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Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals offers houseboats for rent on Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona. Lake Powell Marinas at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the watercraft rental services offered.
The busy season is from May – October which generally requires advance lodging, boat rentals, Jet Ski rental, and other rental reservations. Antelope Point Marina ski boat rentals is also located in Page, Arizona as was built in 2004.
The second biggest marina on Lake Powell is the Lake Powell Bullfrog marina in Utah, and is located approximately 70 miles from Hanksville, Utah. Located about 40 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam is the Dangling Rope Marina Lake Powell, and from Hall’s Crossing and Bullfrog marinas it’s about 55 lake miles away.
Hite marina does not have many services, and is located at the very northern end of Lake Powell. Don't Miss Staying Connected: Understanding How Communication Affects Your Customer Service Paperless Records Versus Electronic Medical Records: What’s Your Take? With about 3-million visitors a year, Lake Powell has shown supremacy over other attractions in the regions, with multiple services, facilities and amenities close to the recreational area, and particularly in Page City, Arizona. We are talking about human or pet waste, which burying in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is prohibited. But houseboating is more than potty facilities, featuring a completely new perspective of Lake Powell, since there are no restrictions on where visitors can stay, except in the Navajo Nation, over Rainbow Bridge National Monument area, where a permit must be obtained at the Navajo Fish & Wildlife Department, phone (928) 871-6451 Window Rock, Arizona. Staring at the night sky while floating on the secluded areas of Lake Powell is a once-in-a-life experience.
As a single rental concessionaire, ARAMARK provides houseboat rentals, although you can also buy a houseboat or share one of them, the activity commonly referred as a time-share, describing the shared-ownership of a boat, particularly useful to getting a luxurious floating vacation home that otherwise is out of the range for most individual’s average budget. Some houseboats are so expensive that they are shared with up to 30 different owners that plan together the time when each family will be using the houseboat, sharing as well the storage, upkeep, and enjoyment of a top-quality floating house.
Over 80% of all fatalities that occurred on Lake Powell in the past years are attributed to alcohol abuse onboard any boat facility.
Lake Powell Boat Rentals, wakeboard boats, ski boat rentals,Power Boat rentals for boating enthusiasts. We offer convient (On Site) runabout all purpose boats,crusing ski boats or specialize in (Off Site) high performance competition wake board boat rentals, ski boat rentals.

TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up and catch the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. 19' All Purpose Boat (Available at Bullfrog & Wahweap Marinas): Seats 7, 150 hp outboard, good for cruising the lake, fishing, family fun, such as tubing, and entry level skiing. Off Site Boat Rentals - Lake PowellA delivery charge may apply for off site boats to be delivered to the marina of your choice. Your Houseboat Vacation: cruising beneath high red rock cliff walls, exploring serpentine finger canyons, fishing for bass or walleye, swimming in the warm waters, and camping along sandy shores. Since the lake is 186 mile long and 25 miles wide, with over 1900 miles of incredibly amazing shoreline, your better off to decide which area you would prefer to start at. Houseboats tend to travel slowly, like sailboats, around 6-7mph so it would take quite a while to cover the whole lake. You're looking for a good reputable place to rent, than these people can and will definitely help you.
Return to the Top of Lake Powell House Boat Rentals page.Return to House Boat Rental, from the Lake Powell page. There are only a couple other towns that are within 95 miles of Page, Arizona including Big water, Utah about 6 miles away, then Kanab, Utah approximately 68 miles away. There is a small marina store, but may not have the needed necessities, so please call or ask another marina if their open before you go there.
We are committed to sharing the experience of boating with any and everyone, experienced or not. However, the Glen Canyon National has certain limitations that can make it an uncomfortable camping experience within the Lake Powell region.
Although marinas and most rental facilities offer a porta-potty that must be returned empty and clean, renting a houseboat is better to manage this eventuality, and particularly useful when planning more than an overnight stay. There is a primary houseboat provider serving the region, ARAMARK, that also provides visitors with diverse lodging and waste facilities, rentals, and fuel, as well as engineering and maintenance of the lake.
However, safe boating must prevail and it is recommended to not drink when boating on the lake.
Another big risk is Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by internal combustion engines, like those propelling houseboats. Houseboat rentals on Lake Powell abide with this requirement and have Carbon Monoxide detectors in their cabins, although you should follow the directions of the houseboat instructor, and review the safety instructions for houseboats.

Some families and companies reserve three or more houseboats to accommodate their guests when celebrating an event such as a wedding, team work seminars, or a Fourth of July weekend.
You bet!Yes it's popular, Lake Powell may well be one of the busiest areas in houseboating. Accommodations at Antelope Point marina Lake Powell include; launch ramp, boat repair and maintenance, waverunner rentals, restrooms, dry-storage, fuel dock, wet boat slip rentals, trailer and vehicle parking, and great restaurants located right on the crystal clear blue waters. There is no land access to Dangling Rope and there’s no rental houseboats, power speed boats, waverunner rental, from this marina. The second cause of accidents in Lake Powell and other lakes is attributed to Carbon Monoxide. The more time in advance reserving a houseboat, the easier it is to meet your requirements in length of stay, accommodations and boat type. The surroundings are simply incredible, and the canyons and shoreline make for some of the best holiday vacations anywhere!. The range goes from reasonable good value houseboats, to luxury mega boats with an impressive list of options and features to satisfy any need.
You can find a Wal-Mart, and small airport in Page which has scheduled flights from Phoenix, Arizona, Colorado, and sometimes Las Vegas, Nevada.
They do offer shuttle service to and from the marina docks making it very convenient for loading all your boating equipment.
There is a ferry called the John Atlantic Burr which you can travel between these two marinas; this ferry does allow cars, trailer, or RV’s it usually takes 20 min to cross over to the other marina.
Always fuel up when passing by this marina, it does have ice cream and basic supplies you may need. Be prepared with all your water sport gear, or anything else you may need when vacationing at the Lake Powell Bullfrog marina power boat rentals, because there are very few accommodations.
This highway will take you into Bullfrog Marina.  Try our Lake Powell tours to view all the beautiful scenery from Bullfrog marina.

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