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Chesapeakea€™s Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are pleased to perform any design work for you, from preliminary conceptual designs to complete working drawings, including all Coast Guard and other regulatory approvals, whether we build the vessel for you or not. Unlike most shipyards, Chesapeake Shipbuilding is highly experienced in producing quality interiors.
Mini tugboat plans and houseboat plans by berkeley eastman, Mini tugboat plans and houseboat plans plans were done professionally by computer aided drafting. Upon first inspection I'd try two different sweeps, based on where I think you intended the seams to lay, but I would prefer to just edit your file myself and then if I get it to work, explain what I did. I have got a surface by using NetworkSrf, but it still gets too round down where the propeller comes out and it makes the curve go up under the stern.
Location: Southern England Think of the hull as two objects, the hull itself, plus the skeg. Location: Italy (Garda Lake) and Croatia (Istria) I agree with Tim B, there is too little info about the hull shape to accurately reconstruct it. Do you think I need to measure more bulkheads to be able "cheat" my way to something that will look pretty close to the original? I have attached a file with the bulkheads, and a picture of a tug with a similar hull shape.

I have been told that the tug used to have a draft on 2m, right now its much lighter and more on the heel. Location: australia Cph I think you need a few more sections, maybe one in the middle and around the stern (see pic). These are only quick models based on some of the available information, so it depends on how accurate you need to be and the type of information you want out, as to how you create the surfaces.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. We have many existing designs available which we can customize to your exact needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional Naval Architecture-only firms. From the images it looks like you need a bit more information before you can accurately re-build the hull shape.
By manipulation of the control points by moving and adjusting the weighting of some points to massage it into the shape you want. Based on these these few lines I wanted to build a hull that was pretty close to the original.
I created a surface that shape was close to the two bulkhead shapes but the mid section is not right.

Generally for hulls I prefer to manipulate the surface manually rather than get the programme to fill in the blank spaces. Our welders and welding processes are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the U.S. In addition, we can provide the highest quality custom interiors and joiner work including fire-rated paneling, carpets, ceilings, complete galleys, furniture, etc. Here is a file of what I mean, I have also added dynamic section, waterline and buttock planes that can be slid back and forth to show the shape where you want it.
You could use the line drawing you have as stating point then adjust that to get closer to what you want. I did use surface from lines for the stern add on but I then manipulate that to get better shape. Materials such as welding rod, insulation, paneling, fire doors, electrical wiring and equipment, etc.

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