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Send us a message with your desired sport rental equipment, pick-up date and number of days you would like to reserve the equipment for, and we will contact you shortly. We reserve the right to keep any deposit if the equipment is returned in unsatisfactory condition.
The Imperial 6 SUP disproves the theory that no single board can do several things well, making it the perfect all-around SUP for recreational paddlers looking to do a bit of everything. At 10a€™6a€? long and 32a€? wide (3.2 m by 81 cm) with a forgiving but capable shape, the Imperial perfectly combines stability with efficiency for excellent performance when fitness paddling, touring or running rivers. Teaching your child to SUP is a great way to instill a lifelong love for the outdoors and water sports at a young age. The 9' long Jester provides a better SUP experience for paddlers weighing less than 135 pounds.
The NRS SUP Board Leash features a tightly coiled line that stays out of your way when you don't need it. Yes…anyone can stand up on a paddleboard and splash around on the water, but our private lessons will give you the proper methods and techniques to effectively become a true stand up paddler! You can customize your lesson to include a combination of stand up paddle boarding with a teaching-centered orientation tour of The Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve.
If Jupiter Outdoor Center Cancels a  tour or event  due to dangerous weather conditions, or other conditions beyond it’s control, you will receive 100%  credit towards another event.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding delivers a full-body workout and thus has become a popular cross-training activity. This 3-hour Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) rental is an adventurous and relaxing way to explore the crystal clear waters and wildlife along the North Shore of Oahu. On your board, you can glide around at your own pace over the vibrant sea life and reefs the North Shore is known for. Your pass includes Stand Up Paddle Board 3-Hour Rentals, plus admission to dozens more top attractions.

If for any reason you don't activate your pass within a year of purchase, we'll give you a full refund. Just purchase passes for the number of days you want to sightsee — we offer 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7-Day cards. Your Go Oahu Card grants you admission to any of the included attractions for the number of days you bought the card for, plus 1 premium attraction on one of those days (on 3, 5, and 7-Day cards only). We offer you an opportunity to explore the lakes and rivers of Ontario in a completely different way! Our stand up paddle boards are made by brands such as: Jimmy Styks, JP Young, BluWave, Surftech, Bic Acs, Dawn Patrol, Fanatric Fly and Naish.
A slim 28" width improves paddling comfort by reducing the distance narrower shoulders need to reach. Our excellent instructors will increase your learning curve dramatically, and will provide you with confidence and valuable skills that will last a lifetime. Venture off on your own for the remaining rental time and put your newly acquired skills to the test!
Then please walk down to the water, we are at our NEW Tiki Hut at the end of Love Street, next to Square Grouper. And since you stand at your full height, you can enjoy unique views of everything from sea creatures to what’s on the horizon.
You bring sun block, sunglasses with retention strap, synthetic sweater, shoes that can get wet, and a hat.
Visitors in the past have spotted fish, turtles, dolphins, and even whales when in season. No previous experience necessary. You can do both Canoeing and Paddleboarding here, and I got the feeling that the schedule was totally flexible, we got there right at 9, but it runs 9-3 and you can show up any time.

Our professionally maintained stand-up paddleboards will ensure that you and your group of friends will experience an adventure of a lifetime. So you can either try to paddleboard on your own and hope for the best, or get a private lesson that can truly make you your best! There is no refund or credit if you do not attend or parties in your group are unable to attend. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet, bring water to drink, and be ready for a spectacular paddling experience in the world class beauty of the Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve! From there you can go up the canal (which is totally calm) a good distance, until it ends, then you can turn around and the canal runs out to the ocean. Rent a stand-up paddle board for an hour, day, weekend or a full week and head out anywhere in Ontario to experience what many have already experienced with this fast-growing sport, also known as SUP.
Towards the end of the canal there's a small beach that you can hang around if you don't want to go out into the bay, which gets a bit choppy. Although we were able to mostly stay on the paddle boards, and canoeing is not a problem in the bay at all. Steve, the guy who runs the place was totally friendly and laid back and gave us a great tutorial on how to paddleboard before we got started.
There are restrooms and places to change there, cubicles to store your stuff while you're on the water, and you can have lunch there, it's a really nice peaceful place.

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