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Enjoy cruising the Crystal River and Kings Bay with a Pontoon Boat Rental, Jon Boat Rental, Canoe or Kayak rental at the Port Hotel and Marina. Plantation Dive Shop – Crystal River Florida Swim with Manatees in by renting one of our canoes, kayaks, jon boats or pontoon boats. Rent a Pontoon Boat or Jon Boat in Homosassa Florida or rent a canoe or kayak on the Homosassa River.
Swim with manatees, dive in the Crystal River Springs, and enjoy great Florida Boat Rentals our canoes, kayaks, jon boats or pontoon boats. Weekly rentals, a little more difficult as with a weekly you're assuming that you will use the boat in the day and in the evening. Rent pontoon boats, john boats and kayaks for manatee tours in Crystal River Florida at Crystal Lodge Dive Center. Enjoy affordable boat rentals in Crystal River at the Plantation Dive Shop, located in to shore in a canoe or kayak, or take a large group out on a pontoon boat 20 % off Pontoon Pricing Home of the Famous Crystal River Canoe Trip. Manatee dive, manatee snorkeling, manatee swim tours and boat rentals in Crystal River Crystal Lodge Dive Center is well equipped for quality boat rentals. Plantation Dive Shop a€“ Crystal River Florida Swim with Manatees in by renting one of our canoes, kayaks, jon boats or pontoon boats. We are conveniently located only a short drive away from Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach or Orlando. Nothing causes aficionados of classic mahogany runabouts to salivate more than the sight of the famous barrel-stern examples built by Chris Craft long ago. Of all the half-dozen or so sizes built by Chris Craft, the 19' Custom Runabout model produced between 1939 and 1942 seems to generate the most interest today. But now you can build your own near-replica with our carefully-detailed Barrelback 19 design for a fraction of the cost and actually end up with a better boat.

Plans with instructions aimed at the amateur craftsman include all the details along with material listing, fastening schedule, and resource list to help you track down what you need. With the hull completed, Clark Geffe has installed a small-block V-8 prior to closing in the hull with decks and cockpit.
The gorgeous BARRELBACK 19 in the above photos was built from our plans by James Subject, a retired dentist from California.
Materials for fiberglassing the outside of the hull using System Three Silver Tip no-blush Epoxy. Complete presentation of Cold-Molded process, from choosing a design through engine installation & wiring to launch. View our Florida boat rental rates There are at least two dive shops near Crystal River waterfront rentals that take daily pontoon boats out to the rivers for manatee interaction and dive tours. The only Boat rental discount available is: Rent a fishing boat or pontoon from us and spend a relaxing day on the St.
Only 2 hours from Orlando If you want to kayak Weeki Wachee River or Crystal River, you can pick up our rental kayaks Click Here to Visit our New Shop Welcome to Tour Crystal River Join us for a relaxing ride along the waterways of the Nature Coast. For those unfamiliar with the type, the stern is a semi-circular or elliptical like half a barrel, with a lovely seamless blending of the tumble-home topsides into the deck, side to side. Yet with purportedly less than 400 ever produced, any remaining boats given care and restoration trade hands for tens-of-thousands of dollars if at all. But if you want to use a small block V-8 up to 290 cubic inches, we recommend building the boat at the 20' option included in the plans. Also provided are FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the sawn frame and backbone members so lofting is not required. These procedures are covered in the instructions, and the option comes automatically with the plans - no need to specify on your order.

Backbone member contours (frames, stem, transom, etc.) are all provided by FULL-SIZE PATTERNS so that no lofting is required. Only a knowledgeable expert could tell the difference in Jim's boat and a genuine original production-built "barrelback" from circa 1940's - a testament to our design as well as to Jim's craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Guided Crystal River Manatee Airboat and Pontoon Boat Tours and Boat Rentals, Swim with Manatees, Manatee Tours on the Homosassa River at River Safaris in Homosassa Florida. See the manatees in their natural Crystal River Boat rental charter Serving the Crystal River Area.
Unlike old boats that suffer from leaking seams and flexing hulls, ours come out stiff, tight, and strong, yet lightweight.
The simple building method is also fully detailed on the plans and consists of a simple "jig" integral with the boat's motor stringers for accuracy and strength. Perhaps more important to Jim is that his boat will be superior in every way, and without the usual problems associated with an "original". Nobody has more classic runabout design experience using modern amateur-proven methods than Glen-L Marine Designs and Ken Hankinson. We're not sure, but we think Jim built the 20' option, which makes a better "fit" than the standard "19" to the muscular 350 Mercruiser MAG MPI motor that Jim installed and coupled with an 8-degree down-angle velvet drive transmission.
The proof is in the boats themselves by builders who typically have never built a boat before.

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