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At Canvas Craft, we can install snug-fitting snaps to the side of the gunnel, or hide them under the rubrail for a clean, streamlined look. Bow covers snap over the entire front open-bow area of your boat and can serve several purposes. Our adjustable pole and vent system work well together by supporting your cover while letting your boat breathe, keeping out unwanted moisture, mold, mildew and rot. Custom and precise notches and Velcro flaps and covers mean we can accommodate wake boards towers, gas flaps, bimini frames, radar arches, special frames and almost anything.
We're certain you'll be so satisfied with your Canvas Craft purchase that we're backing it with a one-year warranty covering materials, labor and workmanship-plus an extended fabric manufacturer's warranty when applicable. Boat covers are the owner’s first line of defense for protection against the Sun’s UV rays, rain, dirt, mildew, and even prying eyes of passers by.
Seaspray Boat Covers is the leading provider of custom canvas boat covers, boat upholstery, RV upholstery and outdoor furniture cushions. The Seaspray Awning and Tarp Department custom designs, fabricates and installs new awnings and re-covers for stationary or retractable awnings for home or business as well as custom tarps for trucks and outdoor equipment.
Boating in the Salt Lake City area can be the highlight of any hot summer, but cleaning up shouldn't be a drag. These great boat covers easily protect the upholstery in your boat from the ravages of sun, the risk of water damage and the hazards of wind and insects. Snap-on covers from Custom Canvas Unlimited are made from your choice of high-quality Sunbrella material, available in 35 colors, or Aqualast, a solution-dyed polyester.

Sunbrella material, originally developed for awnings and shade protection, is ideal for boat covers in Utah. Aqualast is another exceptional choice for snap-on boat covers, and it's one we recommend often.
Boat covers from Custom Canvas Unlimited in Salt Lake City include installation of snaps if your boat does not already have them, and we have the experience you need to create a cover for any kind of boat, regardless of size or age.
Contact our Salt Lake City, Utah office today for additional information about our snap-on boat covers and our availability for on-site installation.
Along with traditional biminis, we also specialize in manufacturing custom-built camper tops and full enclosures for all makes and models of boats. Tie-down covers are the most durable and hefty solutions for short and long-term boat storage, as well as travel and towing.
It’s a great way to easily protect your entire boat—and the gear inside—and it’s versatile enough to be your travel or mooring cover.
We can craft them to snap at the top of the windshield and stretch to the back of the boat, or we can cover the windshield entirely.
Use them for storage to protect from UV rays and rain, or snap them in place to create a “closed-bow” effect on your boat—which is helpful when boating in the rain or cold weather. They are sturdy enough to be used while on the freeway, and so simple to use that they can protect your possessions if you leave the boat at the public dock for a few hours. It is durable and easy-to-clean, and the color you choose will look great for years to come.

This polyester marine fabric comes with a urethane coating and automatically provides UV protection. Just let us know your preferences and specifications so our dedicated team can get to work. We design them specifically to fit your boat and use only the highest quality of materials to make sure your cover lasts. They come off at hauling speeds, and that’s why so many boating enthusiasts choose snap-on boat, pontoon and marine covers. And, like everything we make, they offer reinforcements on wear points and tight-fitting notches around towers and radar arches. They’re a great way to keep your personal belongings dry and protected on days when the weather isn’t great, but you want to be out.
We ensure that all the seams and fibers are sewn correctly to ensure proper tension for the life of the boat cover. Sunbrella was created in the 1960s as an alternative to cotton that wouldn't fade or degrade, and it remains one of the best marine fabrics available. Instead, you can secure the boat in a hurry with a perfectly fitting boat cover that will fully protect the boat, its interior upholstery and everything inside.

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