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Ready To Run Remote Control Ferrari Hydroplane Limited 32" Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit This is a high-quality, masterfully crafted Limited Edition racing boat model replica of the fast and powerful Ferrari hydroplanes racing boats.
Loud, fast, and ridiculous for their time, the 1940s race cars were beginning to draw attention in the masses, allowing engineers to display their prowess while providing yet another means of entertainment to the wealthy and powerful.
As automobile manufacturers were on the rise, the already-popular speedboat racing industry incorporated the attractive auto engines into their competition boats.

In 1953, Castoldi decided to concentrate on speed records and commissioned the beginning of the Ferrari Hydroplane: an 800kg class hydroplane to be built by Cantieri Timossi. Ferrari supplied Castoldi with a ridiculous type 375 V-12 Grand Prix Engine, the same engine that powered the Ferrari cars of the early 1950s.
At a savage 385 horsepower, the engine of the Ferrari Hydroplane could spin the propeller at 10,000 RPM!

Castoldi destroyed both the competition, and his old record, setting a two-way top speed record of 140.74 mph.

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