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Each time I get out in the Wavewalk for flood tide fishing I like it more and more for this purpose.
I upped the game a little this year by elevating the board that I’ve been using to stand on the seat and pole the W through the shallows. RegisterTo post questions and comments on our blog, email us a request to register as a blog user. Our 4th generation ultimate shallow water running and boat with the smoothest and driest ride available. Location: crosbyton, TX I saw it the other day on the Totally Texas Boating Forum.
It's nice to see someone come up with a design of thier own that is so clearly a new design, and seems to perform well. Location: USA Rounded Tunnel I've always heard that the best tunnel design on these fiberglass boats is a round half-pipe design, to reduce turbulence created by the corners found in rectangular tunnels. I've run a tunnel boat with ice runners that would turn on a dime at any speed, but the ice runners were a real hassle if you ever ran aground - can't slide the boat sideways. I've also often wondered what would happen if you put a vertical plate down the center of the tunnel, virtually splitting it in half longitudinally. I'll just say that for reference that my little hovercraft (flat bottom) on an inland lake turned out not to be the best fishing platform.
Based on what I have learned in other threads, perhaps a retracable keel or retractable dagger board may help out shallow draft watercraft in rough seas which are at anchor. Location: Texas I've often caught myself sketching a hull that could augment, but I keep coming back to a design that can handle a degree of abuse with the minimal amount of up-keep.
For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it, and is the predecessor and platform for some ideas I will be trying. Originally Posted by Baywolf For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it And it shows, it's quite a striking design with lots of curb appeal.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. In principle, tandem kayak fishing is possible, since many kayaks are big enough to take two passengers on board. First and foremost, kayak fishing in tandem involves a safety issue, because two passengers moving about in the cockpit or on the deck of a fishing kayak in an uncoordinated manner can easily destabilize it. The second problem to consider is convenience – Every angler wants and needs to have an unlimited range of motion around them, to allow them to perform basic things such as casting, reeling in, landing the fish, unhooking, and so on. Kayak fishing in tandem is more complicated and more difficult than tandem kayak paddling, and we don’t fully recommend it, unless the crew is composed of one experienced adult kayak angler and one junior kayak angler, such as a child, who needs guidance and often even technical help with handling their fishing gear.
A small sized angler such as a child may get confused, or overexcited, but they’re unlikely to cause a severe balance problem that the second, bigger, and more experienced will find impossible to deal with. A large size angler getting into some kind of trouble that would cause them to lose balance and tilt the kayak sideways is a totally different problem that the second crew member might not be able to correct, especially if they’re caught off guard. Kayak fishing standing in tandem is even more problematic, and should be practiced only after both anglers have practiced tandem kayak fishing before, as well as stand up kayak fishing.
Kayak fishing offshore in tandem is even more difficult, and hazardous, and we do not recommend it, unless both anglers are lightweight and very experienced with fishing together out of small boats, such as dinghies and canoes. No pictures of fish today, but Bob Smaldone, Dick Sherman and I spotted several of them standing in our W’s. I ventured into some new areas this week and found some new hot spots that I’ve never seen anyone fishing in. This is probably the last flood tide of the season that the weather and water will still be warm. I was fortunate to get out a few days this week to take advantage of the flood tides, and poled the W through the grass in search of feeding Redfish. Once again it’s great to pole the Wavewalk kayak around the shallow water while standing high on that platform.

Bob Smaldone is back so we hit the water in Ozello, Florida to be treated to a beautiful sunrise (notice the great blue heron having breakfast as the sun rises). Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. In such case the obvious choice for a kayak is the W500 that features a 6 ft long cockpit, and a longitudinal seat that makes it possible for the two anglers to sit separated by a long span, but also to approach each other effortlessly and safely when they need to do something together, such as in case the experienced angler has to instruct the novice, or help them hands-on perform a fishing related task. Needless to say that the kayak used for this type of fishing should fit for such such activities. In November the water will cool off and the flooded grasses don’t have a lot of crabs left in them so the fishing slows a lot. Obviously, having fishing rods, lures and sometimes even fish flying around in all directions in space that’s so severely restricted isn’t a good recipe for safety. Note that vendors’ claims about their kayaks’ stability are often exaggerated, and should be viewed with both caution, common sense, and healthy skepticism. However, and once again this was a flat bottom top heavy design not really intended for this use and a bit out of it's element. Before getting hooked on the idea of kayak fishing in tandem, remember that it’s you and your fishing buddy that are going to be sitting in kayak out there in the real world, and not some guys who got paid to demonstrate a fishing kayak in front of a camera. It’s a unique experience pushing your way through miles of areas that I usually have no access to other than during flood tides.

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