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Sort through the different options of ice fishing tackle to find just what you need to enjoy a great adventure out on the ice catching fish.
In this picture the angler is using a larger rod, but look at the large pike he pulls out of the ice!
Frabill is known for their outstanding fishing products - a product range sort of like from soup to nuts.
Choose the appropriate ice fishing tackle and have memorable, successful and fun times while Ice Fishing. Steve ChaconasBuying a used car can be a harrowing experience, but buying a used bait casting fishing reel doesn't have to be.Buying a used car can be a harrowing experience, but buying a used bait casting fishing reel doesn't have to be. If you are fairly handy, willing to learn reel repair, and know what you want, a used reel is nothing to be afraid of!Reel Repair ShopsFinding a trustworthy reel repair shop is also a good idea! If you have time, a few trips to some of the bass fishing chat rooms will at least give you a start.
You can call any repair or parts supplier to find out.Unless the reel is brand new and in the box, you should try to get the reel at least 50% off the retail price.

You have to assume you will be spending at least $20-30 on getting it maintained to bring it up to snuff, more if there are obvious parts issues. Look for signs of corrosion.Inspect Before You BuyBefore you even consider a reel, check the exterior of the body for cracks. It should be pretty easy to spin the paddles, and check the handle for other damage like being bent. This is easy to replace, but will also carry a replacement cost that could run from $15 on up!
These gears run about $15 or more and need to be installed by someone who repairs reels.Worm GearsIf there is no line stuck between the spool and the housing of the reel and you get resistance when you try to crank the reel, turn the reel over to look at the worm gear. If it is scarred or marred in any way, this could be the visible reason the reel isn't performing.
If the level wind doesn't go left or right, and the worm gear revolves, then you need to replace the pawl.
Bearings run about $10 and up.Drag SystemIf the reel has line, pull on it to check the drag system.

Loosen the drag first, and then apply incremental adjustments to tighten and see if the line pulls out smoothly. If it appears the drag is not working, and there is braided line on the spool, you might have a steal here!
If the braided line pulls out, this is most likely the issue, So don't let this scare you away from this one!Sometimes a reel that is covered with accumulated dirt might be a diamond in the rough. The previous owner probably never cleaned it and when the performance decreased, he wanted to unload it. They might be a bit heavier or slightly larger, but they are usually well built and can offer many more years of service.

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