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In addition to our Ozarks natural beauty, Eureka Springs West offers lots of fun things to do outdoors, with an adventure at every turn! All watercraft rentals include transportation, life jackets, cushions and any needed paddles or oars.
Come enjoy the experience being on beautiful Beaver Lake with one of our great boats!Rates vary with the season; gasoline costs are extra.
The road came to an abrupt end at the spot where Great Slave Lake drains into the Mackenzie River (this is the top of the second biggest river in North America--from the start, it's a big river!) They were building a bridge, which has apparently been taking years, but for now, my only option to get across the river was a ferry. The final destination of the drive was Fort Simpson, NWT, a town of about 1200 people where the Liard and Mackenzie Rivers join. There was also a tiny but beautiful little river which led into the lake, and I was able to take the boat up there about a mile or two. One afternoon, I took the boat out to the notch in the mountain, taking the picture below. Several curious and friendly squirrels lived and worked frenetically (storing nuts) near the cabin.
Yellow Dog lodge turned out to be a small picturesque and comfortable fishing lodge where I was the only guest (August is late in the season for hard-core fisherman although, as it turned out, the fishing was more than good enough for me.) The manager and the cook were both extremely amiable. I spent the next couple of days fishing (with a really good young guide from Yellowknife), reading, and hiking around.

Give yourself time to relax, and savor our spectacular views while you enjoy water activities on Beaver Lake and the White River! Providing a great canoe trip, the river is cold, clear and famous for producing world-record trout. We also offer a convenience store that sells supplies you might need, and lodging of several types for longer stays. We rent canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, rafts (require a reservation), Jon boats with trolling motors, 20a€™ river boats with 10 hp motors, and Clack-A-Craft fly fishing drift boats.
The trip took me down the Western shore of Great Slave Lake, into the lands of the last remaining wild herd of buffalo in North America. What followed was the only time I have been kind of scared in a floatplane: for about 10 minutes we were flying through mountainous country in dense fog with no sight of the ground--definitely not a recommended practice in visual flight navigation.
There was a very nice beaver lodge, and the beaver was swimming in the vicinity (first I've seen). It was fun on the way out, but soon the winds came up (from the West--the direction that the camera is pointed toward), and because the notch is a great wind-funnel, the waves started to grow. Several times when I was cooking meat in the cabin, an adolescent black bear showed up right outside the window, jumping around and looking in eagerly--I banged on the window and he ran off.
It took no particular skill or dedication to catch as many lake trout, arctic grayling, and pike as I would have wanted to catch (this is a grayling).

Though it is the capital of the NWT and a town of about 30,000 people, Yellowknife feels like a fairly gritty gold mining town.
When you rent a canoe or kayak for a float, your supplier will take you to a launching point and then later pick you up further downstream. However, the weather was very bad and the morning was spent sitting around the floatplane base, waiting for the weather to clear.
Then I remembered that the pilot had warned me that waves in this lake can reach six or more feet in height and consequently have drowned a few people over the years, so I beat it back to the cabin in a hurry.
The drive felt long on the return trip, and I was kind of wishing I had taken one of the scheduled planes that Buffalo Airways flies a couple of times per week in the summer between Ft. What was unearthly about the sound was how clearly localized it was in the notch itself--as if there were a gigantic blower machine out there. From Yellowknife, I took another floatplane to Yellow Dog Lodge in the Boreal forest north of Yellowknife.
Simpson--it is classic Canadian shield country, with a lot of exposed Precambrian granite outcroppings and super-clear water.

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