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Location: Port Townsend, Wa., USA Building plans for 26'-28' ocean-cruising STEEL sailboat?
Location: Netherlands Sorry haven't seen any of those, but considering your requirements in STEEL it will be very very difficult for such a small vessel (without external ballast) to be 180 degree selfrighting. Location: Sweden Danish Rose 28 The Danish Rose 28 by Martin Bekebrede comes close you could ask him about stability details.
Originally Posted by mcm 26'-28', STEEL, blue-water, ocean-cruiser, with shoal-draft centerboard, and yet possessing complete 180 degree self-righting?
In an inverted position the center of gravity is now well above the water and the floating hull unstable and should go back to an even keel with a nice puff or wind or wave movement, but usually the momentum of the roll will be enough to right itself again. As for the little cruiser; soon I am going to put pen to paper to design a little 25 - 26 steel boat - light weight steel construction blue water cruiser with very traditional lines above waterline.
Originally Posted by Wynand N mcm, simply put, all ballasted sailboats will (should) right themselves. And that's exactly what I think, but I’m still not sure if I should go with a ballasted or unballasted centerboard.
I've been to your web-site several times over the past year, and I really like the work you are doing. Originally Posted by Wynand N As for the little cruiser; soon I am going to put pen to paper to design a little 25 - 26 steel boat - light weight steel construction blue water cruiser with very traditional lines above waterline. Moreover, I don’t want the expense of custom-plans, so I looking for cheaper stock-plans.
Also, I am considering either a quarter-berth, or having a very shallow cockpit with a full berth underneath and no inboard engine, only an outboard mount on the transom. Here are some pictures of my TT24 under construction with lengthened cabin top and I changed the full keel to a naca series fine keel.
I am a member of Brent Swain?s Origami Yahoo Group, and, if Brent?s design was a centerboarder instead of a twin-keeler, I would be satisfied. I appreciate your opinion, and you certainly are not alone in that opinion, but I have read some other informed opinions that indicate that a centerboard pivoting into and out-of a strong, steel, stub-keel is very stable. True, Brent is very positive about twin-keelers , but his is a minority opinion, and most opinions indicate that, outside the extreme low tides of North-West Europe, twin-keels are disadvantageous. So far my search for plans for a 26?-28? ocean-cruising, steel, centerboarder is still on-going. Moreover, the Multi-Chine 28?s high freeboard is a waste, because I only need standing head-room in the galley and enclosed head area., thus I would prefer a lower freeboard replaced by a higher cabin top.

The BS26 wouldnt be a good canidate to modify to a swing keel like you discribe, the hull draft is about 2'. Not many steel sailboat plans for under 30' out there, might have to switch to diferent material to get what you want. Location: Germany There are not many plans to see on the internet - but they are out there. The origami method is a very quick way to build the hull, decks and cabin structure the rest about the same as any other method. Displacment around 6700 Lbs and 1800 Lbs lead balast, if you go to the origamiboat site look in the photo files tom's BS 26 I have a lot of pictures there. Tom tazmann View Public Profile View tazmann's Gallery Find all posts by tazmann Page 1 of 2 1 2 > « Can Aluminum be painted? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Boat Lift Canopy Covers for your new or existing Boat Lift Canopy Frame BOAT LIFT CANOPY FRAMES. Replacement Canopy Covers for ShoreStation® Boat Lifts with Aluminum Frames- Save more on your boating gear. Carport RV and Boat Canopies Outdoor Theater Projection Screen Low Peak canopy frame parts and tarps.
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As far as I know mine is the first 26 built as a 26, there are a few that were built but were modified a lot and stretched to 28'.
Under the files section there is a material list for the 26 that should give you a idea of what it takes. Fast shipping, most in-stock products, over 1-million Hewitt Pontoon Legs protect your boat from the bottom up.

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Standing room at galley is no problem but the head being off to one side is with the deadrise of the hull.
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As boat heels over, righting stability rises to a max in most cases at about 60 degrees of heel.
A 12X26 canopy extends from both sides of the main motorhome cover with roof-to-ground closed metal side walls making this a versatile steel garage with open ends for easy access. Then the righting moment will gradually reduce until it reaches a point of vanishing stability and she goes over - this usually happens in a window of 110 - 140 degrees average, depending on design and designer.
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