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The 17' Strip plank canoe carries substantial loads so whether you are going to be on the water for weeks or just out for the weekend this canoe will serve you perfect and makes your trip worth remembering. Building wouldn't be difficult but will require patience, since strip plank construction requires more work than stitch and glue constructions.
The full-scale plans offered for this strip plank canoe is the absolutely best and quickest way to cut and set up the backbone. You don't need any boat-building experience to build this boat – just lift the dimensions from the plans and transfer them directly onto the plywood sheets. Easy to use 3D model that will give you a perfect picture of how your new boat is assembled.

So order your boat plans now and take advantage of this incredible tool that together with the boat plans, Boat building Master Course and all the other helpful stuff, will give you the best possible starting point for building your new boat. It is a fault proof process where all lofting is eliminated.100% money-back guaranteeWe're so confident this boat-building plan is one of the best available online that we gladly guarantee it with our 100% money-back guarantee. Available in PDF file formats, each plan includes drawings showing exact dimensions for the hull panels and frame, plus comprehensive building instructions and assembly details.
The plans allow you to draw full size pictures of the parts of the boat - the bottom pieces, side pieces etc.
With more than 100 detailed pages of easy-to-follow instructions, over 70 sketches and photos, insider tips and tricks in five downloadable manuals, this boat-building master course explains everything you need to know about planning, building, and finishing your own boat.

You can pan, zoom and rotate details, plus markup, measure and make dynamic cross sections.
The size of the canoe makes it perfect for adventures and the lines is specially developed to meet the requirements from wilderness cruising.
Once you're done, simply cut around the lines using a jigsaw, then use the stitch and glue building method to finish your boat.

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