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Choose a" Departure Port" on the left menu and and pick up your yacht among our fleet , sail along the Turkish Coasts &A  Greek Islands on your own.
A "Bareboat" charter is a yacht hire where you take full responsibility for all aspects of the boat and journey: navigation, sailing, mooring, motoring, cooking, cleaning etc.
Bareboating requires responsibility to go along with all that freedom - one of the members must be an experienced sailor or motor boat captain. A skippered bareboat is less expensive than a crewed yacht, but the stress of navigating through coral, determining your course and knowing the inside information about the area is removed. While bareboat technically refers to anyboat that can be chartered without a skipper or crew, typically bareboating refers to sailboats or catamarans. The classic bareboat charter, monohull sailboats give you performance, freedom and the true feeling of sailing. Catamarans are one of the fastest growing areas of the charter business because they deliver great comfort and privacy, while providing a lot of communal areas to better enjoy your group. If you're a party of several couples or a family, with inexperienced sailors, we'd normally recommend a catamaran. If you want a fun day out, desire speed and have a lot of places to see, or just need to get somewhere, a bareboat Motor Boat is right for you. Bareboats do best when it is clear that a single person is in charge and when everyone has at least some role in the team.
Plan an itinerary that is not overly aggressive unless everyone is experienced sailors (remember, many in the party probably want to return refreshed and relaxed from their holiday, not stressed from oversailing). Get agreement from everyone that they approve of the itinerary, and that they'll not be upset if they can't sit on the beach reading a book every day. If time permits, ask the inexperienced sailors to take a sailing course - they'll enjoy the trip much more if they know the difference between a sheet and a halyard! If your group is keen to sail and has basic experience but are a bit apprehensive, it is generally possible to arrange for a skipper for a day or two while everyone gets used to the boat and each other.

We are thrilled to announce that a new bareboat base will open this summer in San Francisco, California.
An added attraction to the area is its close proximity to the Napa Valley region, with its many vineyards and redwood forests.  An extended sailing itinerary could include stops in Benicia, Petaluma, and Napa Valley.
It is similar to renting a vacation home, except you can take it wherever you want (within the limits of your contract and navigable waters!).
Bareboat rentals also require that everyone on board pitches in, so that the charter experience is one of teamwork. They will normally want you to help them raise the sails, trim the jib, drop anchor, etc., and you can take the helm whenever you like (just put a beer in the skipper's hand, that normally works!).
While the majority of our bareboats are sailboats, we do have a good number of motor boats that can be chartered without crew. There are thousands of bareboat sailboats worldwide, ranging from 30 to 50 feet and from 1-5 cabins. Bareboat catamarans don't heel ("tip") like a monohull, providing for a more stable feeling on the boat. Note, catamarans are generally more expensive per person than a monohull, because the boat is larger. It is possible to charter bareboat Power Boats for multiple days, but typically they are chartered for a day, requiring a deposit and certification and are rarely over 40 feet.
This can vary from hoisting sails and dropping anchor to cooking and cleaning, but a true team puts less strain on the skipper and has a better sense of shared accomplishment. If you?re interested in a skipper for your boat, feel free to contact Boatbookings and we'll arrange for one. Our top recommendations are a bareboat charter in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) or St.
The Sausalito waterfront is a quick 30-minute sail from the Golden Gate Bridge, offering spectacular views of the bridge and San Francisco.

Built by Beneteau and designed by Farr Yacht Design, the First 40 bareboat is a thoroughbred sailing yacht, ideal for racing, cruising, and learning how to sail.  In 2009 the First 40 was selected as Crossover Boat of the Year by Sailing World Magazine. Amenities include asymmetric spinnaker, bowsprit, chart plotter, autopilot, electric head, and heating. Bareboat charters offer tremendous freedom to go exactly where you want, when you want, providing you with a unique and unrivaled vacation experience. The skipper should not only know how to manage the boat, but also how to organise and manage the "crew" as well, especially on a sail boat. If this sounds like the type of charter you want, just let us know and we'll arrange for you to have a qualified skipper on your bareboat charter and sailing holiday. If you are looking for a bareboat motorboat, generally speaking you will need to have a valid powerboat license. If you want the enjoyment of pure sailing, and have experienced sailors aboard, we'd generally recommend a monohull sailboat. Their shallow draft also makes them better adapted for getting closer to shore when exploring islands and inlets.
Vincent and the Grenadines, the Mediterranean, French Riviera, Mallorca, Croatia, Greece and Italy (Sicily, Sardinia, Naples & the Amalfi Coast), or Thailand and the South Pacific . You can simply contact us and we'll research availabilities and boat models available for you, or you can use our "Real Time" search facility - that will show availability for over 3000 yachts worldwide.
These all have ample boats, great sights, reliable winds, and a culture that is supportive and accepting of bareboating.

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