of the classic Vertigo model, it offers generous accommodation, two large sundecks and a garage for the tender – all drenched in a deliriously lovely cocktail of oak, polish, leather and smugness.
With the styling and pedigree to operate as a superyacht tender or a very fine standalone cruiser, it’s a great way to spend a small fortune.
And with a pair of 2,435hp MTU 16V M93 engines coupled to Sea Rex surface drives, this elegant 82-footer is capable of an ocean-munching top end of 45 knots and a cruising range in excess of 300 nautical miles. The purity of the lines and the quality of the workmanship on this very sophisticated gentleman’s cruiser are absolutely first rate.
With distinctly aggressive aesthetics, an opening hard top and a full-beam owner’s cabin, it’s a blindingly impressive boat. Almost any Windy offers a degree of driving enjoyment that will make you grin from ear to ear, but this is something special. It might have a hull which is (rather sensibly) optimised for running efficiency and ride comfort, but it looks, feels and goes like the 100-foot superboat it so plainly is. Also, the exceptional range of 8000 miles and over can be reached on lower speeds with smaller engines. The outdoors of the fly bridge can be fully customised and comprise sunbathing lounge, dining area, open bar and barbecue, water toys storage or a Spa Pool. And if the standard pair of MTU 10V 2000 M92 engines isn’t enough, you can even upgrade to twin MTU 10V 2000 M94s for a top end of around 32 knots.

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