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Randy manages the “Wooden Boat People” web site where you get all your construction questions answered. Detailed Http Describes how one customer built vitamin A McKenzie River elan swan boat Indiana his. This is a mid 1960’s McKenzie River Drift Boat built by Boat Specialties out of Salem, Oregon. When Russell arrived with his mid 1960’s McKenzie river drift boat, I was surprised to see a hull that looked like a fairly flat river but with a 3 knot wind ripple.
To refurbish and restore this wooden beauty, I first hit it lightly with an orbital sander and 60 grit. At over 3,300 square feet of retail space our Bighorn Fly & Tackle shop it is one of the finest and most well stocked fly shops in Montana.
Finally I decided to quit talking and start doing so in the spring of 2009 I called Sanderson and Randy Dersham at McKenzie River Drift Boat.
Your information about kayaking on the Mohawk & will undoubtably prove helpful for this spring. It looked like one of the previous owners used a paint removing gel along with a steel brush to take off several coats of paint.

Once the high spots were taken down a bit I then mixed up some Mas Epoxy and added 410 faring compound.
Before he left, he was speaking of bringing her back after a summer of fishing to bring the interior up to the same standards as the freshly refurbed hull. All boats come with the latest conveniences in addition to life vests, spare oar and a net.
Internal of the pilot McKenzie and Rogue River historic roam boats and river dories the spawning grounds for the riverboats that ply the world’s rivers Whether you are interested in The Book mckenzie river drift boat plans. Our shop was referred to Russell by a colleague named Jay, who works for Dave Hass at Superior Design Top Shop in Longview, Washington. This paint removal method normally works well on hardwood furniture using a fine soft wire brush.
This was my first attempt at boat building and it took about ten times longer than it should have. After checking us out via our website, Google and the Woodenboat Forum, Russell asked how I would go about doing the job – removing the old paint and bringing the hull up to like new standards. I started that spring, worked through the summer, quit at the start of bow season (another passion) and finished it the next spring.

The plans are a over set up of twenty-four pages of orthographic drawings exhibit every particular of the parts needed to build axerophthol McKenzie River Drift Boat mckenzie river drift boat plans. After some emails back and forth, Russell dropped of his boat on the weekend of February 19th and picked it up complete the following weekend. Using a gel remover and a hard stiff wire brush removes most of the soft wood between the grain lines leaving you with a surface that looks like a car with a dent on every square inch of its exterior body.
I then added more 410 faring compound and repeated this several more times until I was using 120 grit.
At this point I applied several coats of Petitt Easy epoxy marine paint # 3175 white, added a dark jade green boot and she was complete.

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