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Maritime will broker PREVIOUSLY OWNED hydraulic boat trailers, marina forklifts, marine travelifts - sling-lifts, boat transport trailers, yard tugs, tow vehicles, cranes and other assorted marine equipment that customers wish to sell. To request additional information on NEW or USED marina or boatyard equipment from Maritime, please complete our Request Information Form or call us at 508-758-9409 and we will gladly discuss your requirements.
We proudly serve Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Lake, Smithville Lake, Pomme De Terre, Table Rock Lake, Grand Lake, Norfolk Lake, Beaver Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and all other lakes in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
If you're worried about your old lift making it through the season protect it with Plan Green. Your boat is one of your biggest investments and the Loto Lift team will help you protect it. We will help you find a pwc lift that is for sale for Lake of the Ozarks and surrounding lakes that include: Table Rock, Truman, Pomme De Terre Lake, Smithville, Grand, Norfolk, Beaver and most lakes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Please feel free to call or email us with inquiries and Loto Lift professional will contact you right away.

Your lift inspection will include a 40 point check list covering your pivot arms, pitmans, tanks, torsion axles, dock brackets, and control unit.
We will do the 40 point inspection and warranty (parts and labor) the boat lift for an entire year.
Power boats have precise parts and drives that need to be keep clean for performance and durability. Using the latest technology and pneumatic boat lift brands, we customize boat lifts, docks, and accessories based on your needs. Even new lifts need bushings and pivot points, your manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage due to negligence.
With zebra mussels and marine growth it would be impossible for the boat to run correctly with water ports, jets, and the drives clogged.
When you use our products on other lakes like: Grand Lake, Smithville and Table Rock they will out last comptetition.

We also offer service, repairs and installation, so the only thing you’ll have to lift is your finger to give us a call for a consultation. If the lift needs any work you have the option to have it fixed for 25% off parts and labor. On top of all of that it is convenient for accessing out drives and repairing the prop, swim deck, or the hull of a boat. We have installed these lifts at Grand lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Pomme De Terre lake, Mississippi River in St.

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