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The CYAA was formed in 1994 to promote the ownership, knowledge and appreciation of classic sailing craft in Australia and to preserve them for future generations.
The Association  now has approximately 250 members and 120 boats on its register, and produces a quality magazine twice a year. The third and revised iteration of The Melbourne Cup Regatta is planned to get underway on Friday the 30th October with two special contests. As always we are encouraging our interstate and Trans-Tasman members and enthusiasts to attend. The CYAA exists on the membership fees it receives each year and a limited amount of sponsorship. This modest contribution will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of CYAA membership and ensure that you never miss an edition of our twice yearly magazine.
White Rock Lake will once again welcome the gleaming mahogany hulls of classic and antique boats of the 1930s-1950s at the White Rock Boat Club, 340 East Lawther Drive, on Saturday, September 7, from 9 a.m.
The boats, owned by members of the Wooden Boat Association of North Texas (WBA), are restored examples of the wooden boats that ran on White Rock Lake and other North Texas Lakes in the days before fiberglass existed. North Texas was once a hub of wooden boat manufacturing, especially in Denison, where more than 20,000 Yellow Jacket Boats were built between 1949 and 1959. Dallas, too, was well known for the Willis Boat Works, which hand-built highly successful racing hydroplanes and runabouts.
Sydney Wooden BoatsSydney Wooden Boats is a specialist timber boat building and restoration yard.Established by shipwright Simon Sadubin in 2000, the business operates out of a shed on Darley St, Mona Vale at the top of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Woodcraft BoatsWoodcraft Boats is a small boatyard in Sydney specialising in building and restoring wooden boats.Woodcraft Boats work with both traditional plank-on-frame and epoxy laminated boats, from dinghies to large sail and power yachts. The Wooden Boat Centre - MelbourneThe Wooden Boat Centre builds wooden boats and provides facilities for individuals to build their own boats. Wooden Boat Association - Wooden Boats AustraliaThe Wooden Boat Association was formed in 1989 for people who enjoy wooden boats and wooden boat building.
Wooden Boat Association of NSWThe Association is based in Sydney and is part of a national community of wooden boat enthusiasts whose purpose is to enjoy, share and promote an appreciation of wooden boats of all sizes. Wooden Boat Association Queensland - Wooden Boats AustraliaThe Wooden Boat Association of Queensland is keen to support the sharing of information an ideas about building, restoring, and generally messing about with Wooden Boats.
Stew Sill's shop on Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario, looks more like a cottage on Cape Cod than a workshop. Stew adds, "Although very few parts of the original boat were suitable to re-use, I still consider it a restoration rather than a replica. Unlike the plywood-on-frame Flying Saucer, the Comet is a solid mahogany-planked boat, hull, sides, and deck. This Wooden New York Rowing Association Oar 50" is the perfect decorative paddle to display proudly on your wall. Willis Boat Works was a creative and successful wooden boat builder in Dallas, TX from the 1930s through the early 1960s. That shop, adjacent to the eventual site of Willis Boat Works at 3319 Grand Ave, would later be torn down and be replaced by a motel.
According to Connette's recollection, Pop started toying with boat hulls while still in the auto garage business.

