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Hydrofoam Hydroflyer Flying 4 Channel Foam RC Boat PlaneHigh flying Hydroflyers rc in stock now.
Due to high demand for this RC toy, color choice will be preferenced but cannot be guaranteed. Wholesale ToysYou found the best toy store to purchase the hottest wholesale toys and promotional toys. Yasser Butt: Thank you so much for your swift reply HydroMacFly but unfortunately I bought the thing just a few moments before you replied. This is no ordinary rc toy and is the product the whole world’s been waiting for and it's available at our toy stores .

Both colors are very fun.Searching for a different style or model of radio control boat or toy?
This is the product the whole world’s been waiting for and TrendTimes has it for you right now for under 200 dollars!
Is it a rc boat, kite, car, plane, or helicopter?If you can't see the hydro video you can download it here.
Now you can literally be on a small lake playing around with your radio control boat, and at the flick of a switch you can be soaring vertical at a phenomenal speed.This RC Boat Plane has some very new and interesting technology inside it.
The transmitter, receiver, brushless motor, 30A speed controller, charger, and li poly battery for the craft come with each kit.

Everything is included.A new exciting type of foam plane, and there has been a huge following of this phenomena across the world and we have it right now. Designed as a boat, it will run on water, grass & hard surfaces like tarmac or concrete, but pull back on the elevator and it will take to the air!
Capable of 3D flight such as hovering & harrier, it will also cruise around happily with some speed performing loops & rolls with ease.

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