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Racing boat enthusiasts will enjoy the great results achieved with this boat in terms of stability and enhanced planing.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You are buying a Brand New High Quality Rocket fibreglass Electric Radio Controlled Racing Boat. This Boat is more than 70cm length after set up and can reach the speed of as fast as 70kmh+ in the water. 1 * Brand New TFL Rocket Brushless RC Racing  Boat1* Instruction Manual and ToolsActual Product may vary from picture.
A collection of free download plans for RC powerboats including monohulls, Tunnel Hull Hydroplanes, 3 Point Hydroplanes and Shovel Nosed Hydroplanes - more plans are added monthly. Win a RC Radio Ranger Boat and drive your bait to your favorite fishing hole and bring those fish in. On arrival you will have to attach the rudder, mount the batteries, install the prop, and you are ready to go! International shoppers: Please contact us and request shipping estimate before placing your order. Although I’ve owned a few RC boats over the years, they are my least familiar RC vehicle by far. These are mainly organized in terms of their engine type - whether electric, nitro, flash steam or gas; and hull type – which may be mono, hydro, cat, outrigger and eco. The world’s fastest RC boat is a gas powered C-1 boat which is able to achieve speeds of up to 200 mph. The engine is fitted with a recoil starter and its turning performance and drive efficiency enable the catamaran to avoid capsizing.
His favorite ones are the fastest RC boats - of which he has over 10 different models, and he enjoys meeting other people who share his passion for RC.
With a super fast water cooled motor, the boat has plenty of power to run in pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, bays, and even the ocean! The boat also features reverse flow on the drainpipe which utilizes pressure at the back of the hull for the automatic drainage of water from the hull.
Each single parts and the hull are finished by Hand Made procedures, which really giving you an awesome finishing outlook.
If you are looking for one of the best on the market then this is it and we're selling them at a price even below what most shops sell plastic kits for! Related Searches: convair sea dart, beach boys, bardahl, seafair, race boat, hydroplane pins, rc hydroplane, hydroplane boat. Looking back to the first article of this series, you may recall that I recommended the AquaCraft Reef Racer 2 for anyone just starting out in RC power boats. This engine was designed in conjunction with Lamborghini who are known for powerful engines which are used in full sized boat racing. The Fibreglass material not only making this model much stronger than a normal boat, but also minimize the friction across the aquatic medium during accelerations. At full throttle, this boat is able to achieve acceleration instantly and even surge out of the water. The rubber mounted engine also helps in controlling the boat’s noise levels, while the one-piece turn and vertical fin and flaps help to prevent any spinouts.
Hydroplane boat - 354 results from 94 stores, including Hydroplane Racer 29" RC Model Speedboat - Already Built Not a Kit - Wooden Scale Boat Model Replica Maritime.
The movement of the boat across the surface of the water is almost similar to that of real boats. Dumas RC Hydroplane Model Boat Kits - Gas, Electric and Radio Control Sailboats, Plus Laser Cut Balsa Model Airplane Models. However, its design and outdrive steering setup enable the catamaran to retain its amazing stability even when it makes a sharp turn.
It is not very fast, but it is extremely nimble.Inside the Reef Racer 2The Reef Racer comes as a complete package with the boat, a pistol-grip radio, battery, and charger.

