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As with all our marine model making projects, the hull of this model for BMT Defence Services was carved from CAD supplied to us on our CNC machine.
The LSV uses the BMT Aegir® tailor-able platform design, which can be readily modified to suit different naval requirements. The model continues our strong tradition of high-quality marine model making, for industrial, leisure and military applications. Daruber hinaus sollten Sie sich registrieren, um alle Funktionen dieser Seite nutzen zu konnen.
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I have been enjoying reading through many of the threads on this site, posted a few replies, even started a question thread which was answered quite quickly with a very helpful response. The subject of my interest is answer Models PC-553, although why they didn't just call it the USS Malone is beyond me. On 23 December, 1943 she arrived at Norfolk, Virginia for assignment with an East bound convoy as escort and to be transferred to the 12th Fleet upon arrival. She performed patrol duties with Service Force 2, Atlantic Fleet until 10 May, 1946 when she was transferred to Atlantic Fleet Reserve, 16th Fleet. The ship was part of the second group of the 173 foot, 461 Subchaser Class produced with an all steel hull with 85 sister ships.
After removing the single staple, I separated the pages and set to work copying them onto Wausau Bright White 65 pound cardstock, I like to save the originals to be able to produce more than one model from a kit. These little ships were also used for other purposes as their general classification became expanded over the course of time. I also have the Kiji and am looking to see if I can find some of the John C Butler, Cannon or other classes of Destroyer Escorts. I managed to get a little chopping and whittling done in between working on a neighbors ailing computer, supper and other homey type things. I have sanded the prow down to a wedge shape, they don't indicate to do this with dashed lines on the plates but I am sure that it will make for a smoother bow shape on the model when I go to add the bottom and sides of the hull outer panels. Sorry about the delay in getting some fresh content happening, but life and work tends to interupt the more important things like modeling.
I have been working at the little PC 553 in the odd moments that I manage to catch here and there.
While not shown as a dotted line on the prow, I did sand that area down to a pointed shape so that I could put the first section on with as little white showing as possible.
I used some colored card material that I had from another build to cut a series of strips to cover the bulkhead forms to offer more gluing surface for the hull sections as I went along.
When I got to the other end of things, I noticed that the very last hull form was a bit short.
A section of wider strip went down over that once the glue had dried and that is as far as I have managed to get to date.
After a couple of rough weeks at the saltmines I have managed to devote a little time to the PC 553 kit.
Satisfied with that much, I added the deck plate, a single piece that I laminated to a second sheet of the same Wausau Bright White Card Stock in 65 Pound thickness for stiffness and support to the hull side plates. Since I have all the parts attatched to the bottom of the hull, I built up the kit provided base to support the model as I work out the rest of the on deck fittings.

