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A TOUGH new clampdown on high-rise means the tallest skyscrapers in the future might not be that tall at all.
THE island nation of Vanuatu is bracing for tsunami waves after being struck by a powerful earthquake this morning.
TINDER has automatically activated a new feature in Australia and it has huge implications for your privacy. THIS is a video which probably won’t be promoted on Islamic State propaganda channels anytime soon. A YEAR after his death, the family of Apple founder Steve Jobs have helped launch the super yacht the late technocrat designed in the Netherlands. Jobs reportedly spent years designing the 250-foot yacht called Venus which is steered from the control room or wheelhouse by a group of 27-inch iMacs, according to Business Insider.The light-weight yacht- named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty- is 80 metres long and its sleek design with a line of large square windows and the minimalist sun deck would be familiar to Apple fans. The ship's main windows were designed using a special glass that Apple stores designers made to support the structure.
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Massive amounts of glass used throughout a yachts design is  not just a trend but a direction that all yachts are taking.
This concept yacht from Facheris Design, the MAXIMUS 100m (328′) explores the use of glass throughout including interior walls, exterior hull and deck. The striking 100m (318’) motor yacht Maximus concept has been superbly penned by the Florida-based design studio Facheris Design, founded by Patrizio Facheris in 2014, following 13 years of service as chief designer at Michael Peters Yacht Design.
Superyacht Maximus design was born while revisiting a previous sketch of a 150? yacht with the goal of reinventing it by marrying admired style of the past with materials and innovation of the future. Environmentally conscious, the Maximus yacht concept is powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system, which also minimizes sound.
Maximus superyacht concept is part of a new generation of super yachts, incorporating light weight composites, and bringing us back to the essence of yachting. Designed to accommodate up to 10 guests, the five private residences are furnished with all the amenities of home. The main salon and lounge at deck level provide guests the benefit of a 5 star full service restaurant and can accommodate individual guests or large groups. At port or anchor, the luxury yacht Maximus concept provides guests with two custom matching tenders as well as all the toys needed to enjoy recreational time while at sea.
The recent launch of the 46.22-metre Feadship Como again drew attention to Feadship’s pioneering use of glass. The advance of technology in the use of glass is radically changing the look of superyachts in the same way that it transformed land-based architecture. Feadship has always sought innovative ways to use materials and many custom builds over the decades have pushed the window in bathing interiors with natural light.

The next revolutionary project to showcase Feadship’s heart for glass was the 78.20-metre Venus.
The giant windows on her pavilion deck required close cooperation with Lloyd’s and glass expert Eckersley O’Callaghan.
In 2012 Feadship initiated a study into load bearing glass that focused on specific locations in the yacht: local, not global, loads. As glass technology developed we are starting to see entire deck walls made of glass (like on VENUS), gigantic hull side observation windows (like on SAVANNAH) and entire glass roofs.
Luxury mega yacht Maximus concept represents minimalism and extravagance in one package that seeks to evolve yachting. The lower profile allows for an elongated line, maintaining the basic, clean feel of the original idea but creates an open deck. Such an ambitious project demands a set of impactful design decisions, including keeping the profile low, staying away from the typical “wedding cake” super structure, and using a very narrow beam with a plumb bow for piercing the waves. A solar energy panel integrated into the superstructure and an artificial deck sole establish this craft’s position in the green future of the industry.
Simplicity and functionality define it, diverging from the trend of countless moving parts on today’s Super Yachts.
The client requested unprecedentedly large windows in the hull and a wealth of glass in her superstructure. Today glass determines the look of most buildings, and its use on large yachts has been constantly on the rise over the decades.
Current developments can be traced to the first Future Feadship Concept design in 2006 called X-stream.
A layout concept was developed with a structural core containing stairs, ducting and technical spaces similar to buildings.
Aeon featured glass in the hull and showed how large windows at the waterline could offer amazing views on the oceanic world. This head-turning yacht was created in a unique collaboration between the client, Philippe Starck and Feadship.
Normal windows are tested full scale in a steel construction using water pressure to see whether the construction will hold.
As an exercise, the load of the wheelhouse roof of a 45- metre Feadship was placed on the windows.
The roof above is also considered a design load, and this was also transferred onto the window (around three tonnes). The ability to walk from the stern to the bow in open air allows for unobstructed, limitless views from every angle and area of the deck. Apartments range from four hundred to eight hundred square feet and are designed with an open loft feel.

There are no walls to hinder vision, from the main salon, private residences, or on deck from the pool or outdoor theater.
In 1960 the average proportion of glass within yacht silhouettes was around seven percent, a figure which had doubled by 1990 as windows became larger, were placed closer to each other, and played a far more prominent role in styling.
This was first used in the 88-metre Feadship Mushashi in 2010, where the structural elements around the luxury interior spaces were kept to a minimum and the proportion of glass to metal in her exterior profile is over 20 percent.
This idea was brought to reality on the 78.50-metre Feadship Hampshire II in 2012, which offers an underwater viewing port of over one metre in diameter from the wine cellar on the bottom deck.
Venus is special in many ways, but it is the use of glass which has perhaps received the most attention. Venus’ pavilion windows measure 10 x 2.4 metres, however, and there is no testing facility for such a size.
After a wealth of calculations it was discovered that by increasing the thickness of the front windows from 14 to 30 mm they could support the roof. Lloyd’s regulations require that windows be able to support four times the normal load without breaking.
Embedded in to the glass of all individual living quarters as well as the main deck areas is a state of the art invisible audio system by Revolution Accoustics.
And following on from other recent launches that have highlighted the art of glass such as Hampshire II, Musashi and Venus, thoughts now turn to the next logical – but seriously complex – innovation, namely using glass structures to also support structural loads from the decks above.
Moreover, the connection system is very different as there is only a connection on one side with the windows resting on a couple of supports. And the exceptionally large windows in the hull go way beyond what is permissible from a regulation point of view. Five full-scale tests were then carried out which proved that an enormous amount of weight could be placed on top of the windows.
The tests put four times the normal load on the window and then started adding the deck load (compression load) too. Residents have access to the main deck which features an infinity pool and outdoor theater. We proved to Lloyd’s that we were able to make windows suitable for that location and size, and that the glass laminate would hold”.

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