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Finely engraved hull detail, detailed deck with capstan, wheel, fife rails, and galley funnels. I am halfway through the full kit; just completed the standing rigging, taking a break and then on to the much more difficult running rigging. Be rdy to spend some time and if detailed properly it will intrigue every one!This Scale its so Large and waiting to try this one, the scale i did took me a 1yr+ ! The first I built right after college, got as far as the standing rigging and had it destroyed by the family cat.

It was complete when I started; but, thanks to Revell service, I was able to replace small parts I lost along the way so far.
In the first instruction manual (the first is the build, the second is all rigging) the instructions inform you that if you wish to depict the ship with full sails, then the yard arms on the masts should be in the angled position according to the picture (pages 36, 38 and 40). The second I built in the late 70's to full sail (with some notable areas of extreme difficulty in the inner running rigging). But you do learn a lot from the kit; building models, ship construction and history, and a very real and present example of American history.

I had that model for eighteen years until I moved across the country and it had too much fatigue to survive the trip. With the yard arms at the angle, not only will the ratlines NOT fit, but none of the rigging will align properly.

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