Answer Models has done a pretty good job with the design of this one so far, I haven't found any misnumbered parts or such, yet. Step 7 in the instructions call for cutting out and gluing together the depth charge racks that go on the fantail. The depth charge racks usually constitute a mayor challenge, lots of tiny parts to cut out, very fragile result. In the future, a desktop fabricator may be as common as a desktop computer today, 3D-printers might complement inkjet printers.
French blog Agence Eureka has several pages of downloadable cut-outs from far gone times - buildings, soldiers, classic cars, theatre scenes, farms, a circus, a camping site, and much more.
Also to be found are two model cameras, a Nikon Coolpix and a very nice Pentax MX, as well as a paper camera that actually works (more pinhole cameras). The Paper Bus Connection is a catalogue of paper buses from the US, Canada, China and Hong Kong. We love paper cars: they don't pollute, they are silent and they don't drive over children and pets.
They don't float for long, but they sure look nice: paper ships are among the most detailed cut-outs around - though most of them are not for free.
There are several websites that collect all kinds of paper models, some of them are updated frequently. Micromodels, cut-outs that were very popular from the 40s to the 60s, are again for sale on the internet (US, UK).
How to downsize a transport network: the Chinese wheelbarrowFor being such a seemingly ordinary vehicle, the wheelbarrow has a surprisingly exciting history. Firewood in the Fuel Tank: Wood Gas VehiclesWood gas cars are a not-so-elegant but surprisingly efficient and ecological alternative to their petrol (gasoline) cousins, whilst their range is comparable to that of electric cars. High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway NetworkHigh speed rail is destroying the most valuable alternative to the airplane; the "low speed" rail network that has been in service for decades. How to make everything ourselves: open modular hardwareConsumer products based on an open modular system can foster rapid innovation, without the drawback of wasting energy and materials. Power from the Tap: Water MotorsJust before the arrival of electricity at the end of the nineteenth century, water motors were widely used in Europe and America. Aerial ropeways: automatic cargo transport for a bargainBefore the 1940s, aerial ropeways were a common means of cargo transport, not only in mountainous regions but also on flat terrain, with large-scale systems already built during the Middle Ages. In the distant XVI and maybe in the XVII century, led by an experienced captain,passenger ship flew over the waves heading back via the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa. The basis of the legend is taken from a true story which took place in 1641 with a merchant vessel. There is another option, more real at the end of 1770, the island of Malta moored ship the whole team. The LSV has been derived for the Royal Norwegian Navy, and a configured version is to be used by the Royal Navy in the form of the MARS Tanker. Downloading, sharing and printing of appliances might become as ordinary (and controversial) as it is today with music, movies and texts. At least, if the objects are made of paper and if you are willing to spend some time cutting and pasting. Some models are very simple and childlike, others are extremely complex and are rich in detail. Collecting this set of arcade machines is quite addictive, especially in combination with the hooked Barbie dolls.

The amount of free downloadable cars on the internet is huge -  check out the general sites at the bottom of this page. The downloads are much cheaper than the (rare) originals, but unfortunately still quite expensive. It turns out that Creative Closeup published a similar article like this, some days earlier. The Bryn Mawr College has an exciting collection of 19th century panorama paintings and drawings from Philadelphia. This Russian site has 387 paper models, mostly planes, ships, cars and buildings - and quite some military stuff, too. This is especially true in the East, where it became a universal means of transportation for both passengers and goods, even over long distances. The parts of an obsolete generation of products can be used to design the next generation, or something completely different. These miniature water turbines were connected to the tap and could power any machine that is now driven by electricity. And it so happened that in a moment he parted the heavens with a bright flame, from which there was a dark shadow descended on the deck of the ship. It has tried to round the Cape in search of a suitable location for settlement, which was to become a point of rest for the ships of the East India Company.
Some exceptional models are this very detailed Volkswagen bus, this vintage Citroen, some DAF trucks (go to 'DAF fun') and a collection of classic cars (click on the Japanese links below). These were never meant as paper models, but they're great for building a wall-to-wall paper city. Only the older (antique) models are free to download, but there are still enough of them to keep you busy for a very long time. Shrouded in mystery and romance of the history of this ship is not indifferent to the many historians and scholars. A strong storm did not stop the energetic captain.The captain longed to get on the eastern side of the cape and make it a going even if it takes time until the end of the world. Grand Master of the Order of Malta ordered to tow the ship from the port, together with a cross on it 23 people. As with several of our other marine model making projects, the model is mounted on a polished steel plate, which shows the below-waterline detail such as bow thrusters, propellers and rudders.
More geeky stuff: games characters, a vacuum tube, the Land IronClad, several spacecraft and a model of the SpaceShip One. The vessel sailed to Tunis, but there have already been warned and do not let the ship into port. In this larger scale, I like this way of representing these parts than the flat box shapes with printed on drawings. Card Modellers, Paperforest and Free Paper Toys bring news and information on paper models. Those who disagree with the decision of the captain set a goal to neutralize the desperate captain.
But it so happened that the captain of the rebels outwit, catching the leader of the revolt and fed fish with him.

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