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Location: Houston, Tx Why don't you post a picture of what you want to build to get this started?
Location: lake elsinore I was thinking how cool it would be to have a trailer that floated and powered its self . Location: Eustis, FL Typically when you attempt to make things do more then what they normally do, you end up with something that does neither very well. Houseboats, by their nature are not very good boats and I've designed a few that are better then the average. Location: Ford, Wa, USA Pontoon supplier Have u checked out UFAB pontoon boats. Location: Coastal Georgia Don't get locked into the idea they have to be pontoons. Originally Posted by rasorinc Instead of using pontoons you could easily build a trailerable (8'-6") wide beam houseboat hull using a catamaran hull as it is easy to calculate the weight of a house boat, I know you could get a 32' to 36' long hull (2 hulls ) with a flat deck on which to build off yet would give you a substantial sea kindly boat. Location: OREGON Go to the Glen L boat design site and under boat plans look up under outboards Bearcat Cuddy. This is the boat I am building lengthened to 32' Then go to customer pictures and look up Wildcat. Depending on what you want the catamaran sponsons ( pontoons ) will have to sized correctly if building a much larger hull but the basic structural designing will be very similiar. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Where you planning to use it: lake, river or coast? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. With summer officially ending this week and the arrival of much-welcomed autumnal temperatures and colors, people living in colder climes have either already removed their boats from the water or will probably be doing so soon.
As I searched online for better, clearer versions of some of the pictures I had in my files, I ran across a website that sells a special soap used as bait to catch catfish.
Of course, the arrival of cold weather does not keep some rednecks from doing things with boats.

Once you get the boat to the water, you need to know how to use a ramp to get it from the trailer into the water.
If you enjoyed this post, to get updates when I post to my blog, sign up for your preferred method below — RSS, Twitter, or e-mail. There are actually companies that rent out floating platforms for you to drive your RV onto just like the one in the eighth photo. One of the inflatable companies (Zodiac, I think) makes the souped up boat in the last photo.
Sign up for our newsletter and have the top headlines from your community delivered right to your inbox. Making a amphibihouse is fraught with difficulties, that the best engineers and NA's would spend lots of nights scratching their heads over. Sure it can, but it might be a hell of a sight cheaper to launch a houseboat off a trailer, putter around where ever you like then load her back up on the trailer and take her home. One of my younger readers (Hi Ben!) asked me this past week to put out some more redneck pictures. People come here for an "instant vacation." You can learn more about me and about my instant vacations, including why my blog is called "ivman's blague," by visiting the about page, where you can watch my TV interview about my blog.
As for a novice to design something like this, well good luck and don't take family and loved ones on the sea trials.
With those two thoughts in mind, I decided this might be a good time to do a post on rednecks boats.
I wonder how quickly Magellan and his crew could have circumnavigated the globe if they’d had a boat like the one in that last picture? My site is ten years old, so check out the tabs at the top of this page, subjects of interest to you in the tag cloud, and older blog posts (almost 750 of them) not on the home page of the blog.
You may have guessed already that he has an amazing sense of humor and is capable of building anything he sets his mind to.
Naturally big boats have trailer limitations, but these limitations would still exist, even if the boat had a trailer built in or was amphibious.

In earlier posts I've shown examples of just how much ingenuity and imagination there is among rednecks. He decided that a floating picnic table would be a great, fun item to have at their camp at Square Pond. It's very difficult to engineer moving pieces, with any level of tolerance to be occasional immersed and not have issues. I invite any copyright owner to contact me if I have unwittingly infringed by posting the images as they have come to me. It is set on six white plastic barrels and has a five-horsepower motor.It is the most fun ever! There is a board to put your feet on — or better still, you can dangle them in the water. The real entertainment is watching people around the lake and on other boats when they spot the picnic table going by.
We feel so lucky to have four generations enjoying the outdoors, the Jet Skis, and the paddle boat floats and, most of all, spending such quality time together. We have done many fun things and keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are to be able to be together and have such enjoyment.I must say, I cannot imagine what possibly can top the fun and laughter that the picnic-table rides on the lake provided. It doesn’t get better than having a day of fun, laughter and love with family from Great Grammy Fleurette down to six-month-old Connor, all together on a gorgeous, sunny Maine Saturday at the lake. I wonder what the next surprise could be?By the way, if anyone is curious, the picnic table is registered as a homemade wooden boat.What else could you call it?Fleurette Bannon, of Springvale, teaches a memoir-writing class at York County Senior College.

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