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The drift boat can fish two fly anglers at a time with the guide or a third person in the middle on the oars. Drift boats don’t draw much water, maybe 6 to 8 inches, and that lets the person on the oars maneuver it into some skinny and fishy areas that a bass boat will never see. Little River Marine, a Gainesville company, is clearly on that wavelength with its 12-, 15- and 18-foot Heritage model guide boats. Used boats are a heck of a deal with asking prices from $3,000 to $5,000, typically.The downside for the Florida angler is that most of the used boats are in Colorado,Montana, Wyoming, California and Oregon. But lately there has been some talk among fly-fishing folk that the drift boat might be just right for Florida bass fishing, too. There are quite a few drift boat manufacturers using a variety of techniques and materials. The downside for the Florida angler is that most of the used boats are in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, California and Oregon.

Crumbliss brought his Colorado drift boat to Florida to guide fly fishers for bass on Central Florida’s celebrated lunker waters. This makes the drift boat especially suitable for small lakes that don’t get a lot of fishing pressure. Now that he’s paid his dues on Florida waters he has some ideas about what the ideal Florida drift boat would look like. Crumbliss was always on the lookout for lakes and ponds of less than 200 acres and portions of rivers that others overlook. In fact, more than a few fly anglers have built their own drift boats to suit their own needs. Meanwhile, it’s good to know there are plenty of drift boats, new and used, for sale out west.
If the wind blows in the right direction a drift boat moves slowly enough so that the fly anglers can work a productive shoreline quickly.

But, it also has a squared-off stern so you could put a little outboard or electric trolling motor on the back if you want to shave off a little time getting to your honey holes. His boat—a Native Driftboat— so impressed one of his clients that the client pulled out his checkbook and bought it from the guide. Look up Hyde, Clackacraft, Don Hill, Willie Boats, RO, Koffler, Greg Tatman, Wood Watercraft, Koffler, Adipose Boat Works, Pavati, Stream Tech, Montana Boat Builders and Montana River Boat Co.
The guide in the middle will pivot the boat this way or that so that both fly casters get off a few good shots.

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