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VSR Spain and PuraVela have come together to offer specialised boat hire, for ribs ( rigid inflatable boats ) and additional boats.
If you are looking to hire a for personal use and you simply want the best boat on the market, let us know and we'll take care of the rest.
We offer the best available ribs (rigid inflatable boats) on the market, so that you can work to the highest standards and provide the best quality service to your trainees.
Whether your aim is to complete the day's work without getting wet, to film your trainees in comfort, to transport equipment without it becoming damp, to be the first to set sail in the morning or simply to end sessions without a sore back, we have the correct boat for you.
Our VSR boats are the perfect solution should you require an extra level of safety for windy or stormy conditions.
If you are following a regatta up close with VIP guests onboard your rib or you wish to move rapidly from one area of the regatta to another, we have the solution. As a transport solution for all the material your team require, we will provide the most suitable boat for servicing cruise ships and regatta boats, whether its back-up sails, ropes or deck equipment. Do you need to ensure that your team are perfectly prepared and equipped for an international regatta in Europe? All the boats are fully ensured, there is no license required from 30 hp and below, also we give instructions if you have no experience how to drive a boat. There is no better way to experience the beauty of this coastline than from a private boat, sailing at your leisure in calm waters under warm sunshine. Lazaretto islet is located on the NE side of Corfu island, two nautical miles from the city of Corfu.
IBIZA BOAT RENTING offer a large selection, in all kind of boats to rent, for excursions or charters around Ibiza and Formentera with extra services depending on your special needs. We have sailboats, catamarans, small powerboats, powerboats, ancient boats and yachts, all available with skipper and crew so you’ll only have to enjoy the beauty of our islands and the transparent sea of Ibiza and Formentera.
Recommended insider experiences for the Island of Capri.Get the best tips, itineraries, and accommodations to discover your Capri!
Touring the island of Capri, Italy by boat is definitely a must during any vacation on the island, especially in the summer months when you can escape the crowds and heat of the day only by heading out to sea. Here you'll find all the information you need about the types of boats, prices, and tour packages for boat rentals on Capri, in addition to Capri boat rental packages and tours which you can book directly online. A boating license is not necessary for most boat rentals on Capri, but we strongly suggest that you have at least a bit of experience at sea and know the basic navigational rules if you plan on renting a boat without a skipper. Gozzo: a gozzo is a traditional wooden boat used on the island, and requires a bit of experience to navigate.

Renting a boat with a skipper is definitely the best way to enjoy a day at sea on Capri without stress and safely. Large lancia or gozzo: these are larger versions of the traditional wooden gozzo or lancia.
Italians love to rent a boat for the entire day and take time to swim, sunbathe, and stop for lunch. In addition to the coast of Capri, you can sail to Nerano, a tiny fishing village on the point of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast the its towns of Positano and Amalfi, and around the Li Galli islets. A one day long excursion from Sorrento to Capri, where to spend 3 hours strolling freely in the centre. Marine Tourism and generally leisure at sea services have become very important for all coastal areas and islands in the past years. Check and plan your journey well in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.Give responsibilities to the crew members,organization and division of labor will help all enjoying the experience. Wherever you decide to go ashore,make sure that you have tied the boat well.It’s preferable to spend a couple of minutes to be certain than waking up in the middle of the sea!
If you want to equip your safety stewards to respond rapidly in an emergency or you simply want to provide peace of mind with safety back-up prominently on display, our boats provide the answer. We can also  provide you with an experienced driver instructor (captain) for your trip if it is needed. This islet is small in size but has yet many special types of flora and fauna around it, thus it is protected as a nature reserve. It has an area of some 17,5 acres, belongs to the state and is being administered by the National Tourist Organization. Dinghies usually fit up to 6 or 7 passengers, and are fast and easy to navigate, though not recommended for those who get seasick.
These boats are slower than dinghies and boats with outboard motors, but are more stable on the water and have comfortable sundecks.
A lancia can easily reach the Amalfi Coast and the Li Galli Islets, and the larger versions are perfect for families or groups of friends with enough room for everyone to spread out.
In high season (July and August), prices can go up, but during the rest of the year there are often discounts and special offers. Click on the link in the body of the email message to confirm your newsletter subscription. With the increase of domestic and foreign tourism,local people have been given the opportunity to promote their homeland.

Our 8 boats in total are well equipped and can transport you and your friends to any of the 20 beaches of the area of Paleokastritsa and Liapades. So here is some practical information and advice in order for your trip to be pleasant experience and not a nightmare. In that case, we suggest a four hour rental, which is more than enough time to visit the island and its sea caves and stop for a swim.
You can also sleep on board these vessels, organize group lunches or dinners, and have a private party. There are also a lot of places, especially on the islands, not very well known,because of their inaccessibility. If you are looking for a lonely and uncrowded beach to spend your day then SkiClub105 gives you the chance and instructions required.
A strong fort, also used as a prison, was built there by the French but was destroyed by the British. Lazaretto islet was a concentration camp for the prisoners of the National Resistance movement of the 1941-1944 period. It is said that some underwater tunnels, constructed by the French, used to connect Vidos islet and the four fortresses of Corfu.
This way of entertainment is becoming stronger compared to conventional forms of tourism because it offers  unique and thrilling experiences. A Serbian mausoleum also stands close to the small port of Vidos in the memory of the thousands of Serbian soldiers, who had died due to starvation and plague on Corfu in the First World War and were buried there.
An outdoor cafeteria and tavern offers refreshment drinks and delicious meals, while you enjoy the view of Corfu town. Small boats connect the old port of Corfu town, right in front of the Court House, to Vidos.
Boats leave very frequently, almost every half an hour, and the trip takes about 10 minutes.

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