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Aimed at a cruising speed of 10 knots with only a 25HP outboard, she will have to be kept light to do this. The accommodations are what I call 2+2, a double or two singles below and also in the huge cockpit.
A cruising sailboat without a crew is almost as forlorn as a cruising sailor without a boat. Owning a cruising sail boat, particularly a sailboat designed for offshore and ocean sailing, can change your life. With a few gallons of fuel, adequate food and water aboard she'll take you thousands of miles leaving a carbon footprint in her wake that would delight the most ardent environmentalist.With such a sailing vessel you could go the whole nine yards, sell your shoreside assets, cast off the shorelines together with the tedium of life ashore and set off on bluewater cruising life of freedom and adventure. Along with thousands of other family sailors, a small 'trailerable' sail boat that you can 'moor' in your driveway and tow astern of the family car may be the preferred option.
Just find a suitable slipway from which to launch and recover your pride and joy, and you can forget all about expensive marina berthing fees.This one is a Drascombe Lugger, although it's not a lugger at all - it's a gunter-rigged yawl.

The one thing that alarms newcomers to sailing is the monohull's initial tendency to fall over. OK, we all know that it quickly reaches equilibrium and heels no further when the righting moment comes into effect, but living on a slope is something we monohull sailors have to come to terms with.There're no such problems for multihull sailors, although the peculiar lurching motion of high-volume catamarans in particular does take some getting used to.
OK, the little beauty shown here may not be your ideal choice of cruising sail boat, but you can be sure that someone loves her. You can't really expect a small sailing boat designed for weekend sailing to take you across an ocean in any kind of safety or comfort.Conversely you wouldn't want a large heavy displacement boat for occasional jaunts along the coast. Construction Method and Materials: Cold-molded, sheathed –strip, or foam cored fiberglass construction.
Perfect for 'around the cans' club racing and just the thing for the summer vacation family cruise to foreign ports.
It's a daysailer, although a cockpit tent will enable hardy sailors to spend a night aboard.Weekender sailboats will have a fixed cabin in which you'll find a couple of berths and small galley.

On sailing a trimaran for the first time, you'll be acutely aware of two things; their blistering pace and their lack of space below. Even so, all sail boats are a compromise - you can never have everything.Sail boat manufacturers have of course recognised this, and have tried to cover all the bases with their various designs.
Some succeed eminently, others - particularly those that try to meet high expectation at a low cost - somewhat less so.As my grandfather used to say to me, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".
Construction is of moderate difficulty, for the more experienced amateur builder and depending on the choice of building material.

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