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High tensile strengths and stiffness means excellent hull integrity, long lasting durability, and high strength-to-weight ratio. 5052 marine aluminum will not become brittle, delaminate, peel, waterlog, check, rot or swell.
We stock over 1,000 boats so that you can always find the perfect canoe, kayak or paddleboard for your paddling needs, experience and budget.
Whether you are going for a short hike, a weekend camping trip, or an extended expedition to the backwoods, we have all the clothing, gear and footwear you’ll need!
With over 3,000 lakes and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, the Adirondack Park is a paddling paradise.

Throughout the year, we host numerous special events at Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company for our customers. These events feature special sales and promotions on Canoes and Kayaks, Paddling Gear, and Outdoor Gear. Shop for Paddling Accessories, Clothing and Gear at our online store or visit our clearance closeout store on eBay!
Whether powered by paddle, motor or wind, aluminum’s light weight means more GO with less PUSH. Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company is strategically located in the heart it all right on the Moose River at the beginning of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Paddlesports Industry Representatives are on hand to answer your questions and give lectures and demonstrations. A wide hull design, with added foam side sponsons, makes the Radisson one of the most stable canoes on the water for the whole family.

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