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Crest Lodge is a wholesome family-oriented resort, providing the amenities and affordability that so many appreciate.
Although we are conveniently accessible to Silver Dollar City and all the Branson area attractions, many of our guests enjoy their entire vacation right here. Crest Lodge Resort on Table Rock Lake is a wonderful lake resort located off the James River Arm of Aunts Creek providing lodging, fishing (Bass, Catfish and more), boat rentals, and more on your next vacation to Branson, MO.

Nationally known, it offers challenges to the serious fisherman and just plain fun for the not-so-serious sportsman.
It is also very close to all the shows, shopping and restaurants  on a great wooded acreage with lots of trees and quiet.
All of our cabins have a beautiful view overlooking the hills and into the woods, no looking into anyone's walls or backyards.

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