Each boat color also represents a different radio frequency, so you can operate different color boats simultaneously.
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All that you have to is charge the battery and head to the nearest lake.The drive system for the boat is very simple. An electric motor near the front of the boat is connected to a shaft that runs towards the back of the boat and out through the bottom of the hull.
The grease in the tube provides lubrication and also prevents water from entering the hull. At the end of the shaft is the propeller.With the top shell and watertight covers removed, you can see the layout of the components within the Reef Racer’s hull. As the boat moves forward, water is forced into the pick-up and through the coil to provide conductive cooling of the motor.
Once through the coil, the water is dumped overboard.Steering for the Reef Racer is accomplished via a completely submerged rudder placed just behind the propeller. A shaft on the rudder protrudes into the hull where a small servo actuates it in either direction. It is a very simple and effective system.This mini servo operates the rudder through a very simple mechanical system. Emerging from this housing are the radio antenna, leads to connect the rudder servo, the battery wires, and a power switch. This all works well as-is, but I made a few modifications that I thought would improved the boat’s longevity. I will explain my tweaks later in this guide.A NiMH battery and peak charger are included with the Reef Racer 2. I measured the charge rate to be 1.5 amps, so a fully depleted battery will take about 45 minutes to recharge. Subsequent charges of the Reef Racer’s battery have been on my dedicated workshop charger (my beloved Hitec X4-eighty).A really neat thing about the Reef Racer’s design is that it has a top shell (the part that comes in different colors) that attaches to the hull with Velcro. The Reef Racer can simply be driven away once it self-corrects.The AquaCraft Reef Racer 2 is an ideal boat for beginners. It is not very fast, but it is extremely nimble.Things I ChangedRight out of the box, the Reef Racer is a solid boat that I think most beginners (and others) will be happy with.
That being said, I noticed a few things that could become potential trouble areas down the road that I alleviated up front.
I can’t think of any scenario where I would want to have the battery plugged in and the switch off. I then stripped enough of the remaining wires to twist them together and secure the joint with solder.
While 90% of the RC equipment I’ve dealt with works this way, I have seen examples where I had to leave the switch wires disjoined to arm the device. In that case, you can just cut and insulate the wires.The battery connectors included with the boat are Molex connectors, commonly called “Tamiya” connectors after the RC brand that made them popular in the 1980’s. This condition causes high electrical resistance which wastes battery power and reduces overall performance. I switched all of my power connectors to Deans Ultra Plugs long ago (there are several good alternatives to choose from) and followed suit with the Reef Racer. High performance connectors such as Ultra Plugs will give consistent, low-resistance performance over many years.As with most RC vehicles, you probably want more than one battery so that you can get in several runs before having to reach for the charger. Also, the boat’s ESC does not have any sort of voltage cut-off feature to prevent over-discharge of the battery. This is a non-issue for NiMH and A123 batteries because those chemistries tend to be quite tolerant of such abuses.
If you decide to use a LiPo in the Reef Racer, be very conservative with your run times to prevent draining the battery too much and damaging it…probably permanently. If you are not already well versed on the care and feeding of LiPo cells, just ignore this option with the Reef Racer.Driving the Reef Racer 2It is hard to describe the performance of the Reef Racer.

It isn’t what I would call fast, but it is definitely several notches above toy-grade boats.
First of all, rookie boaters are not likely to lose control of it and plow into the lily pads (my 11 year-old son mastered it very quickly). I routinely get 10 minutes on each charge and I’ve never run a battery completely dry.The Reef Racer includes a 27MHz pistol grip radio.
Six different frequencies are available so you can run multiple boats at the same time without signal interference.The Reef Racer is exceptionally nimble. Again thanks to its “low gearing” of the propulsion system, it doesn’t bog down in these tight turns. I’m sure that with a little practice you could operate one of these in a moderately sized pool and never hit the edge. I take my Reef Racers to the small ponds found at many of my local parks and they are way bigger than I ever need.While the Reef Racer is fun to drive around, carving solo figure-eights in the water, I have the most fun when my son and I drive our Reef Racers together. We drag race, play follow-the leader and try to one-up each other with precision driving moves.
While we don’t intentionally crash into each other, we don’t put much effort into avoiding contact either.
If a crash looks particularly rough, we’ll bring the boats in for a quick shoreline inspection. The worst damage that we have caused so far was a small puncture hole in one of the colored shells. I patched it with clear packing tape and it’s still going strong.The more I operate my Reef Racers, the more convinced I am that it is indeed an ideal starter boat.
It is dead simple, which lets rookies get a feel for the basic mechanics RC boats with a reliable system. At one point, I thought that the Reef Racer would be a good platform for high-speed hop-ups. After investing a little time and money installing a brushless motor and ESC, my boat was indeed faster. I later satisfied my speed jones with a boat designed specifically for that purpose.Going Fast with the MinimonoThe Minimono is another small electric boat in the AquaCraft lineup. Perhaps most significant is that it includes a brushless motor which is intended to use a 3-cell LiPo battery (which is not included).Although similar in size and layout to the Reef Racer 2, the AquaCraft Minimono is a very different boat. In addition to the rudder, there are aluminum turn fins attached to the transom (the back wall of the hull). As the bow comes back down, the prop picks up RPMs and the boat shoots forward like a rocket. I eventually figured out that I could really scream through the turns without flipping the boat over, or even skidding.
I can’t even imagine how many lateral Gs it’s pulling though some of those turns.If driving the Reef Racer is a carefree frolic, driving the Minimono is an exhilarating thrill. I have to devote intense concentration just to keep up with the speed of the boat, not to mention maintaining awareness of the objects I want to avoid hitting. It’s a lot of fun, but I need a breather when it’s over.Other Boating OptionsAs small electric ships, the Reef Racer and Minimono represent the current mainstream of RC boating.
There are definitely many other options including sailboats, airboats, hovercraft, wet-fuel powered speedboats, submarines, and even warships that try to sink each other. In an upcoming guide, we will look at an off-the shelf airboat as well as a simple do-it-yourself version.

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