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The term “inboard” means the boat’s engine is seated within the hull of the boat and the propeller extends out the bottom, typically between the stern and midships. Inboard engines are ideal for watersports, as the propeller is under the boat protecting the riders from danger. Sign up to receive information from dealers and manufacturers on various boat types and models. We are only letting her go as we have just had our third child and we won’t get to use her for the next few years. The boat is sitting on a brand new Bramber UK trailer with extra bunks to allow the boat to be correctly supported, and stored on her trailer over the winter months, in an insulated, indoor storage facility. Since we bought the boat we have had extensive work done converting her in to the beautiful X30 you see today. The stereo system consists of four JBL boat speakers, four Tower speakers and two 12” bass speakers. As for its wake, she starts out smooth for skiers and novice wake boarders, but with the three-tank ballast system, she quickly converts to a monster-wake machine, repeatable wakes. She also comes with a custom made cover; this was a very expensive waterproof breathable cover. Many thanks for looking, I am more than happy to take any purchasers out for a test run (bring your wakeboard) as long as I receive a deposit first. My name is on the back, but I have had this put over the graphics so it will come off without affecting the graphics underneath.

I am happy to deliver and launch the boat anywhere in the UK once a 10% deposit has cleared.
Some inboards are purpose-built for a specific water-sports discipline, while others are designed with versatile water-sports performance in mind.
She started life as a 1999 Maristar 230 VRS, this boat has the same engine in the same place with exactly the same hull as the X30. She also comes with MasterCraft’s folding wakeboard tower and tower racks with bungee cords to hold the boards in place, making these racks extremely easy to use.
We had it designed so the cover could be put on the boat with the tower up by one person while the boat was on a swinging mooring and then departed from.
Direct-drive inboards, for example, are designed specifically to tow three-event water skiing (slalom, trick and jump). As with all MasterCraft’s she is a boat built to last and handle everything you can throw at it. We bought it as we were planning to take her to the south of France and didn’t want any problems. It has a split charge system and two batteries, one to start the engine and the other for the stereo.
Water skiers prefer the smallest possible wake because it allows them to pass over it quickly and easily while in route to the next buoy or the jump ramp.
The stereo will only work for an hour before the batteries will be too flat to start the engine, therefore I installed two.

As a result, a direct-drive’s engine resides in the center of the boat, which helps minimize displacement at water-skiing speeds, leading to the flattest possible wakes. Great for salt water, as she can handle a chop very well, although we have never used her in salt water she has been kept for our lake.
A center-mounted pylon is also crucial to water-skiing performance, making it a fixture on direct-drive boats. She is very spacious having a beam of over 8 feet, great for a big family or lots of friends.
The volume is far louder than I ever needed and I have never had to turn it all the way up. Often referred to as hybrids or crossovers, these inboards are a great fit for boaters whose family and friends like to do a little of everything, from water-skiing to wakeboarding to wakesurfing. Characteristics of hybrids include a tower, ballast, wake-shaping plate and removable center-mounted pylon. The running surface of a crossover can be unique in that it starts with a deeper V than most slalom boats and finishes flatter than most wakeboard boats to optimize the wake for each sport at its respective speed.

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