In the photo above, Pop leans on the Boat Works window sill while dog Jumbo rests in the sun.
Willis Boat Works employed 10 or 12 people and could have as many as six boats under construction at once, as documented by the photo below.
Woody sold this Flying Saucer to vintage car and boat buff Frank Glover of Virginia in July of 2010.
Second, a 1956 Willis 14' racing runabout looking very much like the photo above, belongs to Lewis White of the Wooden Boat Association.
Jo writes, "My Uncle gave me the Pop Willis boat in the above photos and I have been searching for information on Willis Built Boats and just happened on your website. We are just beginning (we are novice) to restore her (follow progress here), she has a number on the inside by the motor mount 53219. Fourth, in June of 2014, we heard from Curt Niemela, who spotted this Willis hydroplane in Northern Michigan.
The company also built a few cabin cruisers and even a houseboat, which Randy remembers well.
Stew Sill, who raced a Willis Flying Saucer in the 1950 (see photo below), has quite a story to tell about Willis Boats. Later in the '60s, Six Flags would ask Pop to build a scale model of a stern-wheel steam boat for eventual full-size construction in the park. Members of the Willis family still have fond memories of Pop Willis and his boat racing days.
Nevertheless, my fondest memories of Pop Willis were during the time my dad raced and we used to spend time at his shop when he would help my dad with testing, re-propping, engine height adjustments, and so forth. I can remember walking into his shop, and sitting on a shelf was a paddle wheel river boat model that Pop had made. Today at the age of 58, I can still remember Pop Willis being one of the kindest men I had ever met. Other guys that used to race during that time and also spent time at Pop's shop was Fred Vaught, Mickey Brooks (Mickey was a midget), Ben Posey and Tommy Posey.
It is our hope that this site will become a more complete and comprehensive record of Pop Willis' contribution to boating. Recent work includes West System No Soak Bottom, 4 new coats of varnish, low engine hours with new water pump impeller, new stuffing in shaft boxes, new battery, new wiring and bilge paint. This boat comes with a serviceable galvanized trailer, with new tires and functional lights.
It has active branches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania and has a range of sailing activities based around regular  State based racing schedules and Regattas. Please support the Association and its aims by joining as either a Boat Owner ($75AUD) or as a Crew Member ($50AUD). The Wooden Boat Association was founded in the 1980s and has about 75 active members in North Texas.
Manager Larry Eastwood, an owner of several wooden boats, strives to improve the knowledge and understanding of construction and maintenance of wooden boats to add to the numbers of wooden boats owners – especially on Pittwater. The stem, a few frame parts, and parts of the transom were re-used and the rest were replaced very precisely with the same materials Willis used, All of the castings and trim parts made by Willis were refurbished and re-used.

Breathing with the atmosphere of the sea, this nautical oar exudes the freedom found on the open ocean, and the warm competitive spirit of racing. With the friendly and cooperative help of Pop Willis' heirs, we now have a rich collection of family photos showing the business from its beginnings as an auto repair shop, to its heyday as the home of the winningest racing hulls in the business, to the ongoing legacy of Willis boats and model boats today.
While the motivation for this move is lost to memory, we do know that Pop opened an automobile repair shop at 3315 Grand Avenue in Dallas in the 1920s. Jumbo later became famous for a spat with TV star dog Rin Tin Tin, when Rinny was staying at a neighboring motel. Although Pop didn't drive the race boats much (he had skilled drivers and sons to do that for him!), he knew exactly what it took to make a boat go fast. When Six Flags over Texas first opened in 1961, one of its favorite attractions were the Willis Built La Salle boats. Whenever my dad had a question or concern about his boat related to racing, Pop was always there to assist no matter what. The nice thing about a Utility is that it can be a flashy parade boat, a family outing boat with lots of walking around space and even a fishing boat with room for your rod and reels.
The group participates in both land-based and in-the-water boat shows and events to build awareness of the hobby.
Enjoy the warm nautical style of this New York Rowing Association Oar 50", indoors or out, and place it with pride. The Willis grandchildren still have examples of wooden bowls that he made on a wood lathe, each one a piece of art. Soon he was experimenting with his own hull designs, and before long, demand for his boats grew enough for him to leave the car repair business for good and to build boats full time. Pop became the head official for races at White Rock and other Dallas area lakes in the 50s, and would travel in his red and white Chevy Nomad station wagon on the racing circuit.
Seats 5 to 7 people and several chairs can be added behind the front seat for additional seating. White Rock Boat Club will also be hosting an open house that day with members available to answer questions about sailing and boating on White Rock Lake.
Air Force.) One day Connette decided he would take his B-24 on a little detour over Grand Avenue,where he did a low flyover to the thrill of his dad and the crew at Willis Boat Works, who were all out in the street waving. Connette's hands were severely injured upon impact as he slammed into the instrument panel. At first, surgeons feared they might have to amputate his left hand, but one surgeon in Connette's unit was from the Mayo Clinic and was able to employ the latest techniques to save his hand and restore almost full function.
As of September of 2009, Connette has long since retired (after an additional 10 years working at Wal-Mart) and is living with daughter Tanya in Arlington, TX.

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