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The DSB 7.5 SR's Hypalon buoyancy tube is ultraviolet (UV) light resistant and has independent air compartments and safe, flush integrated valves. Rho-Marine - Manufacturers of pontoon boats, aluminium boats, inflatable boats, semi-rigid boats. If you would like more info or a price on any of these products, or info on any marine product not listed (such as inboard jets or pontoon boats etc) please do no hesitate to contact us.
Please Contact Us, if you would like any additional information about any of the products shown here, or any other Marine Products. The International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)of 1914 dictates that every ship needs to carry rescue boats. The Fast Rescue Boats produced for Euro Offshore comply with the latest SOLAS requirements and LSA code. Manufactured in Germany by Deutsche Schlauchboot GmbH, one of the most experienced manufacturers in the world for life-saving equipment for civil and military use.
Impact RHIBs are popular rescue boats because their inflatable collars reduce the risk of impact or injury in a recovery situation in high wind and waves.

On the other hand, rescue doors on fiberglass Whaler hulls make it easy to get victims into the boat or divers in and out of the water.
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Because of their deep V-shaped hulls they have excellent performance on sea, even at high speeds.
That often means going out in water too rough for most small craft, in low visibility and high wind, which puts a premium on BCGP's Impacts and Whalers because of their superior lateral stability, sea keeping capabilities and flotation. And rescue rails keep victims and divers in close contact with the vessel and out of danger of the props. Which in turn gave rescue services, as the police and coastguard, a powerful tool to perform their tasks. Even if they take water over the bow, they drain and keep going - so a rescue operation doesn't end up with the rescuers in the water.

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