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In boat building, carvel built or carvel planking is a method of constructing wooden boats by fixing planks to a frame so that the planks butt up against each other, edge to edge, gaining support from the frame and forming a smooth hull. Such planking requires caulking between the joints over and above that needed by the clinker built technology, but gives a stronger hull capable of taking a variety of full-rigged sail plans.
David’s Ben Nevis ChallengeDavid has Haemochromatosis and is in training to complete a climb up Ben Nevis this coming August.
Clinker building is a method of constructing hulls of boats by fixing wooden planks to each other so that the planks overlap along their edges. The technique was developed in northern Europe and was a method of construction favoured by the Vikings for their longboats being quick to construct, easy to repair and light enough to row. David Moss Boatbuilders is situated in the old port of Skippool within the beautiful Wyre Estuary country park.

Following a 5-year apprenticeship in the 60’s David gained valuable experience in other yards prior to establishing his own boatyard in 1974 committed to ensuring the survival of traditional wooden boatbuilding. Over the years he has employed a mixture of skilled staff and apprentices in order to give young people a rewarding career and ensure the continued future of the trade. David and his team of dedicated craftsmen and women have an empathy with wood and love to build new wooden boats and restore classic yachts to their former glory. In the last 25 years the yard has built many one-off bespoke boats up to 50ft overall but David’s  “Sea Otter”  canoe-yawls have proved most popular.
The yard also provides laying up facilities, craneage, boat maintenance materials and engine spares. Carvel built construction enables greater length and breadth of hull as well as superior sail rigs because of its strong framing.

If he can't be found in his beloved boat shed you may spot him on the river rowing his boat 'Escape' to build up his stamina. The clinker built method as used by the Vikings created a vessel which could twist and flex relative to the line length of the vessel, bow to stern giving it an advantage in North Atlantic rollers. The Clinker build today lends itself to lightweight watercraft providing that traditional wooden boat appearance. This has gained the boatyard an enviable reputation for high quality work in building, repair and restoration, receiving many favourable reviews in magazines such as ‘Classic Boat, Practical Boat Owner,  Boatman and Watercraft’.

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